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Popwrapped Reviews The Tony Awards!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/10/2013 11:07 pm
Popwrapped Reviews The Tony Awards!


Bec Heim and Erika Rivera
Content Editor and Managing Editor

Welcome everyone to the recap of the 67th Annual Tony Awards! Your favorite Managing Editor, Erika Rivera and myself will give you the blow by blow of Broadway’s biggest night

“Make It Bigger”: After a zingy joke about Shia LaBeouf and an opening that recalls last year’s Tony Winner Once. Neil Patrick Harris is in top form. There is singing and dancing around a huge Tony award. You have the Motown, drag queens, contortionists, magic, Mike Tyson, children and just like every musical on Broadway. This was grand and big. It was just so catchy and fun and AWESOME! OHMYGOD IT WAS AMAZING!!!! There were even jokes about Les Miserables and Tom Hooper’s close ups.  Just so soooooo cool. Kudos for Neil Patrick Harris for keeping this up the whole entire time. I was exhausted watching him. There was also a sweet shout-out to the kids who are watching it at home and are dreaming of being up there one day too. It was just such a great opening. Why isn’t NPH hosting the Oscars?


Best Performance of Featured Actor In A Play:

Courtney B. Vance for Lucky Guy. This is his third nomination and first win.

“Naughty Children” and “When I Grow Up” from Matilda The Musical:  After an introduction from the cast of Newsies (in character), it’s time for the first musical of the night. The children of Matilda made me feel like I just wasted my entire life. It was energetic, fun and had a lot of scooters. I am a big fan of just such energy. These kids are great. I hope they win. Seriously these kids are just awesome. None of those little girls got nominated for the Best Actress or something? Miss Honey was really good too. Seriously the audience sounded impressed.

Best Performance of Featured Actress in a Play:

Judith Light for The Assembled Parties. This is her second win and a back-to-back win in this category.

“It’s All Happening” from Bring It On: The Musical: Broadway rapping. It’s a thing. Uh it sucks coming on after Matilda. I mean I don’t hate it. I never really heard anything from Bring It On before. Matilda was just so much better. It was exciting and loud. It had a lot of energy. Bring It On was more mellow oddly enough. It wasn’t bad and I like mellow numbers. It was just parts of it felt lackluster. The parts that worked however really worked. Plus Broadway rapping… it cracks me up every time.

Best Costume Design Musical and Play:

Cinderella and The Nance

Best Featured Actor in a Musical:

Gabriel Ebert for Matilda The Musical. This is his first Tony win. He has to squat to talk into the microphone.

“In My Own Little Corner”, “Impossible” and “Ten Minutes Ago” from Cinderella: These costumes are just badass. Seriously fuck yeah that guy won the Tony for them. That was pretty and very fairy tale like. I was in this show in high school so I knew the songs. It was fun to watch it and nostalgic. It just captured that fairy tale feel which I adored. Although I do question why Rock of Ages introduced them. It was fun and it was sweet. It was pure nostalgia in the best ways. It was just soooo pretty.


Best Sound Design of Musical and Play:

Kinky Boots and The Nance

Best Direction of a Musical:

Diane Paulus for Pippin. This is her third nomination and her first win.

Best Direction of a Play:

Pam MacKinnon for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? This is her second nomination and first wi

“Get Ready”, ”Dancing in the Street” and “Jackson 5 Medley” from Motown: The Musical: Eh.  I love Motown. Don’t get me wrong I grew up on it. I just didn’t really get excited with this. Plus the kid who played Michael Jackson was trying but it just…I just wasn’t invested. This is my least favorite performance of the night. Sorry guys.

Best Orchestrations:

Kinky Boots

Best Score:

Cyndi Lauper for Kinky Boots. This is her first nomination and first win. I believe she is the first woman composer and lyricist winning a Tony. So hell yeah Cyndi Lauper!

“Hard Knock Life” and “Little Girls” from Annie: It’s Annie. You have to love it. It’s JANE LYNCH IN Annie. This makes is a MILLION TIMES more awesome! It was just… it’s Annie. So much nostalgia feels. When is the cast album coming out?

Best Choreography:

Jerry Mitchell for Kinky Boots  

“I Like To Be On A TV Show” sung by Neil Patrick Harris and Andrew Rannells: Andrew and Neil just talk about how awesome the television world is. Laura Benatti and Megan Hilty were both hilarious in this. Just so much bitterness and hilarity over cancelled television shows. With Neil having the longest running show of the lot. It was just so sweetly funny and right on the nose. Plus kudos to Megan Hilty for that long high note and fast singing. It was so hilarious.


Best Featured Actress in a Musical:

 Andrea Martin for Pippin. This is her fifth nomination and her second win.

Best Play:

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

“You Really Want to Be a Cowboy”, “C Plus” and “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” sung by A Christmas Story The Musical: Jesus how many shows with kids are on Broadway this year? Okay I know this one went off because it’s not Christmas. It was a lot fun to watch. I am just not all that nostalgic for A Christmas Story. TBS has kind of killed any good will I have toward it. Still the tap dancing kids were awesome. Plus holy shit that actress in the red dress? You go lady! That dancing was awesome.

“Corner of the Sky” and “Magic To Do” from Pippin: I love this song! I am so happy right now!! Is this what Pippin is? OHMYGOD I want to see!!!

