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Pretty Little Liars: 06x19, Did You Miss Me?

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/11/2016 12:01 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Pretty Little Liars: 06x19, Did You Miss Me? | Did You Miss Me
Media Courtesy of Freeform

What are the Pretty Little Liars up to on this week's episode, "Did You Miss Me?" Let's break it down!

Emily interrogated Mona after the keychain reveal last week, and Mona admitted to asking Charlotte to meet the night of her murder. But, according to Mona, Charlotte never showed. Emily was skeptical until Mona asked what she would have done. That's a good question. The Liars had every right to know what Charlotte wanted with all that information she'd learned over the years. Later on, Emily and Spencer tail Mona throughout the town until they find her with Sarah Harvey's bodyguard. He grabs a poster, which the girls steal to reveal a map of Radley and a key.

Hanna wants to go after 'A' and gets Caleb's help. The two canoodle on the couch which Spencer witnesses. Hanna pretends she killed Charlotte and tearily confesses to Spencer. She quickly shows that the story will work because, while Spencer may be gullible, it'll be even easier to convince everyone else who doesn't know her as well. However, Emily doesn't like that Hanna is nosing her way between Spencer and Caleb, but what is Spence gonna do? Hanna has had an uneventful last two weeks, but we support Haleb handholding!

Spencer was on missions with the others, so she doesn't get her own little recap. She did have flashbacks to an intimate time with Caleb in Madrid a few years ago -- where is this going? Mona met with Sara Harvey, so that's creepy. Ali and Dr. Rollins were on their honeymoon! That is super sweet. You know, until she mysteriously falls down the stairs at the B&B where they're honeymooning and ends up in the hospital, dreaming of her mother and getting cards with staircases on them.

Aria decided to tell Ezra that 'A' is back, and, of course, he's on Team Let's Figure It Out. They also work on the book together and had trouble with the scene where Ezra and Nicole parted ways. Luckily, Aria was a huge help in reshaping the scene to be so much better.

So, next week will be the spring finale, and we're hoping for a huge episode full of reveals like, does Sara Harvey have hands? Or, Will one of the two 'A's reveal themselves? Or, can we find out who killed Charlotte already because that story line is stale. We want the Liars tracking down 'A' and no distractions. Charlotte was 'A,' so her death is kinda okay. Join us next time!


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