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PopWrapped's Pop 5: Things We'd Like To See In Glee Season 5!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/07/2013 1:45 am
PopWrapped's Pop 5: Things We'd Like To See In Glee Season 5!


Bec Heim

Managing Editor

Hello my Gleeks! 

While I have been missing our weekly recaps/rant sessions, I have also been looking forward to the future. Glee has been renewed for two more seasons. I have some ideas of what I would love to see happen in, at least, season five.

If you read my recaps on the regular, then you probably have an inkling as to what a few of these are.

Consistency does not count. At this point, we have to get what we can in that retrospect.

With the series regular cast list finalized and filming about to be underway, I feel like I should share those ideas. So for this Pop Five, we’ll be tackling the five things that would be AMAZING to see in season five.



5) Rachel NOT Getting Fanny Brice

I feel like I keep. on. repeating. this. Rachel should not get Fanny. She is too young. She has had waaaay too much good stuff happen to her in New York. Seriously the girl has won the Winter Showcase as a freshman, dated Brody McAbs, got an audition her first couple months in with a big name director (“Glease” it was mentioned in) AND got callbacks from an OPEN AUDITION for Fanny.

Oh! And she won the respect of Cassie July! Seriously

She needs to experience failure here. Even Barbara Streisand had to pay her dues as a chorus girl first. No! Seriously let her pay her dues and then let her have her big break. It would feel more…meaningful. It would feel more realistic. I know this is Glee and realism happens rarely but…C’MON. There are some fantastical elements and then there is a nineteen year old being cast in the lead of a BROADWAY SHOW! That is just a LITTLE too hard to swallow. Even child Broadway actors have SOME background that is just a little greater. 

I’m not saying don’t let her be cast in Funny Girl. Maybe have her be one of the chorus or Ziegfeld Girls. It would be more realistic given her age and the fact that she is not entirely trained. Her resume at the moment is just three shows at McKinley (two of those shows were not even SHOWN to the public) and show choir. 


4) No Klaine Wedding

I know the hardcore Klainers like the idea of Kurt and Blaine getting married and Blaine proposing. It’s just not a good idea.

I agree with Matthew Morrison. Kurt and Blaine are both still immature and young. Also Kurt is still dating Adam to my knowledge. Plus no less than an episode before this was brought up (“Lights Out”), Blaine was checking out another guy. Then in “Wonder-ful”, he is all about marrying Kurt? It actually seems a disservice to the character. So yeah no marriage for Klaine. At least not right now. Not until they both do some growing up first and mature. If it happens then it happens. It just shouldn’t happen right now.

Plus seriously guys? We did the whole teen marriage thing and why it is not a good idea with Finchel in season three.


3) Santana Getting A Girlfriend

Sorry to say but Brittana is pretty dead. Yes I know it sucks. We all mourn our high school love. But the thing about this is it’s a good thing. You grown and you change as people. Not a ton of people stay with their high school sweethearts. 

So I would love to see Santana get a new girlfriend and fall in love or something in season five. Maybe for fun contradictions have it be an awkward nerdy Michelle Chamuel (The Voice contestant we all love) esque girl.

Or better yet just Michelle Chamuel.






You know it would be amazing. You don’t even…can we start a petition? I want to start a petition?

We’ll start a campaign by sending thick framed glasses to FOX until Michelle Chamuel is casted as Santana’s girlfriend. It will be brilliant.


2) More Rynique

Yeah Unique did a shitty thing with the whole Catfish-ing Ryder and not telling him. I mean I get it. Unique is a male to female transgender girl. Ryder is a teenage jock from Ohio who didn’t “get” what that meant until recently.

I actually I’ve been kind of shipping Rynique since I saw them together on “This Is The New Year” performance. I don’t even know why I just thought they were cute together. So yes, I would like to see something with these two explored in some capacity.

Why? I know that there are feelings there. I would love to see Ryder try to deny it and struggle with what it means. Then we have Unique trying to win back his trust. They both care about each other. I would just love seeing it explored more. I think it would be an very good plot point if done right.

1) Just…Closure. So. Much. Closure.


Season four brought up a lot of stuff. Since season four and season five can be seen as like one long SUPER SEASON, I suppose you can that fans haven’t gotten a lot of closure in regard to the show.

Well okay, some plot points haven’t really been given much closure. Yes, Karofsky counts, and what ever happened to Rory?

 I just want story lines that have been started to be finished. At the very least, I would like to see resolution here. I have a list of things that I need closure on from just season four. 

-Where is Adam?

-Where has Finn been?

-We are going to talk about Sam and Artie’s reaction about Ryder’s sexual abuse bombshell right?

-Actually TALKING about the previous statement.

-In this thought process, Kitty’s own revelation is coming up again right?

-What happened to Becky?

-So is Santana going to be a dancer now?

-What happened to Karofsky after the hospital?

-Seniors…what’s going to happen to them?

-Will Jessica Sanchez actually act? (If she comes back but it is bothering me.)

-So no more Warblers?

-How are the New York people going to get to LA since they apparently have limited means and yet make the trip to Lima? (Okay I admit this one is a nitpick but we all know that it’s going to happen.)

-Sue getting her job back. How is that going to happen?

-See points four, five and two on the list.

Closure is really important to me. Season four didn’t really close with closure. It just left a lot of open questions. I want closure in season five at least for the plot points brought up in season four.

I think I’m not asking much here.

Still though, I am hopeful that Glee season five will deliver (hopefully) on at least some of my list (maybe). I have faith.

These are the five things I want to see in Glee season five.

Remember thick framed glasses to Fox, I REALLY have a burning desire to see Michelle Chamuel on the show now.


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