Best Revival of a Play:

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Best Book:

Dennis Kelley for Matilda The Musical

Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary: It was my first love of theater. It was the first musical that I could sing the entire score (badly). I’ve seen it twice on Broadway. Congratulations Phantom. The Phantom and Christine are both pretty good. I really liked how theatrical this Phantom is. Too bad they can’t simulate a chandelier drop on the audience. That would be fun! Holy shit! This Christine is pretty awesome when she hits her operatic notes! I am just getting such nostalgia feels right now. I bet most of the audience feels the same way. Oh hey! They put on the make-up for the Phantom at least around the lips.

Best Performance By A Leading Actor In A Musical:

Billy Porter for Kinky Boots. This is his first nomination and Tony!!!! And he gives the best goddamn speech of the entire night.

Best Performance By A Leading Actor In A Play:

Tracy Lutz for Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf. This is his acting debut on Broadway and his first Tony for acting. He’s won another before along with a Pulitzer Prize.

“True Colors” sung by Cyndi Lauper: She sings the In Memoriam song for the night. This is one of my favorite songs. So just sit back and enjoy the music. It’s very heart pulling and theatrical and appropriate for a Broadway tribute.

Best Lighting Design for a Musical and Play:

Matilda the Musical and Lucky Guy

Best Performance By A Leading Actress In A Play:

Cicley Tyson for A Trip to Bountiful. This is her first nomination and win. Goddamn she had the classiest speech of the night.

Best Performance By A Leading Actress In A Musical:

Patina Miller in Pippin. This is her first win and her second nomination.

“Everybody Say Yeah” from Kinky Boots: I am in love. This proves that drag queens make everything better. This is campy, glorious, wonderful fun that I adore to no end. I love numbers that feel like a big party. This definitely feels like such a huge party on stage. Can you hear the audience cheer? I can hear a dull roar that sounds like it to me. This was just wonderful perfection that I adored to no end. Cyndi Lauper was crying in the audience. I cheered.

Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre:

Bernard Gersten, Paul Libin and Ming Cho Lee

Isabelle Stevenson Award for Humanitarian Efforts:

Larry Kramer

Regional Theatre Tony Award:

The Huntington Theatre Company in Boston

Best Scenic Design for a Musical and Play:

Matilda The Musical and The Nance

Best Revival of a Musical:


Once Performance: I didn’t know this song right off the bat. Sorry. I just wanted to give a shout out to Arthur Darvill a.k.a. Rory Williams Pond from Doctor Who. This was really great which is not a surprise from the 2012 Best Musical.

Best Musical:  

Kinky Boots

“Tony State of Mind”: NPH raps about the 2013 Tony Awards to the tune of Empire State of Mind. This is hilarious and awesome. This is also way, way better than the Oscar’s closing number. I love Audra McDonald. This was just amazingly funny and awesome. Can we get recordings of this? Please and thank you. I had such a blast tonight!




Neil Patrick Harris crushed it tonight 

Neil Patrick Harris rappin… he’s putting Matthew Morrison to shame with the skills! And Audra is fabulous! 


I just love the way Bernadette Peters speaks…. LOVE IT

Ummm way to mess up the return from commercials…right in the middle of the ONCE performance 

Gotta hand it to Theater World….they are diverse with their honors….

So…no disrespect to Cicely but she’s dressed like Ezma from the Emperor’s New Groove…

I always feel like I’m about to get a lecture when I watch Cicely Tyson speak….#TonyAwards

Cicely Tyson FOR THE WIN!

Neil Patrick Harris gyrating as he makes fun of Chicago 

Cyndi’s music fitting beautifully with this In Memoriam part of the #TonyAwards


YAAASSS!!! Billy Porter FOR THE WIN!!!! 

Phantom Of The Opera Tribute Time! JUST LOVE THIS! Happy 25th! 

SHUT UP…Harvey Fierstein wrote Kinky Boots?!

Jake Gyllenhaal….gets better with age…keep the scruff, please! 

Ummm Virginia Woolf people…your awards are with the presenters…

Michael Bloomberg is such a Broadway fanboy and people just love him!

Mufasa and Simba from the Lion King presenting performances!

Neil making out with a dog….just no!

Jesse Eisenberg talking really fast!

It’s Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) for the win!

They are firing shots at Smash! The poor cancelled show keeps getting kicked while it’s still down.

"Suck it, Will Chase"- All the Broadway actors whose shows got the axe (Andrew Rannells, Laura Benanti, Megan Hilty)

 Parading every Broadway actor whose show got canned out for a hilarious musical number!

Andrew Rannells and Neil dueting!

Jane Lynch looking like she is having such a blast tonight! 

Cyndi Lauper getting emotional over her win!

"A Fabulous Straight Wedding Cake! Holla" - Jesse Tyler LMAO

Liam Neeson: “And I’m the spirit of Tragedy. SCREW YOU” : Line of the night!

The sets tonight are amazing! 

Alan Cumming firing shots over not getting nominated!

Scarlett Johansson and Alan Cumming doing Patty cake! 

Neil’s mashups of Broadway titles cracked me up! And he took a shot at Bieber!

"You are losers children, and you always will be!" - The Trunchbull.  

Neil Patrick Harris knows how to do an opening number! 

"Can I have my Tom Hooper close-up please?" -Neil Patrick Harris.  

 Neil Patrick Harris is on fire! First he makes fun of Shia Labeouf and then gets Berry Gordy!



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