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'PSA de Resistance'- Twisted Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/01/2013 2:04 am
'PSA de Resistance'- Twisted Recap

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

We start in Green Grove High’s auditorium where Lacey, Archie and Serida are rehearsing lines for a play that Phoebe had written about the dangers of teen drinking for Sobriety Awareness Day. Archie and Serida seem very displeased with the entire idea but would rather act in the play than write the anti-drinking essay, so they tough it out.

At the diner, Jo and Rico are studying when Danny comes in and joins them. The trio begin discussing school and how Rico and Jo are wallflower types because they focus on academics and not on extracurricular activities. They come up with a plan to figure out who might’ve killed Regina by getting reconnected with Lacey.

Back at school, rehearsal has ended and everybody is leaving. Archie and Lacey talk about Jo and what happened on the night of the party. Lacey tells him that she left and went to bed as soon as she got home. She doesn’t tell him about giving Jo and Danny a ride or about staying over at Danny’s house.

At the Masterson household the next morning, Jo tries to get her father to discuss the murder case with her but he refuses by stating that he’s not allowed to say anything. She makes a comment about him finding a real suspect and Tess intervenes before things get hostile. Jo decides to walk to school and leaves. Chief Masterson leaves soon after to speak with Karen about the picture that went missing.

At school, Danny finds Lacey and confronts her in the hallway. He tries to convince her that they should be friends again and that he wants to try and fix things. Archie shows up and tells Danny to stay away from Lacey before dragging her away.

Across town, Chief Masterson visits Karen and apologizes for his behaviour at the dinner party. He tells her about the picture of Tara and asks to see it. She claims to have no idea what he’s talking about, and tells him that next time he wants to question her he needs to call her lawyer. She then shuts him out.

Back at school, Jo switches lab partners in Chemistry to be in a group with Scott and Serida to try and get information. Serida taunts Jo for getting drunk at Regina’s party and then accuses her of having sex with Danny. Jo just ignores her and continues working.

At the Desai house, Karen notices the missing picture and knows that Danny moved it but she can’t figure out why.

Back at school, Danny pulls Archie away from his football buddies to talk and Danny asks Archie for permission to be friends with Lacey again. Archie claims that Danny is into Lacey and wants to date her – essentially telling him to fuck off. Danny tries to explain that he just wants to be friends with Lacey again, but Archie walks away.

At the police station, Lacey is giving Chief Masterson her official statement. She tells him that she has no idea where Regina got the mysterious necklace from and that after the party she gave Jo a ride home, as well as Danny, and then she went straight home. Chief Masterson pushes her and finally tells her that he knows she spent the night at Danny’s house. She tells him that she fell asleep around midnight and went home at 6:20 in the morning. She says that she was sound asleep and never woke up.

Back in the chemistry lab, Serida and Scott refer to Jo as a “mole-person” because she spends all her free time studying and working rather than out being social. This make Jo think to herself and then the bell rings and class is dismissed.

After class, Lacey tells Danny about what happened at the police station. She blames him for telling but he swears to her that he wouldn’t do that to her. He tells her that his mother must’ve told Chief Masterson but she doesn’t believe him and storms off.

Soon after, Jo and Danny talk about ways to get close to Lacey. Jo notices the posters for Sobriety Awareness Day and they decide to volunteer. They walk into the auditorium to volunteer and everybody immediately hates them – not like they didn’t already.

Back at the police station, one of the deputies brings in the case file on Tara Desai and the necklace is listed as one of the objects in her possession when she was murdered. Chief Masterson immediately orders all the photographic evidence from the Desai house after Tara’s murder to his office so he can prove that Danny killed Regina.

Back at school, Danny rewrites the entire script for the Sobriety Awareness Day skit and presents it to Phoebe. She surprisingly loves it and makes Danny the assistant director. Jo suddenly decides that this is her chance to become more social and asks Phoebe for the lead role, which she gets. They leave rehearsal and they talk about Jo’s sudden decision to become a social butterfly. Jo admits that she sort of hates being a wallflower. She then realizes that she forgot about studying with Rico and rushes to meet him at the diner.

Back at the Masterson house, Chief Masterson tells Tess that they may be close to getting a major lead on the case, aka he finally believes he has all the proof he needs to incriminate Danny Desai. Tess looks at him and reminds him that they were supposed to clean the garage together and when he tries to apologize she walks away.

