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PopWrapped Gets To Know Ariana from Ariana and the Rose

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/02/2013 9:58 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
PopWrapped Gets To Know Ariana from Ariana and the Rose
Media Courtesy of Big Machine Records
Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

Hello, lovely PopWrappers! So I got the chance to interview the lovely Ariana, lead singer of Ariana and the Rose. They are an up-and-coming band and Ariana has performed in New York, London and Paris and has also opened at the after party for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour. Talking on the phone with her for 20 minutes doesn’t seem like a very long time but she was so energetic that I knew right away we were going to have a lot of fun with this interview. I had done my research beforehand, and I knew that I really wanted to find out how she got to where she is today. After getting on the phone and exchanging polite introductions, the ice needed to be broken. The best way to break the ice, of course, is to ask about how she decided to become a musician. She didn’t have “This one day,” or “This one moment,” epiphany; she simply started in theater and dance. By being in musical theatre, you naturally become a musician. She didn’t really decide either – it just happened. This is how people should choose careers, through what they feel in their hearts and not what makes the most money. Her single, “Heartbeat” is getting more and more popular every day. The inspiration for that song? The song, like many of the best songs, was one that came from personal experience. The song was inspired by falling asleep to some else’s heartbeat. The song was inspired by the sound of another person’s heartbeat in the silence. The song started out as a love song, from having love and watching it fall apart. She says her music can be described, in five words, as electro-pop with singer-songwriter melodies. There was a moment of silence and then laughter as she wondered if that was more than five words and I told her that ‘with’ doesn’t really count since it’s not really an adjective. When it comes to inspiration and staying grounded, Ariana stated that her biggest inspiration is Alanis Morrissette. “Who she is, what she stands for, that’s what inspired me the most. She was a strong powerhouse performer who stood up for what she truly believed in. That’s who I want to be.” Family also came up and she said that coming from a large Italian family helps. “It’s always easy to dream big when people believe in you.” She also spoke about how her siblings find it hilarious that she’s a musician. “They think I live a vagabond life and it keeps me grounded.” Having performed in New York, London, and Paris, Ariana has gotten the chance to experience international crowds and venues. “The arc of the show depends on the audience and venue. It’s always fun. It always feels good and it’s never boring. There is a rush from sharing the songs that you wrote and your personal intimacies with a large group. It’s really unique.” Ariana opened at Lady Gaga’s after party and she spoke about how she got that job. “I was good friends with her after party openers for the Born this Way Ball, I opened for them at the Grand Morrissey theatre and again in New York. The show in New York was actually her last show before she had to cancel due to her hip.” Ariana recently had the chance to work on an amazing project with some major music names. She opened up about filming a music video with Sir Paul McCartney. Yes, that Sir Paul McCartney. “I just had the opportunity to be in a Paul McCartney video that was filmed at Abbey Road. Being able to be there with a legend at the legendary studio where he found his fame was surreal. It’s not crazy in the sense of getting into a fight but it was so surreal that it was one of the best experiences.” We talked to her about opening for Heffron Drive this winter on their US tour. We spoke about how it came about that she was picked to be one of the openers. “My team shares members with Kendall’s team and they told Kendall that they thought I was a good choice for an opener so they sent over a few tracks and Kendall and Dustin approved.” After, we asked her what she would tell herself at five years old if she could say anything. “I was a really active child so I’d probably tell myself to “stick with what you’re doing forever.”” We then moved into the future when we asked if she saw herself becoming the next Lady Gaga in five years. “I hope to grow myself and my music and headline a world tour. My dream is to sell out Radio City Music Hall. I don’t know if I’m the next Lady Gaga but I want to get my music out and I want to keep doing this.”  Before our session with Ariana ended, we had to ask if she had or was considering getting any tattoos. We talked about how Kendall was one of the driving forces behind Carlos Pena’s first tattoo, which he got on tour. “I don’t have any. I wanted to get a rib tattoo of a lion because I always wear these lion necklaces but I’m not really sure sure if I want one. It changes on any given day. But no, right now I don’t think I’ll be getting one.” With that, we said our goodbyes and hung up. Ariana is a really sweet girl and you should definitely check her out. She was so enthusiastic during the interview and it made me smile. You can find Ariana on Twitter, on Facebook, and on SoundCloud. I would personally like to thank Ariana for taking the time to chat with me for this interview.


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