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Exclusive: Country Musician Rachele Lynae On Her New Album And Her Upcoming Tour

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/22/2014 3:52 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Exclusive: Country Musician Rachele Lynae On Her New Album And Her Upcoming Tour
Media Courtesy of

Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer


Recently, I got a chance to sit down and interview Country Western musician Rachele Lynae. This up-and-coming musician has a lot going on! She’s got a new album coming out, a tour in the works, new videos being released, and has been featured on several news casts! Being a musician has always been one of Lynae's biggest dreams. Even as a little girl, she wanted to be a performer. There was a brief time that she wanted to be both a cowgirl and a performer, but she settled on the latter as a career choice. When writing a song, Lynae tries to create something that is fairly universal. With every song, the endgame is to paint clear pictures with words. She wants to be as detailed as possible when crafting her music. However, writing songs is not always easy. Sure, some of the stuff just comes easily. But with other compositions, there is a block. Rachele explains that she’ll just walk away and work on it subconsciously. The lyrics and melody do come in time. As to her writing routine, it varies. Depending on who she writes with and where she writes the best – there isn’t just one place for drafting songs. She sometimes writes in the living room; and sometimes her dining room works better. Lynae feels it’s important to work with the co-writers to figure out what space works the best for composition. She enjoys having duets. Her dream was to work with her idol Jamie O’Neil, which she does on her upcoming CD. Because of Jamie’s father, she and Lynae met while Lynae lived in Washington. They have stayed close for over a decade. However, O’Neil (both the father and daughter) had not heard Rachele sing. Taking a chance, Lynae sent Jimmy O’Neil (the father) her EP. Excited about her stuff, he set up a meeting between Jamie and Lynae,  and soon the two of them were creating music together. For this musician, feedback is critical. It helps her writing. Remembering that the songs touch her fans drives Lynae to create more music. Sometimes, she worries that the songs will ever reach her fans. It can take months or years for a song to be released. But she recalls how songs, like “Done is Done”, have touched a lot of people and it drives her to continue working. Lynae feels that the CD should showcase bits of her. That seems to mean that she wants the songs to be relatable and real. She finds the most inspiration from people and their experiences. Each new meeting has an emotional impact creates a fresh viewpoint, thus giving her new material to work with. But even with all of the people she's met, the places she’s been to have also influenced her songs; they helped her paint the pictures. “Touch the Stars”, for example, is based on the memory of an Alaskan bonfire and how magical it was. As a rising star, she’s had some wonderful moments. The best, for her, are the interactions with fans, so she makes a point to have a meet and greet. Rachele reveals that country music fans aren’t dedicated to just one singer, but the whole genre. She also talked about the gossip that comes from being a musician. Somehow, a rumor spread that Lynae’s was 16-years-old, and one venue would not serve her any alcohol. For the record, she is 25-years-old and very talented. This singer does have long-term goals: she wants to connect with people. Lynae wants to touch both her current fans as well as make new ones, all the while reaching and meeting more of her fans. She’s trying to finalize her tour dates. A new single is also in the works, but Lynae still isn't sure how it will turn out. Her debut CD will be released April 22, 2014. If you buy the album through iTunes, you will receive two extra tracks that are exclusive to the digital download. Hard-copies of her album can also be purchased, with additional artwork.  Check out a preview of Rachele Lynae's new album here!

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