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Pop10 Reasons Empire Records Still Rocks

Ashley Perna | PopWrapped Author

Ashley Perna

12/30/2016 9:53 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Pop10 Reasons Empire Records Still Rocks | Empire Records
Media Courtesy of Consequence of Sound
Happy Rex Manning Day! For those of you who aren't superfans of the 1995 cult classic, Empire Records, Rex Manning Day is the day around which the movie is set. Pop sensation Rex Manning pays a visit to the store, exciting some staff members and angering others. The real focus of the movie, however, was the relationship each character had with one another, their job, and their boss. Featuring actors like Renee Zellweger, Liv Tyler, and Rory Cochrane before they hit it big, the movie may not have done well at the box office, but remains a pop culture classic. Here are just ten reasons why Empire Records is still amazing.

1. The Soundtrack

Empire Records Roll The Clip Reviews
The movie took place in a record store - it was obligated to have a stellar soundtrack, and it did not disappoint. Every 90s band that was awesome seemed to have a part: Gin Blossoms, The Cranberries, Cracker, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Edwyn Collins were all featured, both in the movie itself and on its officially released soundtrack.

2. Those Dance Moves

Empire Records Giphy
Empire Records Giphy
With a soundtrack like this, how could they not show off those killer moves?!

3. It Dealt With Serious Issues, Like Depression And Addiction...

Empire Records Tumblr
Empire Records Elite Daily
Deb dealt with a crippling depression, and tried to kill herself prior to the events of the movie. When the staff found out, they didn't shame her or judge her, but instead helped her the best way they could - by showing her what her own funeral would look like. Corey was crumbling under the pressure to succeed at everything, and had turned to speed in order to maintain her perfect facade.

4. ...And Talked About Corporate Takeovers...

Empire Records Tumblr
Part way through the movie, the gang finds out that their beloved independent record store is going to be bought by Music Town, a giant conglomerate with strict rules and zero personality. They come together to "damn the man" and "save the empire!"

5. ...While Also Showing That It's Okay To Be Imperfect

Empire Records Tumblr
No character in the film is without flaws, but they're all accepted for who they are, not who they feel they should be.

6. It Gave Us Some Truly Amazing Lines...

Empire Records Tumblr
Empire Records Giphy
Empire Records Imgur
Empire Records Tumblr
Basically, the whole movie is one long brilliant quote.

7. ...And One Of The Best Romantic Declarations In Movie History

Empire Records Tumblr
Corey + A.J. 4-ever

8. Joe May Have Been The Best Boss Ever

Empire Records NerdVampire
Joe was part boss, part confident, part counsellor, and all of it amazing. He knew when to draw the line and when to offer freedom. Joe's the boss we all wish we had.

9. Rex Manning

Empire Records Tumblr
Empire Records Noisey
The movie begins with Corey unbelievably excited, and nervous, to meet her favourite pop star, Rex Manning. He's entirely made up of the worst aspects of any pop star, and incredibly entertaining to watch.

10. Each Character Is Amazing

Empire Records Flavorwire
Each and every character has a wonderful plot arc and amazing lines. The chemistry  between the cast members is also absolutely flawless, making you long for a job like theirs.

BONUS: Rex Manning's Music Video Is Pure Gold


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