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PopWrapped's Top 10 Possible Deaths For This Season Of Once Upon A Time

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/12/2014 6:27 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
PopWrapped's Top 10 Possible Deaths For This Season Of Once Upon A Time
Media Courtesy of Huffington Post
Jacob Elyachar and Kay Ziegler, Staff Writer               Staff Writer @JacobElyachar      @Kay_Drew The Grim Reaper loves visiting Storybrooke so much, he is returning at the end of this season to permanently take a player off the stage. Before the Wicked Witch of the West (Rebecca Mader) casts her spell, PopWrapped took a look at potential suspects that might be dust at the end of the season.
Courtesy of Zap2It Courtesy of Zap2It
Grumpy/Leroy While the Dwarf leader may not have been an integral part of this season of Once Upon A Time, Lee Arenberg made his presence known in every episode that he was in.  Plus, he is always willing to assist the Charmings in life-and-death situations. He makes a good candidate for the Grim Reaper’s victim because Snow would lose an Alfred-like figure…which spell trouble for the Dwarves.
Courtesy of Wikia Courtesy of Wikia
Regina Mirror, mirror on the wall! Will Regina be the one that falls? The Evil Queen has grown leaps and bounds throughout the series. However, she will be facing a new and (potentially) lethal rival in the Wicked Witch of the West.  Her death could be the catalyst of Henry going bad…but at the same time, The Powers That Be (TPTB) would definitely face the wraith of two of their most passionate fan bases, the Evil Regals and the Swan Queens, if Regina meets her maker at the end of the season.
Courtesy of Huff Post Courtesy of Huff Post
Snow & Charming TPTB could not possibly tempt killing off Emma’s parents before she reunites with them. Not having a compass tp guide them could possibly shake Emma, Henry, the Dwarves, and even Regina to the core.  However, since Ginnifer and Josh do have a baby on the way, fans would hope that TPTB have plans to either incorporate the pregnancy into the show or have them take an extended hiatus…so they can return near the end of Season Four.
Courtesy of Courtesy of
Dr. Viktor Frankenstein/Dr. Whale Storybrooke’s resident monster maker could be a strong candidate for the Grim Reaper’s victim!  Whale’s portrayer, David Anders, has been seen on multiple shows such as Arrow, the Vampire Diaries and Necessary Roughness.  In addition, he has only shown up in three episodes this season.  Could the wily doctor be sent to the great laboratory in the sky?
Courtesy of Hypable Courtesy of Hypable
Mulan Sometimes heroes make sacrifices to save the ones they love! Mulan might be the one that bites the dust at the end of the season to save both Phillip and Aurora from grave danger. Like Anders’ situation, Jamie Chung is filming a new NBC series Believe and four of her films (according to IMDB) are in post-production! So there might a chance that Mulan will meet her maker later on during the season.
Courtesy of Wikia Courtesy of Wikia
Baelfire/Neal Cassidy Neal has played an integral role to the show. He’s the son of the Dark One. He’s the father of the Truest Believer. He’s been a Lost Boy and thus helped everyone get off Neverland. While he has fervent supporters (both of his character and his pairing with Emma), there are people who do not like him. But, is that a reason to kill him off? Emma, who has conflicted feelings about her ex, would be crushed, as would Henry. If Rumplestiltskin is alive, that papa would be irate. Even dear Belle would be heartbroken. If indeed, he’s to meet his maker, it would happen while saving his family.
Courtesy of Seriable Courtesy of Seriable
Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper This cricket turned therapist acts as the conscious of the group. He often advised Snow and Charming in Fairytale Land. He became a therapist when transported to Storybrooke. So, if Archie was killed off, who would people turn to for advice? Who could help sieve through heated emotions so that good wins?
Courtesy of Courtesy of
Hook Yes, he’s a very popular character. And, yes he’s also half of a popular pairing in the OUAT universe.  However, throughout season 2 and the first half of season 3 we have learned a lot about this character. We know about his family, his job before being a pirate, who he loved, and his connections to everyone else. Sometimes, it feels like storylines for this character has been exhausted and he’s only being kept around for the love triangle. Hook has been redeemed, as well as a pirate can be. To solidify himself as a hero of OUAT, it would be refreshing to see him die saving Neal or Emma (or both). That, of course, could open up a possibility for an OUAT: Neverland spin-off.
Courtesy of Wikia Courtesy of Wikia
The Jolly Roger You read that correctly – the Jolly Roger.  I know it’s a thing and not a person, but it has played an integral part to the show. It got Hook to Storybrooke. It got everyone to Neverland (and away from Neverland).  By destroying the beloved pirate ship, our beloved characters would have one less trick up their sleeves to defeat/escape evil. In fact, Vancity Filming has even shared images of the Jolly Roger being dismantled. It would definitely be a shocking twist!
Courtesy of Courtesy of
Henry It’s a tragic day when a character is killed off. It’s especially brutal when a child is axed from a show. It is definitely a game changer. If Henry is the one to head to the Pearly Gates, think of the chaos it would cause. Regina, Emma, Neal, the Charmings, and Rumplestiltskin (if he survived killing Peter Pan) would all be on a war path to avenge his death. Think of the storytelling that could happen. Also, Jared Gilmore is growing up quickly (literally). His voice is dropping as he’s going through growth spurts, which is making flashbacks tricky. The kid will be turning 14 this May and this is usually the time children actors want to shy away from Hollywood so they can go to school, join clubs – be a ‘normal’ kid. Who do you think will meet their end? Let us know in the comments!

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