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PopWrapped Exclusive: PW Speaks To EDM Act Vishno

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/24/2014 6:27 pm
PopWrapped | Music

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer @MusicalNikki13

Earlier this week, PopWrapped got the chance to chat with EDM artist Vishno about his music, his life and his upcoming tour. Vishno is a New Haven, CT native who studied at the Berklee College of Music, achieving a degree in music and later a degree in entrepreneurship. He has partnered with companies and brands such as Peter Pan Buses, Twinkies and the Boys and Girls Club.  

PW: I saw on your Facebook that you’re a New Haven, CT native. As a New Haven area girl myself, I have to ask the mighty question: Sally’s or Pepe’s?

Vishno: Pepe's! I love Sally's too, but can never seem to beat the line to get in.

PW: You’ve worked with some huge names like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. What were those experiences like for you and what did you learn from them that you still apply to your work today?

Vishno: Working on the MJ 30th anniversary concerts in MSG was nothing short of incredible. MJ was super kind and gracious, and joked with his brothers like any normal person would. A real human being. At Berklee I was trained to think of an orchestra in sections and through those sections one can think through and hear a whole musical arrangement.  Working on these concerts was similar in that there were so many celebrity artists, musicians, audio, lights, pyro-technics, video, and other moving parts one could not see the forest through the trees.  However by thinking of the production in sections, and visualizing how it can all work together as a beautiful intertwined marriage, I learned first hand how to build a production while working with MJ, Usher, Mya, Britney, Ray Charles, and many others.  These kinds of experiences have taught me how to dig in to individual pieces of a production, while still being able to step back and see how all of the production sections can work together.  This kind of thinking goes right into our own live show.

PW: When you were studying at the Berklee College of Music did you know that you wanted to be an EDM performer or did you originally have other plans?

Vishno: I have always wanted to take complex musical ideas and translate them into simple fun terms for audiences.  During Berklee I was focused on guitar, songwriting, arranging, and studio production and learned to rely on the one universal truth; good music is good, and bad music is bad.  When I first heard EDM (Infected Mushroom & Sphongle) I remember thinking 'These sounds are not only amazing, but there are terrific melodies, bass, production, the whole package!'  Later as I became more immersed in the style and saw different artist performances I thought that the fact that I could not see exactly how the DJ was effecting and creating the music live was leaving me with the feeling that one piece of performance was 'lost in translation.'  My goal as an EDM/ electro-pop performer now is to learn from the style and bring it somewhere it has not yet been, adding a piece I have felt is often missing from live shows -bringing audiences right to the edge of how and where the music is actually created live.

PW: What made you decide to pursue a second degree in Entrepreneurship?

Vishno: Actually the music industry itself pushed me to want to learn business!  Through many personal experiences with contracts, investors, record deals, etc. I learned it is crucial for artists to have a handle on business. Understanding the language is more than reading a “music biz book”.  I remember a professor saying that the minute an artist tries to sell one record, t-shirt, or ticket to a show, they are in the music business.  After working as a writer and artist, I felt the real art is in intertwining music, business, and art itself in a beautiful way, and turning myself into what I like to think of as an Entrepreneurial Music & Business Artist.

PW: You’ve partnered with Peter Pan Buses, Twinkies, and the Boys and Girls Club. Is there a company or non-profit that you would love to work with that you haven’t yet?

Vishno: Red Bull & Converse! They both have an eye toward music, and I love the public image they have.  Pushing people to be real, extreme, live life to the max, just like us!  Other smaller, like-minded startups (I love startup companies) come to mind like Cheggin, a sports app, and DropKloud, a music app.

PW: If you could go back in time and tell your 18-year old self anything, what would you say?

Vishno: Study Music but also Study BUSINESS!

PW: What was the inspiration for your song “Heartbeat”?

Vishno: Heartbeat is about how celebrities can sometimes be built up and then ripped down by the pressures of stardom.  The lyrics take a celebrity's perspective as he/she becomes a star and is coping with the pressures of that stardom, finally having to pretend and show the world a new mental state from which they will live and make art.   Stardom seems to be a destination for some and that destination in this song is proven to be problematic. For me, the destination is the journey and I travel it every day.

PW: Do you ever think back on your early days and wish you had made different choices?

Vishno: Of course! I have made many mistakes, overcome plenty of challenges, had my share of successes & mishaps.  Life is about decision making, just like songwriting.  If the two have ever taught me anything it is that even if the decision is wrong, you may not know it at the time and without it you cannot move on and make progress.  One decision leads to the next and the hope is that you have enough insight to make more good decisions than bad!

PW: What is the next single?

Vishno: After Heartbeat, probably a song called Illusion.  It is about how one can become trapped or freed in the way they choose to view the world.  Everything can be considered an illusion, it is only a matter of I choose to interpret that illusion that will put me in a cage or set me free. Taking on the world under my own terms and living life the way I want to is what Illusion means to me.

PW: Where will you be touring?

Vishno: I’ll be touring the Northeastern United States   You can stay connected to Vishno on Facebook, Twitter or on his Official Website.

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