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Television PopWrapped | Television

Power Struggles On This Week's "Grey's Anatomy"

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

11/22/2014 3:25 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Power Struggles On This Week's
Media Courtesy of ABC
Hello Grey's Anatomy fans!  Winter finale time!  This will be the last episode to air until the end of January. In typical Shonda fashion, we will have to wait until then for answers, but in the meantime, here's what happened this week: Maggie and Derek Things start off extremely chaotic. Maggie and Derek are arguing about the best course of treatment for a seriously ill patient. Turns out the patient had a root canal and it got infected. Now the infection has spread throughout her body. (Oh god...I got a root canal two weeks ago...I hope I don't get this) The patient not only needs cardiac care, but also possibly neuro care. Maggie and Derek are fighting over who gets first dibs, the heart surgery or brain surgery. Mer is also involved, siding with Maggie. Later, Mer has lunch with Alex, then joined by Maggie, and they discuss the situation. Mer and Maggie head to look at the scans and things look worse than they thought. They make the choice to do the heart surgery first, without telling Derek. He brings Richard in, however and challenges the decision. After an argument, Mer states that Maggie is the only department head among them and she pulls rank. Maggie chooses the heart surgery and the patient makes it through with no complications. However, this sets up the Mer/Der storyline below.... April, Jackson and Edwards Edwards is giving April an ultrasound. She lets slip that it's a boy even though April told her she doesn't want to know the gender. Jackson comes in April mentions that the baby was in the same position, "sitting like a little Buddha" in the last ultrasound which causes Edwards to take a closer look. Edwards later meets with Jo and says she believes something is wrong with the baby. She then takes the ultrasound to Arizona who sees a problem and suggests they talk to Dr. Herman. When they talk to Dr. Herman she tells them that their suspicions are likely correct. The baby has a genetic defect and if he survives the birth, he will likely not live more than a couple of days or weeks. Dr. H tells her that she can't do anything but be there for her friend. Edwards later goes to Dr. Herman to make sure that there is nothing they can do, but Dr. H tells her it's hopeless, which is a shame since the baby is so cute, "sitting like a little Buddha." When she says that, Jackson is coming out of the elevator and overhears. He asks Edwards what's going on, but she doesn't answer. Owen, Callie and Amelia Owen and Callie are working with some vets on their amputee project. They are very close to getting one of them walking with the robotic leg. They soon give it a try and Jordan, one of the soldiers, is able to walk, but due to some friendly competition, he pushes too hard and ends up falling, knocking himself out and hitting his head with a LOT of blood flow. Amelia is called down and says it could just be a concussion, but it could also be a brain bleed so she wants to take him to the OR. When Callie asks if she should meet them in the OR, Owen, who is visibly upset, tells her to stay. It seems he blames her for provoking the men to compete. Amelia does some tests and determines that Jordan will need brain surgery. We later learn that Jordan is in a coma and not showing any good signs of improving. Owen confronts Callie about pushing him too hard, but she said they were pushing each other. Callie later talks to the other soldier, Rick, about Jordan's situation and tells him it could be days, weeks or months until Jordan wakes up, if he does. Callie is visibly upset after this discussion and Arizona finds her sitting with her head down. Arizona asks if they could just pretend that everything between them is OK and she sits down with Callie. They both seem to feel the same feeling of everything going wrong and Arizona eventually asks Callie if she misses her. Callie says "of course" and Arizona says "...just not enough." Amelia later informs Owen and Callie that Jordan is awake, but not responsive. She doesn't know if he will regain any function. Callie asks Owen to meet her outside in the hallway and after some pretty heavy flirting with Amelia, he does. Callie tells him she thinks he wants to take a step back from the amputee program, but he wants her to stay. Eventually, Owen and Callie get Rick on the robotic leg and he walks, just as his friend did earlier. Arizona and Dr. Herman Arizona and Dr. Herman are talking about a surgery and Dr. H is joking around saying that "life is short" and she can "eat whatever I want."Arizona isn't interested in joking, however, and things get a little heated because she feels that Dr. H hasn't given her enough information about her brain tumor and her life. Dr. H finally relents and says she is divorced, no kids and married to her work. When Arizona presses the issue,  Dr. H accuses her of invading her privacy and asks her to stop. Later, Arizona pretends she is a fellow under Dr. Amelia Shepherd and has all of Dr. H's medical files sent to her. When the files arrive, Arizona has no choice but to fill Amelia in on what's going on and Amelia looks at Dr. H's scans. She certainly has a huge tumor in her brain which Amelia confirms. Arizona goes to talk to Dr. H and finds she and Graham having sex. Eventually, Dr. H confronts and says she is just worried about Dr. H. Dr. H says she just wants to have fun while she can before she gets too sick. Amelia ends up paging Arizona to meet her. She discovered something about Dr. Herman's scans...she thinks she can remove the tumor. Derek A woman comes to see Derek at the hospital. She reveals that she was sent by the President to talk to him. Of course, she is here to try to convince him to go to Washington. Once again, he declines. Later, her and Mer get in another argument as they are preparing to leave for the day. Mer accuses Derek of not trusting her and Derek admits that he resents her because he doesn't feel like she has had his back. He tells her that once again, he was offered the job in DC and he could go now. She tells him to take it and he calls the woman, telling him he accepts the position. Wow.  So a couple of cliffhangers that we will have to wait for...will Amelia be able to save Dr. H's life? Are Mer and Der kaput? What will happen with April and Jackson's baby? It's going to be a long couple of weeks, but I will meet you back here on January 29!

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