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Pretty Little Liars: 06x15, Do Not Disturb

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/16/2016 6:39 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Pretty Little Liars: 06x15, Do Not Disturb | Do Not Disturb
Media Courtesy of Freeform

Well, liars, things are really getting serious but not everyone stayed in Rosewood this week on "Do Not Disturb."  The liars had a very eventful night so let's break it down.  Ali was back in town too.

Emily donated her eggs during this episode, which Hannah was supposed to take her to do, but she had to flee back to work.  Emily was having a hard time keeping her secret and found out Ali was back and decided to avoid her.  Dr. Rollins paid her a visit and realized what she was doing.  Ali came by later and Emily assumed she knew and gave herself up.  Well, Ali took her to give up her eggs.

Emily had a crazy dream, or real moment, where Sarah Harvey was in her hospital room.  Later, when she was home recovering or where ever she was staying, someone dropped off an empty egg carton with a threat inside.  Oh, and her egg plan fell through because the couple conceived so she had to just donate them for free.

Aria had a crazy night as well because when she got home to talk to her father, who she suspects killed Charlotte, the news was different.  Her parents are getting remarried.  That was a surprise to us all.  But what Aria learned is that her father was with her mother when Charlotte was killed so he was in the clear but where did his nine iron go?  Aria believes Sarah Harvey has it and plans to frame her dad so she and Spencer go snooping.

That was a natural segue to Spencer who is still with Caleb.  We can tell it's really getting under Hannah's skin.  We were kinda feeling it, but we're just not sure about the pairing.  In other news though, Spencer was back to her old ways when she stole Yvonne's phone (and got caught by Mona), and broke into Sarah's room with Aria.  When they were in there, Spencer found a bunch of pairs of fake hands in gloves and a map.  So, are her hands really hurt or is she faking it?  The map Spence found was of Radley and what she learned is that Sarah is staying in the hotel room that used to be Charlotte's room in Radley.  So, is she "A" or just someone lost and confused?  Sarah did pay an uber-creepy visit to Ali where she revealed their sister like bond.

On to Hannah who had a rough day/night.  Hannah accused her mom of stealing the backup security footage and she's told it's been destroyed.  The girls pillage the house in search of it and it's nowhere to be found.  Luckily, Caleb makes a fake one for Hannah to drop off to 'A' which is embedded with a trojan virus.  Well, played our cute little computer geek.  Hannah has to rush back to work which she's fired from.  She doesn't beg forgiveness though.  This was a strong move but it may put her in a bind in the long run.  So, she runs off into the night with her fiance.

What did y'all think of "Do Not Disturb"?  Is the show getting more like its old self, or is it still a strange version of what we once loved?  Sound off in the comments!


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