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Popwrapped Gives You The Lowdown on "Buffering"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/26/2013 9:17 pm
Popwrapped Gives You The Lowdown on


Sarah Goddard

Staff Writer

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there sat a girl perched in front of her computer late at night, trolling the internet, for something to do. She moseyed into Twitter scanning her timeline for something that grabbed her attention. When suddenly she saw a Tweet about a new web series called Buffering. Having some free time, she decided to click the link and check it out. The premise of the show seemed funny, so she pressed play. She expected to watch the episode, laugh and have that be it, but what she wasn’t expecting, was to be thrown head first into the world of Buffering and everything that that entailed. That girl is me, and this is going to be my introduction to you, on everything Buffering.

Buffering tells the story of Ben Little (Curt Mega). Ben was kinda famous for being on a TV show, but when his character is killed off and the show seemingly cancelled, Ben becomes a nobody. A depressed, uninspired, bathrobe wearing nobody who decides to do what most struggling actors do when faced with no prospects; he wants to make a web series.

Alex Brody (Eric Carroll) is Ben’s best friend and roommate. He is also the star of the popular crime show, Latter Day Saints. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Alex narcissistic. In fact I think he’d take ownership of that label and claim it proudly. But, he does have Ben’s best interests at heart, in his own weird, perverted, and very unique way.

Other characters include Darren D. Derrek (Chase Edmonson), the bead art making artist, Tim Larkin (Matt H. Zimmerman), the health conscious nymphomaniac, Cindy Kyle (Stephanie Stuart), the bi-polar, fire starting former girlfriend of Alex and Kirsten Parker (Malgosia Tolak), Alex’s co-star on Latter Day Saints and Ben’s love interest.

You may be wondering why I’ve decided to do a little Buffering: 101 for you, well, next Monday, July 1, Buffering it set to release its 5th episode, It’s All Part of the Plan, which is sure to be nothing short of amazing. Why is it so amazing? Episode 5 is going to be jam packed full of guest stars, three to be exact; Tessa Netting, Riker Lynch and Titus Makin Jr. Allow me to introduce…

Tessa Netting is, well, she’s Tessa. There isn’t really an adequate way to describe all of her awesome. She’s part actor, part singer, part Broadway star, part fangirl and part YouTube sensation. She is everything that is right with the world of pop culture and she is passionate about it. She’s been on Broadway in Billy Elliot, she’s been on Glee as a member of the Adam’s Apples, she’s been on Nickelodeon, she’s made commercials and she does voice over work. And if you have never seen one of her parodies, you are missing out on something truly extraordinary.

Riker Lynch is a rock star, there’s no denying that. The blonde haired, hazel eyed cutie is the bassist and lead singer for the band R5, along with his brothers Ross and Rocky, his sister Rydel and close friend Ellington Ratliff. In addition to rocking our world through his own music, Riker is also an actor, playing Warbler Jeff - a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers on Glee.

Titus Makin Jr. is also a fellow Glee alum, performing alongside Riker and Curt as Warbler David, for The Dalton Academy Warblers. Titus has also been seen in The Closer, Grimm, Castle, and alongside Lucy Hale in A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. 

Now with Episode 5 only days away, I would like to share a brief rundown of the previous 4 episodes with you all, not a complete re-cap of each, because to be honest, what I’d really love, is for all of you to read a tiny snippet and then dash off to YouTube to watch each episode in its entirety. Ready? Here goes.

Episode 1: “Pilot”

The pilot introduces us to the characters. Ben meets with Darren and Tim and explains his idea of making a web series, and Alex convinces him into hiring Cindy in an effort to win her back, despite the fact that she burned Alex’s house down.

Episode 2: “Expressions in Erotic Bead Art”

In this episode, Alex introduces Ben to his Latter Day Saints co-star Kirsten. We get to see some of Darren’s ‘erotic’ bead art, which holds a bit of a surprise for Ben. Tim accuses Ben of playing it safe and that he needs to be more of a risk taker. This leads to Ben’s date with Kristen being quite the Indian food inspired event.

Episode 3: “Small Spaces, Felt Faces”

Ben begins casting for his show, or at least he is attempting to. Alex and Tim are in charge of bringing the camera, a task that gets the better of them after an all nighter at a club, some suspicious looking brownies and a kidnapping. Carrying on back at the ‘Audition Space’, Ben meets some rather interesting people including a SAG eligible, magical talking puppet.

Episode 4: “It’s Not Easy Being Mean”

This episode introduces us to Darren’s cousin from Idaho, (another member of the Warbler family, Dominic Barnes) who we met as an intern after Alex storms off set after a very Christian Bale inspired hissy fit. Ben finally gets the chance to don the director’s cap but as can be expected in Ben’s world, not everything goes according to plan. This episode is full of secrets, deception, CGI suits, sex, extreme close ups, and ultimately, tragedy.

If you take the time to watch, I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Buffering is so much more than its face value. Yes, it’s a comedy, it’s an honest to god, laugh out loud, comedy, but beyond that, it has heart. I tend to delve a little further into things sometimes and try and find some deeper meaning, and with Buffering, it’s about life, all our lives. It’s about the day-to-day struggle of trying to find yourself and your passion when it seems that the whole world is out to get you. It’s about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and having faith in yourself. The story is relatable, funny, sincere and personal, and I’m sure everyone can see a little of themselves in Ben or one of the other characters, and that’s what makes it so much more than just a funny thing to watch. But, in saying that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with just sitting back, relaxing, and having a laugh as Ben and his friends go from one disaster to the next.

I am proud to stand up and say that I am a Buffie. I love this show. I love the story. I love the cast. I love what the show represents. And I love the friends that I have made as a result. But most of all, I love to laugh, and when watching Buffering, one is most certainly guaranteed to do that over and over again.

Buffering was created by Michael Tobias and Matthew H. Zimmerman, is written by Mike Chinnici and Michael Tobias and is directed by Mike Chinnici.

Follow the show, cast and crew on Twitter as they are all avid Twitterers and love interacting with fans

Official Buffering Twitter - @bufferingseries
Curt Mega - @CurtMega
Eric Carroll - @EricRobertC
Mike Tobias - @miketobias
Matthew H. Zimmerman – @MattHZimmerman
Chase Edmonson – @ChaseEdmonson
Stephanie Stuart – @StephDStuart
Malgosia Tolak - @malgosiatolak
Mike Chinnici – @Mike Chinnici
Dominic Barnes – @DominicMBarnes
Tessa Netting - @tessanetting or @tessaroxx
Riker Lynch - @rikerR5
Titus Makin Jr. @titusmakin

Go to to learn even more about the cast, crew and show.

Watch all the episodes at and while you’re there, why not stop and check out some of the bonus content, The Ben Diaries and Beyond the Director’s Chair, to see some more of Ben and Alex.

Visit Tessa’s YouTube channel at to see what all the fuss is about. Believe me, the fuss is worth it.

Check out Riker and R5 at to see the official music video for ‘Loud’ the title track from their most recent album.

And keep your eye out for Titus in So This Is Christmas due out this October. The film also stars Vivica A. Fox and Eric Roberts.


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