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"Married to Medicine's" Toya Bush-Harris Opens Up About Marriage, Children, And Reality TV

Tamara Fuentes | PopWrapped Author

Tamara Fuentes

09/25/2014 5:50 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Media Courtesy of PopTower
On Saturday, September 20th hundreds of people gathered to participate in the 'Hair to Share Foundation Gala' in an effort to raise money for the organization. The guest of honor and host of the night, Toya Bush-Harris from Married to Medicine, sat down with us for a one-on-one interview during the event. Usually, when doing an interview, not many celebrities will greet you right away and they certainly wouldn't allow you to sit nearly 4 feet away from them, as if you were old friends having a conversation. But Toya did just that and the interview was like no other. The Married to Medicine star said that "I like the fact that they thought it was something special for them to ask me. But really it was like the total opposite like, 'wow, you’re asking me to do it?' And they’re like 'we would love it if you could do it.'” The Hair to Share Foundation was created to provide women, men, and children get provided wigs after they lose their hair due to chemotherapy. The wigs, which are completely customizable in every way, are provided free of charge to the person along with hair, shampoo, conditioner, a wig cap, and a wig stand. The foundation was created after the founder, Zee Entrabartolo found out that wigs were considered a luxury and thus not covered under insurance. "I told my PR person, I was like ‘I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t have a meaning. Stop putting me into these events that are just parties and hosting for no purpose.' and this had a purpose," said Harris. From the donations of the event, the foundation hopes to expand its boarders to provide wigs for all of New Jersey. "We want to raise money and we want to do more. I mean it seems that disease is progressing, it’s not getting any better right now so it’s always nice to have a little thing for those that need it and hopefully they make a lot of money. And hopefully people have a good time so they come back next year and they tell other people about it and it just gets bigger and bigger," said Toya. Even though the event was about raising money of the foundation, that didn't stop us from talking about her show and what is to come next. "Yes, there is a season three. I haven’t posted anything, none of us have, because we haven’t finished signing our contracts. We start filming October 6th," she revealed. While they are about to start their third season, Toya says they are still learning new things along the way. "One of the things I learned about it is that you have to take people for the way they are. So if this individual is someone that you might not get along with you still have to get along with them. You still have to make it work for the better of the show." Even though the show, which airs on Bravo, has it's own fair share of drama, Toya says that's besides the point of the show. "We can argue sometimes and that’s okay, you know everyone wants a little argument. But, we want to show some resolve in the end. Because no one just wants it to end there. You know, we’re all here for a reason. We want to show positivity." Toya, who rejected joining the show three times before actually signing her contract stated that one of her biggest misconceptions about reality shows was that cameras would be everywhere "A lot of the fans think that it’s really your life. And that this is you all day, every day, and they put a camera in your bathroom and in your bedroom and they really believe this. And it’s like, no, that’s not the truth. What they do is, we sit down, we talk with our producers and we find out what’s the most interesting thing going on in your life and they highlight that. I used to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and I was like. ‘Oh my god, that’s their life.’ No, it’s about 10 minutes of your life." But even with that misconception out of the way, she told us that that wasn't the only reason why she rejected the show at first. "I said no because I was comfortable. My husband and I were just happy. We were in a happy place. We just had our first son and I was like, ‘I’ll go back to pharmaceutical after we have the second one.’ And he was content where he was and TV was just not something that was in the plan" And what finally made her say yes? Her own kids! "I only had one [child] at the time. Third time we actually did say yes we realized that after we had our first son that we wanted him to have everything. We were like, we want the best schools, the best colleges, and I started researching and that’s 20-something thousand dollars a year. So when we figured that out we said, ‘if we can make some extra money, why not?’ and we can always walk away if we didn’t like it." Toya also revealed that she almost did walk away but that her husband is the reason why she's still on the show. "After the first season, I wanted to walk away but my husband said ‘no, you are not leaving it like that and you’re gonna show them who you really are.’" As seen on her social media and on the show, Toya and her husband have a fantastic relationship and she revealed her special secret. "We realized when we first met that we were two totally different individuals that loved each other but we didn’t know how to make a marriage work because we didn’t have the best mentors. So, we went to marriage counseling right away, even before we were married. And we realized we liked it, it was like a date for us. We love the fact that we’re not perfect in our marriage but we’re both committed to making it work no matter what." She also says that her husband is her number one supporter in everything that she does and that's one of the important keys to a strong marriage. "My husband respects the things that I do and say and he doesn’t tell me what to do and what to say and what I have to wear. None of that. He supports everything that I do whether it’s makeup, hair, my children’s schools, whatever decision I make for them, our house that we live in. He respects it. He respects it like I’m on the same level as him. I’m not under him, I’m not above him. We are both right here and we’re a team so it’s good." Becoming a stay home mom has also given her a new perspective on things, she says that she has learned a lot throughout the way especially when it comes to her kids. "I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about when I said I didn’t want kids. I absolutely cannot live without my boys. They are the reason I do anything. They are just so amazing. They are just so special and they give you this sense of strength that make you want to work harder and just being the perfect example for them. So, I mean, they’re like my motivation." But not everything came easy before then. When Toya was younger, she adopted her younger sister and raised her as her own but she says that experience was different when it came to raising her and raising her own boys. "I was transitioning in my life, I was 25 years old so I was still young. I think, with my sister it was more like you’re my sister and you’re going to do better because you’re my sister and you’re supposed to. It’s just a very different experience now that you’re in your thirties compared to you in your twenties. They’ve both been positive. My little sister is still with me, even with my sons. Some days she’ll be like, ‘you know, I’m going to take the boys bowling and we’re going to hang out for the day.’ And I’m like ‘oh, okay.’ But to her that’s her family. They’re like her little brothers or nephews but they have a bond that is so nice." But even through all of that, she still revealed that there was something scary about joining the show. "[The scariest thing was that] I was dealing with a lot of crazy women. I knew right off the jump that I was about to be in the midst of some women that were very different from me and have huge egos and you know it was a very different situation because I’m very blunt and I’m very see-through, I like to say and they weren’t. You would think they would be but they weren’t. It’s very difficult to be around people that you couldn’t necessarily read because you were thinking the best. I’m always thinking the best of a person and it’s hard for me to see someone as a bad person but there are some bad people out there." As we shook hands and I bid her farewell, and as she smiled at me I knew that the show didn't portray her the way she actually is. She was different and I was glad to see that different side. Toya Bush-Harris will return for season three of Married to Medicine. For any donations and more information about The Hair to Share Foundation, check out their website.

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