Back at the Desai house, Danny and Karen talk about the missing photo. Danny turns the conversation away from himself by blaming his mother for telling Chief Masterson about Lacey spending the night after the party.

At the diner, Jo meets up with Rico and he’s mad at her for being late because she was with Danny. She tries to repair their friendship but he gets up to leave, telling her that if she wants to become a social butterfly that’s fine with him and that he can just study by himself if she’s too busy. Jo tries to say something but Rico walks away.

The next morning in the auditorium, Jo convinces Lacey to give Danny another chance to prove himself. When Danny tries to approach the two girls, Archie blocks his path and tells Danny to stay away from Lacey again. He then calls Danny a sociopath and leaves.

Down at the police station, the evidence photos arrive. Chief Masterson begins going through them and finds the picture of the living room shelf where the photos were. He zooms in on them and discovers that the photos had been staged because they weren’t even of the Desai family.

Back at Green Grove High, everybody is preparing for the mandatory Sobriety Awareness Day. Archie gets upset about Danny’s script being used and quits, opting to suffer through the essay. Danny steps in last minute to fill the role and everyone boos him when he steps on stage. The show goes on and by the end, Lacey realizes that she can’t hold a grudge against Danny forever and decides that she has to forgive him.

After the skit, Serida is supposed to play a public service announcement (PSA) but instead plays a compilation video of Jo at the party and defending Danny the next morning at school. The video labels her as a loser and turns her into a laughing stock; she runs out of the school.

The assembly ends and Lacey confronts Serida, telling her that playing the video was rude. She then goes and finds Danny – who had just gotten off the phone with Jo. The two of them talk and he tries to say something but ends up almost kissing Lacey. Lacey rushes off, leaving Danny standing there confused.

Outside, Rico finds Jo and they talk. Jo apologizes for being late and convinces Rico to be more social with her so that when they leave high school they’ll have more memories than studying and going to school.

Back inside, Danny and Archie talk once more. Danny tells Archie that he’ll stay away from Lacey as long as Archie stops calling him a sociopath and a freak every time he walks into a room because he wants to fit in. Archie scoffs and tells Danny that, no matter what, he’ll never fit in at Green Grove.

Back at the Desai house, Karen is flipping through an old photo album and notices that all the pictures of Tara are missing. Danny comes home and tells her that he joined the soccer team.

Karen questions him about the pictures and he tells her that he removed them because they were morbid. He says that he can’t start over if the reason his life was destroyed was still staring him in the face. She mentions the necklace being in Tara’s purse and in all the pictures and asks Danny if he knows how Regina got it or where it is now. Danny lies and says that he has no idea where the necklace is, and also tells her that he has no idea how Regina got it.

Back at school, Rico and Jo are talking and they over hear Scott telling Archie that he owes him a tank of gas for borrowing his car the night of the party because his was in the shop. Rico observes that Archie wasn’t going to the party because there was a big game the next day and he wanted to rest. Jo and Rico listen in and realize that if Archie had access to a car and wasn’t at the party then he doesn’t have a solid alibi; they make him their number one target.

The episode closes at the Masterson house. While cleaning out the garage with Tess, Chief Masterson comes across a few old pictures. He rifles through them, smiling until one catches his eye. It’s a picture of a birthday party with Tara Desai in it, wearing the necklace. He holds it and realizes that he’s being lied to – somebody is trying to cover a secret.


I think that Archie may be behind the murder. All the facts point to him.

  1. He despises Danny Desai and thinks he’s a sociopathic murderer who wants to take his girlfriend.
  2. He wasn’t at the party the night Regina was killed because he was supposedly at home resting for the game when he actually had access to Scott’s car.
  3. He wasn’t a fan of Regina because she was a bitch to everybody and didn’t mourn her death like everybody else.
  4. Killing Regina the same day Danny, a convicted killer, returns provides a scapegoat so obvious you may as well hang a neon sign screaming “I’m A Scapegoat for Murder” over Danny’s head.

Why not Archie? He has all the reasons to kill her and even has a scapegoat to use. He knew that everybody would immediately blame Danny for the murder, leaving him in the clear and away from anything that could taint his reputation. AKA the perfect plan.


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