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Fashion PopWrapped | Fashion

Pop 10 Ridiculous Halloween Costumes

Ashley Perna | PopWrapped Author

Ashley Perna

12/30/2016 9:37 pm
PopWrapped | Fashion
Pop 10 Ridiculous Halloween Costumes | Halloween costumes
Media Courtesy of Barefoot Floor

October is here. Along with pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and the return of glorious, glorious sweater weather, it also means one other thing: Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween can be an incredibly fun time of year -- there's lots of candy and fun costumes virtually everywhere. For those of us who are on the geekier side of things, it becomes an excuse to reuse your awesome cosplay from convention season. For others, it can be an excuse to dress up in their fanciest/sexiest/craziest attire. While most Halloween costumes are all in good fun, some should never be donned again.

Halloween Costumes That Need To Be Retired

Sexy Animals

Halloween Costumes Costume Supercentre/Halloween Mart/Wonder Costumes

Some animals do lend themselves to sexy costumes, like cats or bunnies. Other animals seem a bit weird when sexualized, like giraffes, for example.

Sexy Food

Halloween Costumes Yandy/CostumeCrazy/Yandy

Not everything has to be sexy. Candy corn, for example, never needed to be sexy.

Sexy Children's Show Characters

Halloween Costumes Dispatch

Want to guarantee that re-watching your old childhood favourites will be awkward af? It's easy! Just keep your eye out for their sexy costume counterparts on Halloween. It's the best way to put a whole new spin on old classic lines.


Halloween Costumes Esquire

Seriously -- they're scary enough on their own.

Cultural Appropriation

Halloween Costumes The Big Green

We go through this every year, and, still, as inevitable as the return of pumpkin spice, racist costumes show up every fall. There are millions of costumes to choose from -- don't be a jerk when picking out yours.

Trying Too Hard To Cross The Line

Halloween Costumes WikiMedia

You might think that your Kim-Being-Robbed or Blackface costume is "edgy" or "controversial", but, really, it just makes you look like a dick. Don't be a dick.


Halloween Costumes Cosmopolitan

2016 was a crappy year - don't pick one of its lowest moments to be one of your "sassy" Halloween costumes.

Evil Clowns

Halloween Costumes Halloween Express

Please. Just. Don't.

Whatever This Is

Halloween Costumes Costumeish

I'm not even 100 percent sure what this is trying to be. Baywatch meets 70s porn meets Halloween? Whatever it is, I definitely don't want it to greet me at any Halloween party.

Couple's Costumes

Halloween Costumes Costumeish

To be fair, there are some couple's costumes that are actually clever. The clever ones get a pass. The Halloween costumes that should be permanently banned are those that are just too stupid to stomach for extended periods of time. Bacon and eggs, Adam and Eve, ketchup and mustard, and lock and key -- I'm looking at you.


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