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Prepare For A Rainy Week In Paradise With Elessar Thiessen

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

10/22/2015 4:22 am
PopWrapped | Music
Prepare For A Rainy Week In Paradise With Elessar Thiessen | Elessar Thiessen
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Budding singer/songwriter Elessar Thiessen contributes his impressive musical skills to his upbringing in the harsh winters of Canada. The musician picked up his first guitar during a blustery winter when he was eight years old, and he has been thoroughly enraptured by the process of creating intricate and honest melodies and harmonies ever since.

Under the tutelage of the award winning composer Zane Zalis, Thiessen expanded the depth of his musical abilities, and his signature organic style of musical storytelling has evolved into what it is today. Earlier this year, Elessar Thiessen released his latest project, A Rainy Week In Paradise, and it is yet another impressive collection of music from the artist. Throughout the release, Thiessen's many talents and optimistic outlook shine against the darkest of clouds.

A Rainy Week In Paradise quite literally starts off with the peaceful sound of falling rain and acoustic guitar, both of which provide an intimate background for "Another Love Song." On the track, Thiessen vows not to write another love song until he finds someone worthy of the tune. His vocals are a little worldweary and careworn as he sings of the over-saturated market for unworthy love songs, but an overwhelming sense of hope for a future lover exudes underneath the song's lyrics.

The search for a pure and free woman continues with a seamless transition into "I Need a Woman," on which the Canadian crooner explains exactly the type of woman he is looking for. The atmospheric sound of falling rain is replaced in favor of more live instrumentation, creating an equally warm but more involved sound for the track.

Just three tracks in, and Elessar Thiessen has already found a lover worth singing about on "Lover Dear." Thiessen sweetly croons promises and words of encouragement to a broken down loved one over the soulful piano-led ballad. His gentle voice quivers with an overwhelming sense of love and pure emotion. Somehow the track reminds us of a more mature version of One Direction's "You Don't Know You're Beautiful," but this take has us even more in love with the honest emotional climate.

Bright production camouflages a darker state of mind on "I Don't Wanna Go." Thiessen sings about letting go of control over uplifting guitar riffs and instrumental runs. The addition of a catchy chorus turns the song into an instant earworm, and a fun listen!

Things take a turn for the moody on "You Girl," a collaborative track with fellow performer Alexa Dirks. On the soulful track, Thiessen plays the role of a man consumed by his feelings for an elusive lover, and he growls his lyrics across a soundscape of blues guitar. It just so turns out that Alexa Dirks is equally consumed by her lover, and the duo celebrate by making some gorgeous harmonies together.

Thiessen gets pensive as he contemplates the end of the world on the striding "When The World Ends." The darker concept behind the song is emphasized by the use of heavy guitar lines and a frenzied production. An extended bridge takes a sudden and harsh turn as it dissolves into a rocking instrumental break, and it is easy to imagine the world crumbling to ashes alongside the thought-provoking track.

Some electronic production adds the slightest hint of fuzz over the intro to "Without Him," one of the more experimental tracks on A Rainy Week In Paradise. The barren introduction (anyone else getting slight Kanye West inspirations here?) into a cacophony of sound as Thiessen sings about a fall from grace and a sense of misdirection after losing someone.

After a descent into the depths of darkness the mood lightens as we move into the bright guitar lines on "Truth." An extended guitar introduction gives way as Elessar Thiessen's vocals come in. On the track, the musician sings about search for truth and the temptation to take the path of least resistance. The uplifting production gives a positive spin on the track.

The album's title track paints a gorgeous image of a heavenly paradise over a lush instrumental track. On the track, Thiessen sings of a great rain coming in to wash away the darkness that can sometimes cling to the world. With an uplifting message, the song is bound to bring a smile to your face and leave you with faith in a better tomorrow!

Thiessen gets a little personal on the touching tribute "Sister." A stripped back production and emotional vocal performance tells the story of Thiessen's relationship with his sister. An overwhelming sense of love and pride gushes from the track, as Thiessen congratulates his sister for finding her place in the world and wishes for more time with her. This is undoubtedly one of the most honest moments on a thoroughly honest record, and it's bound to leave listeners with all the feels.

The sound of falling rain and acoustic guitar is back as Elessar Thiessen closes out his album with "The Perfect Bloom." Things have come full circle since the beginning of the record, and now Thiessen signs off with a positive message for a loved one. There is a sense of mutual betterment on the track, and it seems that Thiessen has finally found the perfect woman to write his love songs about... Don't we all love a happy ending?

A Rainy Week In Paradise is a thoroughly enjoyable release from Elessar Thiessen. Although, thematically, the album sinks into the depths of darkness, a sense of hope pervades the entirety of the release. Thiessen has managed to inject the album with a brand of energizing faith and uplifting messages, and things end on the brightest and most personal of notes!

If you like what you hear be sure to follow Elessar Thiessen on social media to keep up with future releases.  He can be found at his Official website, as well as on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.


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