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Television / Music / Fandom PopWrapped | Television

PopWrapped's Top 10 Glee Mashups Of All Time

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/12/2014 9:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
PopWrapped's Top 10 Glee Mashups Of All Time
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Kate McHale

Staff Writer


Glee has been famous for conquering many different songs, genres, and artists. However, Glee has also perfected the art of taking two songs, and mashing them together. Hence it is only appropriate in celebration of Glee’s 100th episode rapidly approaching to countdown some of the best mashups. When you sit down and think about it this is a daunting task! There have been over 40 mashups on Glee, so I am most definitely going to cheat and do a top 10. So please sit back relax and enjoy the top 10 Glee mashups!

Number 10 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] We kick the countdown off by rewinding a bit to Season 4 to throw in a little boy band action. In Season 4, Finn and Mr. Shue had a duel, boy band style. In their mashup, “Bye Bye Bye/ I Want it That Way” the two sang and danced their issues out much to the pleasure of anyone missing the 90’s boy band music. Down to the choreography this performance will be forever memorable, landing it the number 10 spot on our top mashups list.

Number 9 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] Coming in at number 9 on our list is a mashup from all the way back in Season 1. Mr. Shue has always been fond of pitting the boys against the girls in a competition of mashups. “Confessions/ It’s My Life,” is a byproduct of one of these boys versus girls assignments. The performance was high energy, due to extreme amounts of vitamin c, and a pure joy to watch. This mashup takes two completely opposite songs and blends them together into perfection.

Number 8 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] In Season 2, Mr. Shue got sick, causing a substitute to infiltrate his glee club. This lead to a week filled with the one and only Holly Holliday. While Mr. Shue eventually came back to the glee club, it wasn’t before the New Directions plus Ms. Holliday and Mr. Shue performed the number 8 mashup, “Umbrella/Singing in the Rain.” “Singing in the Rain” is such an old school and classic song, that the initial thought of putting these two songs together caused confusion. However, this mashup brings the new school spin to the classic to create an awesome song - not to mention the mesmerizing performance in the auditorium. No one would have guessed a Rhianna song could work so well mashed up with a Gene Kelly song. This solidifies a definite spot on our countdown of top Glee mashups of all time.

Number 7 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] The number 7 spot on our list goes to a song that literally makes you feel at home. Corny I know. Reverse a season, back to Season 4, when all of our favorite glee club graduates returned to the Lima to give an extremely memorable performance of “Home/Homeward Bound.” When Santana, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Quinn, and Finn all met in the auditorium, all kinds of nostalgia came rushing back! Instantly warming Gleeks hearts to the core and bringing a happy tear to their eye. The mashup is blended so nicely, that people forget they are two different songs! The result is so comforting and heartwarming that there was no way it could be left off of the list! This mashup slides into our number 7 spot on top Glee mashups.

Number 6 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] Glee has always had really good Valentine’s Day episodes; Season 3’s Valentine’s Day episode was no exception. It featured an engagement announcement, the arrival of Joe, and some Brittana romance which happens to involve a kiss or two. The God Squad, featuring Mercedes, Quinn, Sam, and new guy Joe were selling singing Valentines, and Santana wanted to send one to Brittany. Problem was, someone had filed a complaint about their so called PDA and rumor has it, it was from a person with Christian beliefs. So Santana did what she does best, she paid The God Squad to give Brittany a singing Valentine. Problem was, the group didn’t know Joe’s feelings or thoughts towards gay people. This lead to some serious consideration from The God Squad if they should honor Santana’s request. Thankfully they did, because that lead to our number 6 best mashup “Cherish/Cherish.” It was such a heartfelt and sweet song dedicated to the lovely couple. Between Quinn’s smooth voice and Mercedes’s powerful voice the song skyrocketed to the top of our favorites. Not to mention the performance featured a kiss from Brittana. This makes “Cherish/ Cherish” the last song before our top 5.

