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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Pretty Little Liars: 06x14, New Guys, New Lies

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/05/2016 12:30 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Pretty Little Liars: 06x14, New Guys, New Lies | New Guys
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The gloves were off on last week's episode of Pretty Little Liarsbut this week it's about what the girls are best at: lies and spy work.  As per usual, we will break the night's happenings down by each girl.  The girl's still suspect Ezra this week, and they think Sara Harvey is the new 'A' but we think that's a little too obvious.

We'll begin with Emily because she's been the most chill thus far.  Emily agrees to flirt it up with Sabrina but does she actually like her a little?  We think she does because she almost got real with her.  Emily gets a brush up on the ‘A’ saga, and Caleb is hard at work.  Emily goes with Aria to meet with her dad but he’s not there.  I’m sure that when Page returns we’ll have more Emily storylines right?  Emily tries to sneak Ezra’s spare key back into the coffee shop but Sabrina catches her.  Emily liked her and now Aria screwed that up.  Apparently, Emily saw Sara rocking a red coat at some point.  

As for Spencer, she had a lot of things going on.  Spencer stumbled upon the name Yvonne Phillips, and we are all waiting to discover exactly who this new character is.  She’s linked to Toby somehow.  Spencer also saw ‘A’s new ride. She is at the hotel getting ready when she sees Toby playing with what looks like an engagement ring and Yvonne.  OMG!  Spencer calls Hanna with news of her ‘A’ text and wants to tell Caleb, which ticks Hanna off a little.  Spencer shrugs it off and brings new ‘A’ to Caleb and now it officially feels like Pretty Little Liars.  Spencer runs into Yvonne and Toby, and it's super awkward.  Well, we hate Yvonne.  Spencer is tracking down ‘A’ with Caleb and they do "couple talk."  We’re still not cool with this ship.  Spencer and Caleb’s journey is way too easy like ‘A’ wants them to find a trash can?  A trash can with a phone and a black hoodie.  ‘A’ says that he/she doesn’t hide in shadows but is out in plain sight.  Yvonne and Spencer are getting friendly now.  

Hanna contradicted the name of the show by fessing up to her mom about the security footage, just as Ashley was about to leave to help Spencer with a political thing.  Uh oh, the hotel’s security backs up the footage so Aria’s camera shot is still out there.  Hanna also fessed up to her perfect fiance Jordan.  We thought this show was about liars; but of course, he’s ok with it.  We think he’s a little too perfect.  Hanna got an ‘A’ text.  She doesn’t tell Mr. Perfect about the text.  Hanna tells a lawyer about what she did.  But she’s still keeping ‘A’ a secret which is much more like her.  Hanna is about to get interrogated about the tapes when she’s set free because all the tapes are lost.  Did ‘A’ do them a favor or was it Hanna’s mom?  It was Hanna’s mom.  Everyone is back in the world of lies.  Hanna is back in her mom’s office working on finding something.  

As for Aria, she can’t find Ezra and she’s losing it.  Aria wants Emily to distract Sabrina (coffee girl) in order for her to sneak into Ezra’s apartment.  Aria searches Ezra’s apartment and finds the club she was hoping to find in his golf set.  Maybe he wasn’t the killer, after all.  Not so fast, Ezra has a message from Aria’s dad about something Ezra saw.  What’s Aria’s dad up to now?  When Aria tries to confront her dad, he hangs up and he’s in a car saying he thinks she knows.  Then we find out Aria’s mom visited Charlotte.  Aria finds her dad’s golf clubs and the 9 is missing.  Oh no!  We have a new guilty subject, another Pretty Little Liar (or at least just another liar) if you will.  Aria’s dad calls and needs to talk to her and we see ’A’ hiding in plain sight as an elder bell hop.  

What did you think of this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars? Let us know who you think is most guilty this week below!


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