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EXCLUSIVE: PopWrapped Sits Down With Rising Star AJ Wray

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/19/2014 8:20 am
PopWrapped | Television
EXCLUSIVE: PopWrapped Sits Down With Rising Star AJ Wray
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Kaitlyn Elliott Senior Content Editor


Recently, PopWrapped had the opportunity to interview one of the newest child stars, AJ Wray. AJ Wray is a 13-year-old singing sensation with a voice far beyond his years.  We had the chance to ask AJ a few questions about his music. Read on! PW: When did you decide you wanted to be a musician and why? AJ: I fell in love with music at the age of 4. I used to go with my dad and watch him sing. When I turned 4, he started teaching me songs and then I started singing those songs inside of his concerts and conferences. When I turned 13, I decided that MUSIC and ACTING was what I wanted to do with my life. I have had a blast trying to fulfill the dreams I have. Its a lot of work, but it sure is fun doing what you love to do. PW: How has the fact that both of your parents being musicians, as well as your home church being globally known for it’s musical talents, affected your personal  music career? AJ: the first answer that comes to my mind is how incredibly cool it is to always be surrounded by such incredible musicians. My church has so many incredible musicians, and because of my family, I know many of them, and it's amazing how cool they are to help me when I have questions, and in some cases….teach me every week the things I need to fulfill my dreams. It's really awesome to learn from those people you respect. I have a lot to live up too. PW: From what I have read, you seem to have many different talents aside from  singing. Can you tell us a little bit more about those talents? AJ: This answer might be strange, and don't forget, I love music and acting but I LOVE riding ATV's (4 wheelers). When I ride, I work hard at learning different jumps, tricks, and pure mudding (that's more fun than talent). I think the gift I am trying to develop the most right now (along with my music) is acting. As I continue to learn accents, blocking, facials, and timing, I have become to realize that some of this just comes naturally. I am glad that the gifts I have are also the things that I love to do the most. PW: What musician is your biggest inspiration and has affected your music the most? AJ: I really don't wanna keep talking about my family, but truth is, my Dad has been my biggest influence. He always takes time to work with me, teach me more than what's on the music paper, tells me the truth even when I don't like what he is saying….I have had some many influences musically (especially with the Disney artist I grew up with), but they are artist that I look up to and music I love. My dad is someone who at this point in  my life, has always gone over and above to take the time to help me reach my potential and my dreams. We always say….."how do you spell love" and I say "T.I.M.E" MY dad shows me he loves me by spending time with me to help me dream. PW: If you could sing a duet with any musician, who would it be and why? AJ: Demi, Bridgette, or China from Disney would be my choice if I was doing a duet for my career. If I was just picking someone to do a duet with in general….I would pick my little brother. He sings awesome, and when we harmonize together, you can tell we are family. We really blend well together, and he's one of the coolest guys I know. PW: What does your song “Another Day In Paradise” mean to you personally? AJ: It's all about attitude! I figure you can make life what you want it to be. We are gonna have good days, and bad days… but our attitude though out those days, determines the way we face each day. So, everyday can be another day in Paradise if we so choose! PW: How can your fans relate to this song? AJ: It has a great, feel-good grove and gets to the hook fast. When you hear Another Day in Paradise, it just makes you happy. Easy to sing and the lyrics are exactly where we live at teenagers. Besides….I figured out how to put the word "iPhone" in the song, so that's gotta count for something! PW: What made you decide to cover “Footloose”? AJ: It's just a timeless song and a great melody…plus you can dance to it. Also, when I was cutting all the original songs, some of my friends said it would be nice to "cover" one song that most people like. When I get to singing footloose live in buy concerts….it seems like the kids freak out, but also the parents go nuts too. I'm really glad I pick the song Footloose to cover. It's awesome live. PW: In the music video for “Footloose” you looked like you had a lot of fun and it was a lot different than your “Another Day In Paradise” video. What was it like  to shoot? AJ: The whole experience ROCKED! the crowd, being able to dance with all my friends that dance with me on all my concerts, tons of lights, a huge video wall, and camera's everywhere!!!! Who wouldn't like that! We got to take a tour bus to Nashville and back, shoot the video for the weekend, and then tour bus back to Texas. It's was like having a total slumber party on a bus moving 70 miles an hour with all the food you could eat. IT WAS COOL!!!! PW: What is the biggest highlight of your career so far? AJ: ALL OF IT……just getting to do what I have always dreamed of doing. Being able to have great friends dance behind me during my concerts, and have such a support system on the road and at home. I now understand why artists feel so much like a family when they are on the road. Making friendships that will last a lifetime. That's been the highlight of my career thus far! PW: What do you hope to achieve through your music? AJ: I hope to send a positive message though my music. Wanna have fun, but in a good way. Want to encourage those that may be at a place in life where they need some encouragement. Life is awesome, and I want to reflect that in my music and the way I live. PW: If you could tell your fans anything what would it be? AJ: Go after your dream and never quit dreaming, no matter what others say. Believe in yourself, because that's where the dream begins. Just FYI… I'm a fan of my fans. They inspire me and I want to inspire them. Could AJ Wray be the next Justin Bieber? Be sure to check out AJ’s music as we keep you updated on his career!

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