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PopWrapped Presents: The Best Doctor Who And Sherlock Valentine's Day Cards

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/17/2017 1:19 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom

Hannah Daglish

Senior Content Editor

@hkdaglish So it's Valentine's day, and here at PopWrapped, we're getting into the spirit of it all. After rifling through the depths of the internet, PW presents the greatest Valentine's cards for the two of the fandoms we love most: Sherlock and Doctor Who. Whether you have someone to send these to, or whether you're going to sit and laugh at them alone whilst watching "The Sign of Three" and "The Wedding of River Song" on repeat, we're sure you'll find something you like amongst these lot: 1. Let's just get this emotional one out of the way first. If, like the Doctor, you were unfortunately cut off from the parallel universe where your love is trapped, then this is the card for you. This is, however, unlikely, so perhaps use this for a love so obvious it doesn't need saying. Or to really upset a Doctor/Rose fan, your choice. 2. If there's a Sherlock fan in your life, let them know how much they mean to you with a classic name pun. If those cheekbones don't get their attention... 3. Classic Who fans rejoice, you have not been forgotten! Check out that "come hither" look from Colin Baker. The Sixth Doctor may not be the most popular, but with this card, you're certainly going to be popular today.
Courtesy of pattroughton.tumblr Courtesy of pattroughton.tumblr
4. If Sherlock had stopped after Season 2, this would probably be far more of a traumatic card. However, since good ol' Sherlock decided to return from the dead, after falling to protect his loved ones, this is probably quite nice, in a sort of "I'll let you think I'm dead for two years then come back with a fake French accent, but I still love you" kind of way... Moving on. 5. Oh come on, if you can't have a rude sonic-screwdriver pun on Valentine's Day, then when can you have it? Be prepared, there's more to come. 6. For those who are in need of the direct approach for the Sherlockian in their life, why not use the detective's famous phrase?
Courtesy of Courtesy of
7. Just in case #1 didn't get you feeling emotional enough. The perfect card for those who just can't find the right words, send this to your loved one before you get transported back to reality and end up crying in your Tardis... or before February 15th comes round anyway.
Courtesy of p3jamie.tumblr Courtesy of p3jamie.tumblr
8. Stop judging, everyone loves the bad guy. If your loved one always has a bit of a soft spot for the baddies, this card is ideal. We don't recommend taking it upon yourself to become a bad guy just to please them though... 9. Let's get back to vulgarity with a card for all the Matt Smith fans. You'll never look at fish fingers and custard the same way again... 10. Tell someone you love them, whether they like it or not. Or whether they like you or not...
Courtesy of roccondil.tumblr Courtesy of roccondil.tumblr
11. Every Doctor has a catch phrase, see if you can land a catch with this cheeky card: 12. Oh Sherlock. If you can't stop thinking about someone, whether that person is your partner in solving crime or not, this is the card for you: Courtesy of cuddlyloki.tumblr
13. Another one for classic Who fans! This one is far too cute, though they may still expect you to love them in 5o years time. So, one for the long-haul relationships: Courtesy of pattroughton.tumblr
  14.  You simply can't beat a mustache pun, and the hairy caterpillar on John Watson's face took a great deal of ridicule. Make someone laugh their way into your arms with this one: Courtesy of t-cougs.tumblr
15. Whilst the Ood may not be the most attractive species in the universe, tell someone they're beautiful with this card. They HAVE to like it, after all, the Ood live to serve! 16. If you, like Sherlock, are completely at ease with how annoying you can be at times, this card is an ideal "thanks for putting up with me" to the person who loves you, no matter what: 17. Go Classic again, and tell them it's time to admit how you both feel: Courtesy of pattroughton.tumblr
18. John Watson may not "shave for Sherlock Holmes", but if there's someone you love enough to shave for, TELL THEM TODAY: 19. I did warn you there would be more sonic screwdriver puns, so don't complain. Take a risk on this one: 20. If, like me, you blame Steven Moffat for the emotional upheaval that every episode of Sherlock and Doctor Who brings to you, you can get him back and use him to create some emotional scenes of your own: Courtesy of doctorwhoknew.tumblr
21. Last one. I promise. ;)   22. You knew it was coming (pun not intended). Enough said. 23. Terrify them into loving you with a Weeping Angel Valentine. You may end up turning them into a Weeping Angel themselves, but you know, it's all done in love... Courtesy of tardistuesday.tumblr
24. YES. He may not always be Sherlock's greatest fan, but Lestrade might just help you win over Sherlock's actual greatest fan today. Courtesy of theawsomedurp.tumblr
  25. Finally, one for those of us who are all alone today. Make yourself feel better by getting some perspective: Courtesy of januckel.tumblr
26. And finally, if the whole Valentine's fuss leaves you feeling less than impressed, whether it's out of anger at commercialism, sheer boredom or a thinly veiled bitterness (I confess, that's me), there's always our final option:
Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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