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Exclusive: Singer/Songwriter Emmy Bachmann Chats About Her Inspirations, Her New Album And What's Next

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/08/2014 12:21 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Exclusive: Singer/Songwriter Emmy Bachmann Chats About Her Inspirations, Her New Album And What's Next
Media Courtesy of Emmy Bachmann
Kate McHale

Senior Staff Writer


I recently got the opportunity to sit down and talk to singer songwriter, Emmy Bachmann. An Ohio native, who recently made the big move to Nashville, is making a splash in the music world with her debut EP, Stranger. Her album was released July 4th, and it's been leaving everyone who listens to it in awe. Stranger the debut single off of the album is a very personal song for Emmy, “That was a 10 minute song that I wrote and turned out exactly how I wanted it which never happens. I didn’t change a thing about the song after I looked over it, and it actually almost wasn't on the album.” When I asked Emmy to describe the songs on Stranger there was a common denominator for all, “This is a very personal album, a lot of time and thought went into the songs. I wanted songs to be real and songs that don’t hold back. I truly wanted to inspire people who listened to the lyrics of my songs. I love music that makes people think, and has a meaning, so that’s always my goal when writing songs, especially with my first EP.” One of my personal favorites on Stranger is “I See You,” which is just a beautifully written and performed song; little did I know that song almost wasn’t included in her album. She says of it, "We actually weren't sure that was going to be on the album, but it one of my favorite songs. What I like is once again its more than a song.” When most people are asked what made you get into music there is always a wide array of answers as unique as the next person, Emmy is no different. In fact she can’t remember wanting to do anything else it’s always been music no matter what, “I have always wanted to be involved with music. I was really lucky to go to a performing arts school from 1st-6th grade. That gave me incredible experiences like traveling to Italy and being a part of the Broadway show Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat when it came to Ohio.” However, when Emmy was about 16 she really decided that she was going to make music her career, and started putting the extra effort to get her where she is now. This led her to recently make the big move to one of the biggest music capitals Nashville. When I asked Emmy if there was an artist who has inspired her most and her answer was instantaneous, “Alanis Morissette is definitely an artist who inspired me a lot. I love the honesty and realness in all of her songs. Adele is someone else who is just amazing, I love her emotions.” The next person who Emmy is inspired by may surprise most, especially since she wasn't allowed to listen to mainstream music growing up! She told me, “I also really love Pink, she’s not exactly the vibe that I go for, but I love how she can write hardcore rock songs on one hand, and then have those amazingly sweet songs.” Soon after the release of Stranger, Emmy rose to the number one spot on ReverbNation’s regional pop chart a feat that she didn’t expect to come so quickly, “I wasn’t expecting it that fast (getting the number one spot). I was hoping to get attention, but not as fast as I did. I was definitely a great feeling because I had put songs on their website when I was younger and they were never as successful as what I have on there now.” Along with her brand new album, she also got to shoot a music video for her song “Stranger.”  Which was something that was a little different for her, “I worked with a great videographer from Nashville, Fairlight Hubbard, and I found out that I was definitely more comfortable behind a mic than behind a camera. But once my music started to play I got more comfortable. It was a great time, and I’m still actually pretty close with my co-stars in the video.” So that begs the question, what’s next? Emmy is busy that what’s next, “I’m really enjoying promoting Stranger by doing some interviews, and I’m looking forward to performing soon. I’m getting a band together, and have a few shows lined up. Other than that I’m writing 24/7, I just love the process of writing and getting songs together for an album it’s quite the rush.” Something that most people don’t know about her is she can’t feel her right hand, which makes playing the guitar well quite the challenge! But, like always she doesn’t let that stop her, “I had a cheerleading accident and had to have surgery, but in surgery the doctor damaged my nerves in my hand. It used to be so bad that I couldn’t feel my wrist either but slowly I’m getting feeling back.” Are you curious to know what songs Emmy is constantly listening to? Well, you’re in luck, “I listen to Daughtry a lot like his songs “Waiting on Superman,” and “No Surprise.”  Ed Sheeran’s new album is just ridiculous I love that one! Sam Smith is another artist who is so talented.” Another question the produced a surprisingly great answer was who her dream collaboration would be, “Ed Sheeran would be awesome especially since I love his music, I would also like to collaborate with Mike Posner. I have always loved his beats and how he uses them, I feel like our styles would really mesh.” So, Ed Sheeran and Mike Posner what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on a killer collaboration! Emmy wanted to make sure she took the time to thank her fans, “Their support means so much to me! I always try and thank everyone who sends me stuff through my mailing list, thank you to those who found my YouTube channel. I’m just so grateful for those who are supporting me in the beginning of my career. I couldn’t thank them enough. Fans are what make a career.” Make sure you go to iTunes and purchase her EP Stranger, it’s a decision you will thank me for later! Don’t forget to follow her on twitter too, @emmy_bachmann. PopWrapped cannot wait to see what you come up with next Emmy! You’ve got fans in us, and we are all rooting for you! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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