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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Puzzles And Chains Make It Easy To "Swoop In For The Kill" On This Week's Survivor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/31/2013 10:32 am
PopWrapped | Television
Puzzles And Chains Make It Easy To

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

We start the episode at Redemption Island, where Kat is still confused about Monica's distrust in her. Kat goes off on her former tribe to John and Laura M., who just shake their heads and laugh. Kat's now on the warpath, and is willing to do whatever she can to stay in this game. The next morning, we see Kat crying. She thinks she didn't play the game right, and thinks Hayden will be embarrassed by her suddenly being voted off. At Redemption Island Arena, Hayden seems confused and angry with the announcement that his girlfriend has been voted out. Kat's instantly saying "Come hug me! Come hug me!" as soon as she enters the arena. Hayden tells her everything will be okay before sitting back down. Hayden reassures Kat that their relationship will be okay, and explains to Jeff that their relationship is more important than this game. Jeff tests Hayden, reminding the former Big Brother player that they can swap places. Hayden explains that he feels like he's in a good spot in the game, and Kat tells Hayden that they should switch because she realizes she can't compete in these challenges. (She brings up she can't spell, which may or may not be something to announce to the world.) After realizing Hayden could compete better in the long run than she could, Kat decides to continue with the duel. The duel consists of obtaining a bag and using the pieces found in each bag to build a puzzle. John is the first to obtain his bag, while Kat barely beats Laura M. in obtaining hers. John continues his early lead while Laura M. scoots ahead of Kat, who's struggling to open her bag and put her puzzle together. With the help of Hayden, Kat starts catching up to Laura M. However, John is the first to win, easily placing his puzzle together. Laura M. and Kat struggle with building their pieces; Laura M. tries looking over at John's finished puzzle, and Hayden tries to lead Kat in building her puzzle. Laura M. finally gets the hang of building the puzzle, and she emerges as the runner-up in this challenge. Kat is the next person to go home from the game. Yet again, John gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Monica, and, yet again, Monica burns it. Before burning it, Monica wants to make sure John isn't too offended by her actions, but these clues are just "poison" to her. I'm very tired of these people throwing away such precious clues! This is Survivor, and when you receive help to get further in the game, you accept it. Hayden feels responsible for what happened at Redemption Island Arena today. He regrets not swapping places with Kat, and feels incredibly guilty about his actions. He's not proud of he fact that he was able to help her, but chose not to. The rest of Tadhana understands his pain, and this helps them become stronger. Tyson suggests they all pull together and fight together as a huge alliance. Aras says that he can bring Vytas into their alliance, but his tribe is still wary of the two brothers competing together once more. Tyson doesn't like that Aras continues to bring up Vytas, and knows that at least one of them needs to be eliminated if they both make it to the merge. Ciera is shocked by Tyson's words, but knows that all of them, with the exception of Aras, doesn't have anyone that can trust more on the other tribe. The next morning at Galang, we see Katie and Vytas hanging out at the beach. Tina comes up to them, grinning at them the entire time. She says she would be honored if Vytas took an interest in her daughter, Katie. "I'm ready for grand-babies!" As Vytas continues to share more of his life stories, Laura B. continues to love his honestly. While she loves this man, she knows she needs to keep her heart and emotions away from him and focus on what's good for the game. He is a big threat, and if she has to vote him off, she will. The combined Reward and Immunity Challenge consists of both teams being chained together. The reward consists of endless deep fried chicken, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, and lemonade and iced tea. Because Tadhana has more members, they decide to sit Ciera out of this challenge. The ends of the two tribes must uncoil themselves from a coil before stepping over poles and underneath a net, where they must obtain bags filled with chained balls. Tyson undoes the bags and connects the chains for Tadhana, and Tina does so for Galang. The two of them must toss the chains onto racks. Tina falls behind, but quickly catches up when she begins tossing her chains onto the racks. However, Tyson doesn't drop behind and Tadhana wins another challenge, and Tina, yet again, causes Galang to lose another challenge. In what is an incredibly dumb move, Laura B. tells Vytas that he is the next to go. She tells him that the four girls are coming together to vote out Vytas, and wants him to know that before Tribal Council. Laura B. realizes her announcing their decision might put a target on her back, but wants the girls to look up to her for such a bold move. Monica is baffled by her announcement, because, as it clearly states in Survivor 101, you make decisions as a team, not individual decisions for the team. Tina thinks Laura B. is very random in her decision-making, and tells Vytas that Laura B. might be the one to go home. Katie doesn't know who to vote for; Vytas would be hard to beat if he made it to the Final Tribal Council, but Laura B. is a wildcard who can't be trusted. At Tribal Council, the tribe goes back and forth in talking about sending Vytas or Laura B. home. Vytas explains that their vote should be based on how they've been playing the game for the last 18 days, and not voting based on their pasts. In a complete blindside against her, Laura B. is the next one sent to Redemption Island. In the words of Jeff, "Every time you open your mouth, you risk saying something that could get you voted out." In the preview for next week's episode, we see that the merge is happening! And that whoever wins the Redemption Island duel


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