Number 5 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] Moving right along on our list and into the top 5,  we are electrified to name “Thriller/Off With Your Head” as our number 5 best mashup. All the way back in Season 2, the glee club and football club came together to perform a halftime show that would give Bruno Mars a run for his money. This was one of the first times that a Michael Jackson song had been featured on the show. With the zombie makeup and fog filled field, this was no disappointment. The number 5 spot on our list gives us a new interpretation of Michael Jackson that makes us appreciate his genius even more. Number 4 Top Glee Mashup [embed][/embed] We cannot have a countdown of greatest Glee mashups without heading back to Season 3 and the New Directions Regionals performance. While most remember that episode for the almost Finch's wedding and Quinn’s car accident, there is a memorable mashup that completely blew Gleeks away. “Fly/ I Believe I Can Fly,” was so great for many different reasons! Mr. Shue decided to showcase everyone’s fantastic voice in this performance, and what a great choice! This song features Blaine and Santana rapping, Arties soulful voice, and an overall mesmerizing performance by all. The amount of swagger and soul that was achieved in this mashup is shocking, and gladly accepted. This one soars into the number 4 spot on our list and to the top of our most played songs.

Number 3 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] This is where the list gets harder and harder to narrow down. With careful consideration, the mashup securing the number 3 spot on our countdown is all the way back in Season 2. It just so happens it was during one of Mr. Shue’s famous boy’s versus girls mashup challenges. “Start Me Up/ Living on a Prayer,” rightfully earns the 3 spot on our countdown for many fabulous reasons. Mr. Shue implored the girls to sing songs originally made famous by guys, but what Mr. Shue probably didn’t expect was for the girls to completely blow everyone’s socks off! Even though there have been plenty of mashups performed after this one, the performance by the ladies is still talked about to this day. The girls without a doubt did these rock songs justice, and brought a definite sex appeal to the performance that neither The Rolling Stones nor Bon Jovi could give. #SorryNotSorry. Glee put its own spin on the songs that undoubtedly grabs the number 3 spot on our list. The girls were flawless!

Number 2 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] With the final two spots each mashup was incredible for so many reasons, making my job ridiculously hard. Each song easily could have taken the number one spot. However, there must be a mashup in the number 2 slot so, here it goes! The New Directions has always been a group of acceptance, which made it only appropriate that they have a whole episode devoted to being comfortable with who you are. In a dance rehearsal, Finn’s hand came into contact with Rachel’s nose ending with her nose being broken. This led her to have serious thoughts of getting a nose job to fix it. She went as far as to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon, and even brought Quinn along as an example of how she wanted her nose too look. Subsequently this lead to a remarkable duet between the two girls that is wonderful. “I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty” lead everyone in the glee club to face their insecurities. This mashup brought together two great voices together in such a perfect way. Not to mention, the combination of the two songs was absolutely wonderful, earning its spot in the top two on our countdown!

Number 1 Top Glee Mashup

[embed][/embed] Curious yet about what the top mashup on Glee has been? Well, the time has finally come! We end this list with a particular song that might just reach out and slap you. If you haven’t already guessed I’m taking it back to Season 3 with the mashup “Rumor Has It/ Someone Like You.” In the episode “Mashoff,” the New Directions and Trebeltones squared off in competition by singing some incredible mashups. The competition was there to help get the two glee clubs ready for sectionals. While the New Directions mashup of “I Can’t Go For That/ You Make My Dreams Come True” was definitely noteworthy, the competition belonged to the girls. Mercedes and Santana brought the house down with the two Adele songs. Between Mercedes’s powerful voice, Santana’s emotion filled performance, and Brittany’s dance moves there truly was no competition between the two songs. However, the performance is also known for a little slap delivered by Santana right across Finn’s unsuspecting face. Basically, the mashup ended with its own exclamation point. This Adele mashup was sheer perfection in so many ways. Whew! You made it through the countdown! What do you think? Agree with the all-time greatest Glee mashups? Completely hate the order? Let us know what mashups you think deserved to make it on the list. I’m genuinely curious to see which mashups you would have chosen. Trust me; it’s harder than it sounds. Although artists have been mashing songs together for quite some time now, the cast and crew of Glee have created quite possible some of the best mashups out there. The mashups have the ability to bring different genres, artists, and generations together with the appreciation of a new version of a song people have fallen in love with. Make sure you tune in to Glee Tuesday at 8pm EST. the much anticipated 100th episode celebration and extravaganza begins next week! Trust me, this is an episode you are not going to want to miss!

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