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13 Days Of Popaween: Pop 10 Pet And Kid Costumes

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

10/27/2014 3:05 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
13 Days Of Popaween: Pop 10 Pet And Kid Costumes | costumes
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It's that time of year again where we get to celebrate all things remotely terrifying or incredibly cute. Lucky for all of you, this article focuses on the latter, so I present to you... the best and most adorable pets and children in Halloween costumes!

10. The Crayola Crayon Dog

Courtesy of Courtesy of
This is really adorable! Admittedly not all that creative, but I never realised how much I could love a chihuahua dressed as a crayon.

9. The Wrecking Ball Pug

Courtesy of Courtesy of
I think we are finally getting over the whole 'Wrecking Ball' debacle so now is as good a time as any to laugh about it, so here is a cute pug dressed as a wrecking ball! Click here if you want the instructions to construct your own in time for Halloween.

8. Baby Elephant

Courtesy of Courtesy of
This is not particularly Halloween-y, but you cannot deny that this baby is darn cute!

7. Pug M&M's

Courtesy of Courtesy of
One cute pug is one thing, but five cute pugs dressed up as M&M's is a whole new level of cuteness. I know Halloween is meant to be scary, but I think these pugs are scarily adorable if that counts?

6. 'Up' Seniors

Courtesy of HuffPost Courtesy of HuffPost
Kids dressed up as Disney characters are always wonderful, but this pair of children dressed as the seniors from Up is an adorable combination. I'm not tearing up, I promise...

5. Flamingo Child

Courtesy of HuffPost Courtesy of HuffPost
This is one bright child, colour-wise. This child just looks like a giant feather boa, but is totally working it!

4. Harry Potter Dogs

Courtesy of Courtesy of
It wouldn't be Halloween without someone cosplaying as Harry Potter characters, but these dogs are pulling off both sides of the Chosen One looking fairly fabulous if you ask me!

3. Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and their Twins Yes, I know this should just be focused on children, but I love this family, and they always put so much effort into their Halloween costumes and I think last year's stood out most. I mean, look at them, they all look terrifying and cute, especially Gideon and Harper!

2. Skeleton Horse

Courtesy of Courtesy of
This horse looks wonderful. This is the level of artistic skill I wish I had, and quite honestly, this horse looks incredible. So well done Horse, you win the runner-up prize!

1. The Ghost Child

Courtesy of Courtesy of
This child looks amazing, and he really captures the essence of Halloween without being too cold in the Minnesotan winter! I love this, hence topping my list of the best dressed children and pets! Do you agree with me? Or do you know anything cuter? Feel free to tweet us your pictures! Happy Halloween!

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