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Premieres PopWrapped | Premieres

PopWrapped Attends The Premiere Of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

04/15/2015 11:00 pm
PopWrapped | Premieres
PopWrapped Attends The Premiere Of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' | Dragon Ball Z
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Co credit: Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer


PopWrapped writers, Aedan Juvet and Amrita Aulakh, had the

privilege of attending the highly anticipated world premiere of Resurrection ‘F’. The film serves as a continuation of the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z franchise, which has been an anime staple for well over 30 years. What separates this premiere from Battle of Gods is that American audiences get to view the film even before Japanese audiences (where it originates from).

When approaching the press check-in desk, the amount of energy and enthusiasm blew us away and sparked our inner Saiyan nostalgia. We were surrounded by fellow fans that filled the air with chants of “Kamehameha!” As the stars of the franchise started rolling in, the already high level energy became tangible to the masses who hoped to snap a selfie or even get a chance to engage some of their favorite voice actors and industry professionals. The professional attendees consisted of the English voice cast: Sean Schemmel (Goku), Chris Sabat (Piccolo), Kyle Hebert (Gohan) and Brina Palencia (Puar). They were joined by producer Justin Cook, CEO Jun Fukunaga and most notably Masako Nozawa (the Japanese voice actor for Goku). As we transitioned from the red carpet to the theater itself, the honorable guests, fans, and creative cosplayers got the chance to experience the Dragon Ball Z phenomena on the big screen.

Dragon Ball Z Property of Aedan Juvet/PopWrapped

The film's premise focuses on the resurrection of fan favorite villain Frieza, whose mission is to exact revenge on the existing Saiyan race responsible for his downfall. Along with the return of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo, we also see the reappearance of Beerus and Whis with the introduction of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. Resurrection ‘F’ is exactly what you would expect from the Dragon Ball Z franchise in terms of action and adventure. Some of the fight sequences top the best that we’ve seen in the Z-verse; the most notable consisting of a massive battle with an army of a countless Frieza devotees. To balance out the action, Resurrection ‘F’ contained plenty of laughs by emphasizing on Goku and Vegeta’s playful banter and Frieza’s unpredictable sassy behavior. The animation was more vibrant and visually appealing, especially when it came to the transformations that depicted surprising new power levels that left the audience roaring in approval. Through-out the run of the film, the audience was constantly reacting; whether it was laughter, gasps or cheers, the audience was clearly enamored by what they were seeing. For the both of us, it was a childhood dream come true seeing some of our favorite characters return to our lives in such an essential way.

Following the film's screening, the after-party event by FUNimation provided everyone with entertainment, h'orderves and a generally pleasant ambiance. The lively atmosphere was enhanced by the dancers, DJ and spirited individuals we encountered. Fans also got the chance to interact with the creative team and notable voice actors. There were even moments where our inner-fans surfaced as we nervously encountered Johnny Yong Bosch and Justin Cook as they mingled with the crowd.

Dragon Ball Z Property of Aedan Juvet/PopWrapped

Although the movie, as a whole, was entertaining, we each had our favorite stand-out moments:

Amrita: My favorite moments all, predictably, had Vegeta in them. Vegeta spends a majority of his time being extra sassy with Goku amidst a serious battle and looking generally displeased with his surroundings. Vegeta finally gets to fight Frieza, which is a moment many fans have been anticipating. The other scenes that stood out the most were slightly more humorous ones that contained Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman. Any time Jaco appeared on screen, laughter erupted from the audience and eased the tension of the on-going battle. Frieza, who is a villain in every aspect of the word, got the chance to emphasis the trollish and snarky part of his personality. It’s not really a Dragon Ball Z film if it doesn't balance out the action with its uncanny humor. Fortunately, the film has a perfect balance between the two. The action-packed moments were thrilling and exciting, but the funny moments in between are what made Resurrection ‘F’ all the more endearing to me.

Aedan: The movie had numerous gripping moments, but my favorites included seeing the reappearance of Gohan’s goofy persona, and transition to serious fighter. Gohan has consistently been overlooked by the fighters, and assisted in the battle against Frieza’s warriors. At one point its noted that Gohan has the ability to defeat the entire army in one fatal blow, but his desire avoid killing restricts his potential impact, reminding me of why Gohan is undoubtedly the most gentle and good-hearted warrior of the Z verse. Of course I also enjoyed Jaco’s much needed comical contributions, and I can only to see him return to the Z verse in some capacity. Ever since witnessing Dragon Ball Z as a child, I never would have predicted that I’d be fortunate enough to experience such an enticing continuation of a beloved franchise with intense action and trademark Dragon Ball Z humor, and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

Dragon Ball Z Property of Aedan Juvet/PopWrapped

Thank you so much FUNimation for letting us be a part of this monumental Dragon Ball Z event. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves which resulted in the exposure of our inner fanboy/fangirl.

The English dub of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ will be showcased in theaters across North America over summer. So all you Z-Fighters, cut your training short in the hyperbolic time-chamber and take your nimbus cloud to a theater near you! It’s so worth it!

Check out the trailer for Resurrection 'F' down below!

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