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Pretty Little Liars: 06x12, Charlotte's Web

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/21/2016 6:26 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Pretty Little Liars: 06x12, Charlotte's Web | Charlotte's Web
Media Courtesy of Freeform

This week on Pretty Little Liars, we find ourselves caught up with the Liars in "Charlotte's Web". What really happened to dear ol' sis CeCe?

So, Sarah is back in town with hands burned so badly she can't even sign her name, and CeCe was murdered. Her neck was broken before she was thrown out of the clock tower. In this week's episode, everyone's a suspect, and the girls don't trust each other.

Let's begin! When the episode first begins, Ali doesn't think any of her friends could have murdered her sister, even though Policeman Lorenzo thinks they'd have pretty good motive. The girls are at coffee after the funeral, and Aria is leaving town already. She doesn't think she needs to be questioned by the cops because they were all in a hotel room together and, therefore, not able to be called suspects. Well, as Aria walks away, Hanna follows her and reveals that she knows Aria left the hotel room -- and it was for a good amount of time. Aria dismisses Hanna, claiming she was only gone long enough to get her phone charger out of the car.

I'm gonna focus on Aria for a second. First, she was with Ezra when CeCe was murdered, and they even saw her go into the tower. Aria left, so she's most likely innocent, but she doesn't know where Ezra went. The girls think he might have done it. When Aria was back in Boston, we met her boyfriend Liam -- who is certainly no Ezra Fitz and knows nothing about her past. Aria's editor wants Ezra's book, so she has to come back to Rosewood, where the girls think she might have done it. Once she explains, though, the blame shifts over to Ezra.

Spencer kept it mostly light this week, other than the fact that she's probably sleeping with or has slept with Caleb, and she wrote a paper about a murder like exactly what happened to CeCe. In the beginning, she's worried that will make her look guilty, but, after Aria reveals her suspicions about Ezra, we learn that Spencer showed him that paper -- which means he knew exactly how to kill her. I am not on Team Ezra-killed-CeCe, btw.

Emily is in a strange place currently, and we know she is battling some kind of illness. The only person who has any knowledge of that is the girl running Ezra's coffee shop. I imagine it's going to be cancer, but we don't know yet. Also, she visits her father's grave, where she reveals how badly she actually has messed up college, and she's in so deep she's afraid to tell her mom now. She thinks she can fix it, but it doesn't seem likely. Also, while she is at her father's grave, Sarah shows up. Seriously? Why is she even back?

Hanna was pretty quiet other than the fact that her perfect fiancé Jordan showed up, and it's clear that she still loves Caleb. I can't wait to see how she handles Spencer's feelings for her old flame. Also, she deleted security footage that revealed Aria leaving the hotel on the night of the murder with Ezra. Looks like the girls are getting back to their old ways.

Lastly, Ali now believes that one of her friends might have killed her sister. And some mysterious person got in a limo in the last scene. They want us to think it's Sara, but part of me thinks CeCe isn't so dead. This second half hasn't grabbed my full attention yet, but I'm willing to stick around since I've already devoted so much time to the show.


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