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PopWrapped's Pop 5: Top 5 Deaths On The Walking Dead

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/03/2013 12:01 am
PopWrapped | Movies
PopWrapped's Pop 5: Top 5 Deaths On The Walking Dead

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

This post may contain spoilers. Ah, The Walking Dead. It's one of those shows you absolutely hate to watch but you love watching it. Why hate? Well, let's put it this way: if you keep watching, you get attached to the characters, and then the characters die because that's what happens in a zombie drama. They die. It's enough to drive you mad. We've lost a lot of good characters in the past three seasons and now we're on the fourth and things are about to get crazy. I won't post any current season deaths because I know some are behind. And as I have mentioned there are spoilers for those of you who are really behind. I'm about to count down the top five deaths on The Walking Dead. Some are sad, some may have shocked you. Either way, death is upon us. Merle Dixon I thought Merle Dixon would end up dead after the original crew found his hand on the top of a rooftop. After two seasons of never finding a body and never finding a walker that bore his handless stump, I'm sure we all thought Merle was a goner. That was until Andrea and Michonne find the bad boy with another bad boy at the sight of a helicopter crash. The entire third season later Merle ends up going on a bender and trying to assassinate the Governor. The Governor got there first and instead of shooting him in the head, he stabs the Dixon brother in the stomach. A resounding “Noooooooooo.....” was heard around the world. We saw Merle through the eyes of Daryl Dixon and for only the second time in the series, we saw Daryl cry. Dale Horvath There's no denying that Dale served as the moral compass throughout season two. With the arrival of the kid who threatened the group’s security and with the control of gun use in the camp, he grounded the survivors. And, of course, who could forget the fact that he tried to steer Andrea into the right direction and away from Shane? He also did save the saucy blonde from suicide the previous season and, for that, he's a hero in my book. The way he died? Not such a heroic way to die, trust me. I won't go into details but Carl should've stayed in the house and should not have taunted a zombie away from the muck pits. Sophia Peletier I hate to say this, but season two really picked up speed after this scene. After spending almost seven whole episodes in the search for Carol's child, it all culminated into this. Hershel, the farmer who believed that the walkers were simply sick (but still humans), was keeping the undead in a barn on his property. He would round them up from the forests and streams around the farm and herd them into his rickety old barn. When Shane went bats*** crazy and opened the doors to the barn no one, and I repeat no one, was prepared for the little twelve-year-old to come stumbling out of there with a large, gaping, wound in her neck and lifelessness to her eyes. It was, by far, one of the saddest things to hit the group since their introduction. Andrea and Milton Mamet If you were like me, you spent a grand majority of season three yelling at the TV and Andrea, as she navigated the waters of Woodbury. I say navigated, but she pretty much just jumped right into the tight and secure little community and she trusted that slithering little snake of a Governor enough to choose him over Michonne. Michonne, the one who rescued her after the herd destroyed Hershel's farm. I mean, what was she even drinking, dude? Obviously, she drank a little too much of the Governor's whiskey reserve because by the fifth episode she was bedding the evil (albeit devilishly sexy) Woodbury leader. Unfortunately, this is a zombie show and nothing remains that simple. Milton (the Governor's right hand man before the Turn) discovers a torture chamber for Michonne and, despite a “deal” on the table with the prison group, both of their lives are turned upside down. Milton destroys zombies supposedly to be used for the bitter pits and Andrea runs only to be hunted and captured by the Governor. One is tied up. One is stabbed in the stomach and the rest is history. Lori Grimes There are not enough words to describe Lori Grimes. She wasn't a perfect mother. She slept with Shane who was Rick's best friend after thinking Rick dead. She got pregnant, tried to hide it, tried to abort it and all the while she kept leading Shane on and loving Rick. Confusing? Horrible? Yes to both, but Lori was one of my favorite characters, and just when I was rooting for her and the safe delivery of her little baby, a disgruntled prisoner and a herd of walkers derails everything. After having Carl by C-Section, she tried to have Judith naturally but complications arose when she was separated from Carol and Hershel. Due to this, Maggie had to deliver the baby. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever, on The Walking Dead, she proved that she was just a human being trying to survive. She clearly loved her babies and Rick more than she loved herself, and this affection was displayed by sacrificing herself for the sake of Judith. It was heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time, and the show has yet to top the writing of that death scene, in my humble opinion. And there you have it, Deadheads. The top five deaths of The Walking Dead. I'm sure by the end of this season we'll have some more memorable moments and deaths. Let's hope that a few of the original group will be spared the Governor's wrath as well as the super virus spreading throughout the prison.


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