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Prepare To Be "Scared To Death" In This Week's Midseason Finale Of Ravenswood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/20/2013 9:51 am
PopWrapped | Television
Prepare To Be
Media Courtesy of ABC Family

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

It’s the final episode of Ravenswood for the year and it did not fail to freak me out. Let’s just say the “creepy town” reached another level of creepiness and another person is found dead. The first scene of the episode shows Miranda waking up with her mother and father looking very alive and well. Miranda may be dead, but she appears to be home and she is finally getting her chance to spend time with her mother and father. But let’s be real for a second, this could either go two ways: this is Miranda’s heaven or some darker evil is playing mind games – I’m guessing it’s the latter. A little adorable girl named Max comes out of nowhere, somewhat barging in on the sweet moment. We learn that Miranda’s parents found her in the year and she doesn’t say a word. My red flag goes up when the little girl decides to some sort of exorcist thing with her head as Miranda’s back is turned to her. She’s not so adorable anymore and Caleb wakes up. Caleb calls the rest of his living acquaintances to go over his so-called dream and what he found in Henry’s box. The mysterious box holds some photos and other paperwork, along with some kind of love letter written by 1918 Caleb to 1918 Miranda. This is where we get our first flashback of the old souls. The 1918 versions of Caleb and Miranda were in love and I’m digging seeing those two in some early 1900s attire. Now back to the present, duty calls for Caleb. Creepy Collins calls his new employee to work and shows him the latest person to lose their life in Ravenswood. Looks like Henry Rivers knew something was coming, but he was still scared to death from the expression on his face. Caleb, clearly freaked, tells Remy of the latest death, but something or someone doesn’t want them to delve into the mystery. His window flies open and a creepy dead man appears behind his back. Mrs. Grunwald brings Caleb lunch, just in time. She sees the picture and claims to have never seen that place. She knows he’s looking for Miranda and suggests that she may still know the address of their old home. But later on, we find that she just sends him on a wild goose chase. Dylan, Olivia’s boyfriend, goes to visit Olivia. Dylan claims to miss her and gets all defensive when it comes to Caleb. They kiss and make up and Dylan offers to help Olivia with the box. The look on his face tells me he has ulterior motives, but I’m going to give him the benefit of doubt for now. Hanna (Ashley Benson) finally makes her appearance in Ravenswood! She’s not physically there, but Caleb can’t avoid a phone conversation any longer. It’s only been a week in their timeline, but for us viewers it’s been ages! There’s a hint of jealousy coming from Hanna and considering the little love affair 1918 Caleb and Miranda had, I’d be worried too. But good ol’ Caleb reassures his girlfriend and tells her he’s coming home after Hanna says she’s coming to Ravenswood for the weekend. Then there’s a little bit about #TeddyBears and “I love you’s” are exchanged, and I’m in love with Haleb all over again. Caleb, Remy, Luke and Olivia are home trying to sleep after their day of revelations, but the evil curse won’t let them. Caleb finds himself dreaming once again and the creepy dead guy from earlier is there watching him. In Caleb’s dream world, he’s with Miranda warning her about the little girl. Max comes in the room with a stink eye, but Miranda chooses Max’s side. As they lie down to sleep, max lies awake and looks under the bed with a smirk. Something tells me there are monsters under the bed – everyone’s childhood nightmare. Remy, on the other hand, did some more sleep walking. She finally awakes with blood on her hands and feet. Turns out her sleepwalking brought her to the basement of Joe’s Vault. Who better to call than her newest group of friends? The pieces from Henry’s box are all coming together. What they believed was a map actually turned out to be a blueprint for the basement of the old Ravenswood Bank, which now happens to be Joe’s Vault. In the blueprint, there were two rooms and they end up finding the second room after demolishing a doorway. While the wall is destroyed, they cut back to Creepy Collins in the cemetery digging up a grave and grabbing some scissors to cut something off. I assume it’s another lock of Miranda’s hair and it seems like a race against time. I’m wondering what Uncle Collins is doing/trying to hide. Back to the basement, the four teens find two decayed bodies. A ring and a letter from Miranda to Caleb were found. Here comes another flashback. The flashbacks make more sense after finding out those so-called letters were actually wedding vows. 1918 Miranda and Caleb married and died on the same day along with 3 other people and so the curse began. The dead bodies belonged to a couple named Tom and Ester. They sacrificed their lives to bring back Caleb and Miranda in hopes to break the curse. It kind of sounds like the universe really wants them together. Can you say Doppelganger curse (TVD reference)? Miranda and Caleb are the chosen ones. The next clue, a photo of original Miranda in front of a house, leads them to a creepy old house. The doors close behind them and the evil spirits have the 5 right where they want them. Two red coats are hanging around, and if you remember the party the PLL girls attended last Halloween, you know exactly what I’m talking about. A clock chimes indicating it’s time for the fun to begin.  Lights flicker and one of the red coats disappear, but not completely. Now Max has her red coat on and she’s possessed or something. I’m done. “Ring around the Rosie” starts echoing through the house and Max appears again. “Wanna play?” No, thanks. Caleb and the others find Miranda. They don’t see what she sees, which confuses her. She has to make a hard decision between believing Caleb and leaving or staying with her family. The vision of her Mother comes out and says they’ll never be able to be together if she follows Caleb. She finally makes a decision when she recalls a memory that never happened, realizing that who she saw was not really her mother. All of them go through the window behind the closet, but Caleb is knocked out of the window, falling to his death. Now, I’m freaking out here because Caleb is with Miranda and he can feel her which implies he’s practically dead. “It feels right being here with you,” Caleb says to Miranda. “It’s not right now, but it will be,” Miranda replies back. And they share this moment that makes me go “awww”. Clearly, 1918 Miranda and Caleb are rubbing off on them. Caleb makes it back in time and the curse still has only taken one life instead of five. Caleb becomes conscious just in time and we can all breathe again. Caleb is alive in the hospital and Creepy Collins does not look happy back at the home front. Now here’s what I wasn’t expecting. Dylan, Olivia’s boyfriend, is working for the dark side. As he sees the little girl and follows her, I’m assuming he’s become part of the curse and is about to die or something. But I assumed wrong. He did his best to get them to that house, but the plan failed. “He’s going to be very unhappy.” But the little girl still seems to be happy playing with the ravens in the cemetery. They avoided death once again, but I think whatever is working against them is going to work even harder.  I’m hoping we’ll learn more about Creepy Collins and his motive in all of this. I need to know who we’re dealing with! See you next year when Ravenswood returns on January 7th following Pretty Little Liars! -          Adele


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