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Pretty Little Liars: 06x16, Where Somebody Waits For Me

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/19/2016 5:57 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Pretty Little Liars: 06x16, Where Somebody Waits For Me | Liars
Media Courtesy of AlloyEntertainment

Alright, the Liars had some fun in Rosewood so let's see what they've been up to.

We'll start with Hanna.  Hanna and Mr. Perfect went to a hotel on her escape from Rosewood and things were heated until the next morning when she wakes to frantic texts and Jordan storming in saying it's time to go.  Looks like 'A' is on her man.  Hanna has a skirmish with Jordan and meets up with Caleb, now this is more like it!  They only discussed 'A' though and the new threat he/she poses.  We do get a glimpse at their relationship in the missing flashback years and it turns out Caleb came to a party to see Hanna but she kinda blew him off and he hung out with a cat.  Looks like someone got to absorbed with city life.

On to Emily who had a slightly uneventful night post her recovery.  However, she did go check on her eggs to be sure 'A' didn't do something tricky and of course, hers and many others were all compromised in a 'mishap'.  Emily also gets a visit from Tanner (where has she been?) who blabs about the fact that murders only happen when the Liars are in town.  We need to give Emily more to do.

On to Spencer who kinda had a rough one.  Caleb brought the file to her attention that Yvonne had on her phone and it was documents revealing her mom is sick.  They plan to leak it to reveal she can't do the job.  Spencer of course, doesn't say anything to her mom but does find out that Mona wanted her to have that phone.  Of course she did.  And, y'all Mona is a series regular now but we seem to be seeing her less than ever.

And to finish off, we focus on Aria.  So, Aria and Spencer find a secret tunnel in Sara's room which leads out of the hotel and has a torture device in it.  The tunnel is a great explanation of how someone could get in and out.  Aria's boyfriend comes to check on the pages and catches that Aria is writing Ezra's book.  He's ok with it though.  And Ezra comes back to reveal that he was defensive because he actually saw Aria's parents that night.  So, he couldn't tell them where he was and looked super guilty.  But we're glad Ezra is 'innocent'.

In other important notes, the murder weapon was not a golf club but a stick with a like club on the end (which was missing from Melissa's things).  Ali and Dr. Rollins are in love but they're very sneaky about it which Ali wants to end.  It wouldn't be Ali though if she wasn't sneaking around.

So what did you think? Any theories? Tell us in the comments?


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