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Pretty Little Liars: 06x11, Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/18/2016 7:10 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Pretty Little Liars: 06x11, Of Late I Think Of Rosewood | Rosewood
Media Courtesy of Freeform

Are you ready to jump 5 years forward? Too late, here we go! Quick reminder, CeCe was Charles (aka 'A') but ‘He’ is here to torment them now…

We open on the high school with audio from the past playing of all the original suspicions of ‘A’. They pan to Alison, who is now a teacher, and she turns to see a Dr. Rollins about a hearing -- a hearing that will take place in four days. Remember, her new name is Rollins. She wants her friends to come back for this hearing.

Aria is a major author. She picks up a book by Ezra -- he published, too! We only got a brief glimpse of Spencer, but it looked like she was in DC. Hanna is on a flight with a little girl. She’s not a mom, though. They had me. Emily is living on a beach paradise. They all receive Ali’s letter about the hearing to get CeCe out.

Spencer is the first one back!  She sees four girls all get a text at the same time and spooks, but it's not bad. They’re at a table across the street. Emily is at the Brew where Spencer, Hanna, and Aria show up.

Hanna is engaged to Jordan (where’s Caleb?) and is a huge name in the fashion world. She might have her wedding in Italy. Emily is doing her thing and exploring the world. Aria is an author, and she’s seeing a man named Liam. Spencer is Spencer, lol.

They begin to discuss ‘A’ getting out into the world. They’re going to listen to Ali, but they haven’t made up their minds yet. Emily goes home to her mom, who is dating (or not) a new guy. The Radley crazy hospital is like an awesome hotel or restaurant where Hanna’s mom works. Hanna’s mom does not want CeCe out.

Aria goes to her dad and brings him a book from Liam. Aria’s dad reveals that Ezra is back in town, too, and living above the Brew where she just was. Ezra’s girl was in a tragedy on his trip. That is sad.

Spencer’s mom is running for State Senate. Veronica calls Spencer a lobbyist, and she is going to be a Senator. That’s insane.

Aria heads back to the Brew to find Ezra. She found him! The Ezria feels! They sit down to talk and discuss what happened to the girl. I see now where the alcoholic rumors might be true.

Spencer goes to Toby!!!!! Toby is like a full-blown builder now. Toby is the first to mention Caleb and says that he saw Spencer in Washington. Spencer explains why she’s here, and Toby is the second to mention that everyone comes back for Ali. Toby asks her out for dinner, and she agrees!

The girls are at the school meeting with Ali about Charlotte (CeCe). Ali needs the girls to tell the judge that they aren’t scared of CeCe anymore and that she’s doing well now. The girls seem apprehensive, which they have every right to be. Mona will also be testifying. Ali says please before walking away. Ali is with Dr. Rollins, who is CeCe’s doctor -- I just put that together.

Veronica Hastings is speaking at a rally where the girls are (minus Ali). Spencer points out that all Ali wants is for them to admit they’re aren’t afraid. They aren’t sure that they are over it, though. Mona shows up, and she reveals that she still has nightmares and is on pills to help.

Toby is with Emily, drinking a beer and talking about their past and current lives. Emily reveals her dad’s death (oh no) is why college didn’t click for her.

The girls are at the hearing, and they are doing as Ali asked. The girls seem to be unanimous about their lack of fear of Charlotte. When it’s Aria’s turn, she gets thrown off because Ezra walks in. Aria can’t do it and reveals that she would not feel safe. She reveals a time in her life since ‘A’ when the dollhouse still affected her. Mona goes after Aria and does the opposite of what they expect. Mona can’t hate Charlotte and thinks she should be free. Mona blames Radley.

Emily and Spencer are at the new Radley waiting on Hanna and Aria. They get the word that Charlotte is getting her freedom. The girls decide that they are going to have cocktails with their phones off. Ali is prepping for Charlotte’s return while the girls are enjoying cocktail hour. Everyone is a little tipsy and super loving. Oh, drinking! Spencer reveals as they are closing their tab that she didn’t think they’d ever let ‘A’ out no matter what they said at the hearing. If Charlotte can get her happily ever after, then so can these girls. Oh, the scene panned out to a camera watching the girls. Looks like ‘A’ has reared his/her ugly head.

The girls wake up in Hanna’s suite, and they are hungover. The hangover is interrupted by Ali calling to say that Charlotte is missing. Dr. Rollins had told Ali to call the police. And now the girls all know, Charlotte is somewhere. Toby is still a policeman, and they find Charlotte’s body because it looks like she committed suicide by jumping out of the clocktower.

Ali is devastated, and Emily is there to try and be there for her. Is it just me, or did that happen fast? Hanna is not with Ali because she is at the hotel, and Caleb shows up! Caleb knows about everything from Spencer. Okay, so Caleb is really close with Spencer. He reveals he’s going to stick around for Charlotte’s funeral. This reunion is awkward, and it is officially interrupted by room service. Everything is wrong! Caleb goes to the lobby where Spencer is waiting for him. Are they -- together?

They are at the funeral, and Black Veil is back -- aka Sara Harvey! The girls were so worried, and now she’s here. What’s going to happen next?


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