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Popwrapped Talks To Kendall Schmidt About Heffron Drive, BTR, His Love Life, And More

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/07/2013 9:13 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Popwrapped Talks To Kendall Schmidt About Heffron Drive, BTR, His Love Life, And More
Media Courtesy of Kendall Schmidt Twitter

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

Hello there lovely PopWrappers and Rushers alike!! Earlier this week we got to sit down and chat with Kendall Schmidt about his upcoming tour with Heffron Drive, his work on the movie “The Great Migration”, rumors, love and what the future may bring. Sitting down with Kendall on the phone for our interview, we exchanged introductions and the ice was broken with a simple happy birthday wish for birthday boy. Kendall told me that he actually hadn’t been thinking about his birthday and that he had almost forgotten that it was coming up. “I remember a few years ago I told some people it was birthday a few weeks before it actually was.” Before discussing Heffron Drive and the upcoming tour, the conversation started with Big Time Rush and the rumors that since the band has stopped touring and Carlos is engaged to Alexa Vega that they are breaking up. He assured us that people are only trying to find reasons for why they aren’t constantly working on BTR. “We haven’t broken up as a band. Just because nothing has happened since the tour doesn’t mean nothing ever will again. Alexa has nothing to do with it.” Speaking of rumors, we discussed how he handles rumors spreading about himself or negative comments about himself and the others because of what they do. “My parents taught me that people hate because they are insecure within themselves. I ignore haters because I know that they are just insecure.” Addressing his love life and whether he is still single was the next topic of conversation. He stated that calling a girl his girlfriend would be unfair because his schedule doesn’t allow for him to commit to someone. “I don’t have the time for the committed relationship that I would like to have. I mean I go on dates, I don’t just sit around and do nothing but I don’t have a serious relationship.” Finally we began chatting about Heffron Drive, and anybody could hear the excitement in his voice talking about it. He never thought it would get as successful as it had, and he said that the exposure from Big Time Rush definitely helped. He also said that the reason his Twitter handle stayed “@HeffronDrive” is because he never wanted to give up on his band. He also said that Heffron Drive grew out of dedication to the music, the growth of their fan base and that he and Dustin will perform for anybody willing to listen. Kendall also said that in the future of Heffron Drive he hopes to produce more music, maybe put out an album, play larger venues and even do features on songs with other artists. He said that the key to success is going to be hard work and dedication to the music and the fans. Speaking of touring, we talked about what he needs to bring on tour this winter. “A rolling closet. It’s basically a box that has wheels and holds your entire tour wardrobe. You roll it off the truck before a show and then when you finish it locks and gets rolled right back onto the truck.” He also said that he was bringing his own showerhead. “You should also bring your own showerhead. If the venue has a shower, bring your own head to shower with.” Fitness while touring is important, and Kendall said that he plays a lot of basketball in addition to eating organics and avoiding unhealthy foods. Talk then moved to the future and his work on the movie “The Great Migration” along with some information on how that’s going. He told us that the animated movie has been a work-in-progress for a few years and that he and the other cast members have become really close. We also discussed vocal acting versus live-action acting. “You don’t have to dress up, that’s one thing. People might be surprised to know that voice-over acting for animation isn’t just sitting in a booth talking into a microphone. We have to act out our emotions and our lines as if we were being filmed because it adds believability.” If you know Kendall, you know that he is a man of many tattoos and that every single one has a meaning behind it that is unique to Kendall. However, one tattoo that he has, a belt and a pair of cowboy boots on his left shoulder, had a meaning that not many people knew. Kendall told us that the boots are for his grandmother. “We call her Grandma Boots. The belt above it is for my Grandpa Bill.” He also told us about his tattoo of his French bulldog, Sissy. “I got her face tattooed because I can’t really walk around with the word ‘Sissy’ permanently inked into my back.” As our time together neared the end, I was sure to ask him one final question: if you could go back and tell your 5-year old self any piece of advice what would you say? He had to think about it a moment before telling me that he would tell his five-year old self to remember as much as possible and to take as many pictures as possible. With that, we said our farewells, and I wished him luck on his tour. I also told him that I was excited to see the concert on December 2nd. The Heffron Drive Winter Tour kicks off November 23 in Houston, TX, with openers Ariana and the Rose and Eric Dash. You can still purchase tickets as well as VIP to most shows here. You can keep up with Kendall and Dustin via Facebook or on Twitter here: Kendall and Dustin.


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