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Television PopWrapped | Television

PopWrapped Picks Their Top 5 Remaining 'BB16' Houseguests

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
08/20/2014 11:04 am
PopWrapped | Television
PopWrapped Picks Their Top 5 Remaining 'BB16' Houseguests | bb16
Media Courtesy of Wikipedia
This season of Big Brother has featured some extremely loud personalities, with an outgoing YouTuber, a love sick country boy who now is referred to (at his request) as beast mode cowboy, and America's favorite Zach Attack. With a whopping 16 contestants for the 16th season, the game was completely shaken with a twist that provided two HOH's (Head Of Household) four nominees, and a completely new competition that has provided safety and even the eviction of an HOH. We now find ourselves passing the halfway point of a season that has remained fairly foreseeable by a powerhouse alliance that resulted in a controlled chain of evictions. Now at a point where everyone is forced to make a strike against each other, I've decided to take it upon myself to share my top 5 picks for the winner of BB16. (all images courtesy of )

5. Donny

BB16 Photo by:
Donny was another contestant I had strong vibes about pre-season knowing that his personality would set him apart from others but that he had a likability factor that could keep him at least to the top 6. I was definitely incorrect in some ways, because Donny was an instant target and has fought week to week for Veto's and Battle of the Block competitions. If Donny can make an ally willing to help him long enough, he has a strong chance of taking home the money as well. If Donny can also step up his social game and cause a divide in the remaining detonators alliance, he should be able to get by at least a week or two without being the main target.

4. Derrick

BB16 Photo by:
While I'm not a fan of the cop who has hidden his profession from houseguests, it's undeniable that in one way or another he has had a say in nearly every eviction planned out proving to be the brains of the Detonator alliance. Derrick was someone I picked pre-season as a dark horse which proved accurate, if any of the remaining houseguests want a chance at winning the $500,000 he needs to be targeted before it's too late. This is unlikely however, as Derrick ensured his longevity by keeping his closest allies (Cody, Victoria, Caleb) nearby and having a final two with almost every player left. In addition the houseguests have determined he "deserves" the money the most because of his family. Remember when Big Brother was about who actually earned the prize?

3. Victoria

BB16 Photo by:
While this is definitely not an expected choice,Victoria has been used as a pawn almost constantly at risk of going home. Her competition streak is hardly noteworthy, and her social game seems to be limited to Derrick, Victoria does seem to have a greater understanding of alliances and loyalties in the house. Her chances of winning are basically non-existent as players have seen her as disposable the entire game but if she decides to take out big players like Derrick, Caleb, or Cody before making it to the finale she could really impress the jury. In addition to being thrown around as a nominee all the time, she also is one of the most like able contestants In the house, and doesn't have any malicious intentions in the game. Noble thought, poor game move.

2. Frankie

BB16 Photo by:
From the beginning of the game, Frankie's bright hair, flirtatious ways, and exuberant personality made him an instant target. Those type of standouts have a hard time making it to the end, but almost immediately Frankie aligned with multiple people and was even included in most sub-alliances. When he turned on his alliance of the guys (to further his game) his number seemed up, and Caleb even threw a competition so they would remain nominated. Frankie went on to win for himself and reestablished relationships that seemed unlikely. While he's received extreme criticism from viewers (sometimes more than necessary), Frankie is playing the game and making decisions that have kept him there to this point, including an insane 4 HOH's and a POV. His chances of making it to the end seem scarce but if he starts to analyze the scenarios for upcoming weeks and turns on Derrick and Cody, he could find himself in a promising position. His recent actions towards friend Zach have been unfortunate and difficult to watch transpire, but the result seemed inevitable after earlier confrontations. There is no doubt that Frankie is willing to do anything it takes to win, and at this point he's definitely earned his way to the top 8 playing a near flawless game. The only reason I've removed him from my number one player was hearing some distasteful harsh comments he's made on the live feeds, which ultimately does influence who I'd like to see win at least to some limited capacity.


BB16 Photo by:
When Zach was introduced, many wrote him off as the typical hot-head who claimed to hate almost everybody, but we quickly learned there was more to him than he let on, as his loud and sometimes dangerous tactics out him in numerous dire situations. He quickly formed a compassionate bond/friendship with Frankie, (Zankie) that ignited a super-fandom online amongst the fans. His bond and final 2 deal seemed legitimate, as Zach played the bro card with the rest of the men in the house while scheming against them for himself and his allies benefit. Eventually the typical BB paranoia spread and the alliance has since ended with the two unsure of each others loyalties and an army of Zach fans enraged. Zach showed his caring, and vulnerable state when learning of friends betrayal proving that while he may come off to some as careless he has genuine compassion towards those select few in the game and is truly loyal. His social game fluctuates between brilliance and dangerous as he could infuriate people to his ease before reeling then back in as allies, which was truly impressive to watch play out on many occasions. Zach has provided a great amount of entertainment, calling out numerous houseguests (Nicole, the fruit loop dingus, Frankie, Christine, Victoria, Hayden) and made his goals and targets clear which is the kiss of death on Big Brother, however Zach remained week after week as others began to see the benefits of keeping a target in the house. His competitions stats don't make him the largest threat as perhaps Donny or Frankie but with an HOH and Veto win he has proven he can win when needed. Zach is in an extremely bad position this week, but if he can somehow persuade people to keep him or wins the chance to re-enter the house, he has the most potential to make the needed moves to actually win the game. Zach and Frankie have both played great games thus far, being a close call, but the way Zach maintained his composure through being treated poorly by others has proven how stable of a player he can be. Let's just hope that the one and only Zach Attack can get through this week and cause the chaos needed to prove you are a worthy winner. Good luck Zach!  


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