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Comics PopWrapped | Comics

PopPicks: Comic Books To Buy This Week (August 3)

Ashley Perna | PopWrapped Author

Ashley Perna

08/05/2016 1:11 pm
PopWrapped | Comics
PopPicks: Comic Books To Buy This Week (August 3) | Comic books
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

It's almost Wednesday and that means New Comic Book Day! Comic books provide an awesome medium for telling stories of all types - from crime dramas, to superhero adventures, to more down-to-Earth issues we can all relate to, there is a comic book for virtually every type of reader. This week alone brings us mystery in Gotham, the adventures of Sherlock's infamous older brother Mycroft, and troubles in the lives of three college students. Here are our picks for the best comic books released this week. We'd love to hear your own in the comments if we've missed your favourite pull.

Giant Days #17

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: John Allison

Art by: Max Sarin

Giant Days is a hilarious yet touching look at the lives of three very different college students as they navigate through their first year. This issue sees sweet, formerly homeschool Daisy running into trouble with her archeology professor, Susan dealing with jealousy, and Esther trying to scheme her way back to wealth. It's a fun and heartfelt series that is definitely worth picking up. 

Batman #4

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: Tom King

Art by : David Finch and Matt Batt Banning

Batman continues struggling to trust Gotham and Gotham Girl, the two new mysterious heroes who have been helping him. This issue sees him facing a high-stakes choice, and seems to set Batman up for betrayal. It's been a really interesting arc so far, and readers who loved Snyder's take on the character can be sure that Batman is indeed in good hands with Tom King. 

Green Arrow #4

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: Ben Percy

Art by: Juan Ferreyra

Oliver Queen has seen his company, his wealth, and his reputation destroyed before his very eyes, and it seems to be up to him and Black Canary to get it all back. After three very amazing issues provoking plenty of questions, it looks like Black Canary, at least, will get some answers. Shado, who once helped Oliver restore his family's honour, will face off against our heroes, looking to claim more than just  money. 

Harley Quinn #1

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: Chad Hardin

Under Conner and Palmiotti, Harley Quinn has gone on a few amazing adventures. The books new-52 beginning got off ot a controversial start, with DC Comics running a questionable art competition, but the series itself could not have been stronger. The title is a fun read, but also shows a different side to Harley than just the Joker's girlfriend. Here's hoping that with this #1, Conner and Palmiotti don't undo any of the awesome character development, including a famous break up with the Joker, Harley underwent in her most recent series. 

Nightwing #2

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: Tim Seely

Art by: Javi Fernandez

Nightwing #1 was one of the most critically acclaimed issues of Rebirth so far, and this issue looks like it's following in the same suit. Nightwing, once again acting as a double agent trying to bring down the Parliament of Owls, a dangerous secret organization once hellbent on destroying Gotham itself. This issue sees Nightwing paired up with a new "mentor"; a deadly assassin named Raptor. Watching Nightwing struggle with his conscious while trying to keep up the ruse will make for an incredible issue.

DC Comics Bombshells #16

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: Marguerite Bennett

Art by: Laura Braga and Mirka Andolfo

This is one of the best series currently being released by DC Comics. It's a digital first series, meaning that small mini-issues are released each Saturday. Once a month, they are collected into a print-issue, releasing the previous mini-issues in paper. The plot sees a variety of DC superheroes, the majority of them women, reimagined and brought together to fight in World War 2. It's a wonderfully written series, with stunning artwork to match. Once you start reading the print version, I can almost guarantee that you'll start opting for the digital releases on Saturdays finding the wait between print-issues is too long. 

 Invincible Iron Man #12

Comic Book

Previews World

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis 

Art by: Mike Deodato, Jr.

Civil War II finally hits Iron Man in his own book, with this issue diving into Tony Stark's motives, and feelings about how events have unfolded. Readers also discover exactly where Doctor Doom has been hiding throughout the course of the war. 

Daredevil Annual #1

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: Charles Soule and Roger McKenzie

Art by: Vanesa Del Rey

Yet another woman from Matt Murdock's past makes an appearance, creating even more chaos. Just as Murdock finishes dealing with Elektra, Echo arrives, seemingly more deadly than ever. 

Mycroft Holmes #1

Comic Books

Previews World

Written by: Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld

Art by: Joshua Cassara

Yes, you read that correctly, actor and basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar is penning a new, highly anticipated series about the adventures of Sherlock's older brother, Mycroft. This run will see Mycroft involved in a global conflict, seeking out a secret organization with the power to destroy the world. Seems incredibly intriguing, and knowing that it is set firmly in the same universe as the novel The Apocalypse Handbook, makes me eager to see how the character of  Mycroft Holmes will translate to comics, and handle this mess he's found himself in. 

What's on your pull list this week? Did we miss anything we should definitely be reading?


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