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March To The 100th Episode: Bust Out Your Best Blazer As We Countdown Our Favorite Warblers

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/18/2014 4:30 pm
PopWrapped | Television
March To The 100th Episode: Bust Out Your Best Blazer As We Countdown Our Favorite Warblers
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Abbie Sedgeman

Staff Writer


The Dalton Academy Warblers sung their way into our hearts way back in season 2. With Glee’s 100th episode only days away, it is only right we honour some of the New Directions’ rivals. However, this article is not going to discuss the Warblers as a whole, instead focusing on four of our favourites played by Dominic Barnes, Curt Mega, Riker Lynch and Titus Makin. In season 1, before becoming a regular Warbler, Dominic Barnes was a mere extra. However it is as a Warbler that he shines, being Trent. Admittedly, he does not have a many lines, but Barnes does deliver some brilliant one-liners, for example in ‘Original Song’ Trent yells “This is a kangaroo court!” during a heated Warbler debate about regionals outfits.
MovesLikeCurt/Tumblr MovesLikeCurt/Tumblr
But the best Trent moment has to be when he is the first Warbler to join the performance of “Black or White” with the New Directions, leading all but one of them onto the stage. Also it is thanks to Trent that the New Directions got their shot at regionals, and ultimately nationals, compromising the Warblers’ win for the greater good. Curt Mega portrays Nick, the committed, kind-hearted and incredibly talented Warbler. Thanks to a certain Blaine Anderson, Nick did not get a solo until Season Three, singing ‘Uptown Girl’ as Blaine comes to visit Dalton. Nick’s loyalty shines through in the Season Three episode ‘Michael’, as he is one of the only Warblers to look back as they leave, offering the pained Blaine the look of sympathy. Mega is also known by many for his involvement in various conventions, never letting an opportunity pass to meet some fans, and is coming to the UK in July in order to attend G4, along with various other Glee cast members. Also, if you have not had the chance to enjoy ‘Buffering’ on YouTube, it is certainly worth the watch.
Crazy-About-TVshows/Tumblr Crazy-About-TVshows/Tumblr
The next Warbler is Jeff, played by Riker Lynch, and is clearly a devoted member seeing as it is told Jeff has auditioned for a solo six times. He is also a Klaine supporter from the start, being one of the first to vote Kurt into the duet with Blaine, visibly touched by his performance of ‘Blackbird’. Lynch himself is the oldest member of the family band R5, and was one of the Warblers selected for the Glee Live Tour in 2011. Also, along with Mega, Lynch paid tribute to Cory Monteith by singing ‘The Scientist’ for Glee fans in 2013.
They-R-5ive/Tumblr They-R-5ive/Tumblr
The final Warbler we would like to honour is David, portrayed by Titus Makin Jr. David is one of the Warblers who supported Kurt when he was ‘spying’ on their practice. He also offers a great, sarcastic comment during a Warbler debate, saying, “Why don’t we just play it on kazoos?”
Gustachio/Tumblr Gustachio/Tumblr
Like Lynch and Mega, Makin was able to tour with the rest of the Glee cast on their Live Tour as a Warbler. So they are our four favourite Warblers, but we do love them all! Glee’s 100th Episode airs TONIGHT on Fox! [embed][/embed]

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