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Television / Celebrities PopWrapped | Television

PW Covers San Diego Comic Con: The Cast And Crew Of Teen Wolf

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
07/14/2015 9:38 am
PopWrapped | Television
PW Covers San Diego Comic Con: The Cast And Crew Of Teen Wolf | Teen Wolf

Let me just start off by saying I love Teen Wolf. I love the premise that a person can go from standing on the threshold of high school popularity (I mean, he was on the lacrosse team before he became a werewolf) to being a True Alpha of his own pack. I feel kind of bad for Derek, because his Beta ended up forging his own path. Normally he’d be an Omega, and vulnerable without a pack to protect him.

But Scott was never really an Omega. From the time he got bitten (we both love and hate Peter for that, there’s no need to pretend) he had to battle with whether he wanted to be in wolf/supernatural politics or not, ultimately discovering that he didn’t really have a choice. He may not have chosen to become a wolf, but he became a wolf for a reason.

I got the chance to sit in on ComiCon’s Teen Wolf  Press Room with several other journalists and ask questions of some of the cast members.

Teen Wolf Courtesy of Roxanne Powell/PopWrapped

Tyler Posey (Scott McCall)

 The transformation from teen to wolf always looks so seamless on screen. From an audience point of view, it’s almost instant every time. But we know each show has its own process of getting that done. So how long does it take to make Scott and Co (the wolf ones, anyway) wolf out?

“It’s makeup. Sometimes there some CGI and digital that comes into play, but its mostly makeup. It’s just a prosthetic piece that fits over the face. [It takes about] two hours.”

Even with a full team of makeup artists, the process takes a while. Do they film the wolf scenes all at once, or do they film them in sequential order (as they go) throughout the episodes?

“When we first started the show, that’s what we wanted. It’s like, “Okay I’m a wolf today, might as well shoot all the wolf scenes.” But with time and scheduling, it’s hard to make that happen, so sometimes I’ll just have to be a wolf for one shot, which is annoying, because then not only do I have to be in makeup for two hours to put it on, but taking it off is also a process. But I love the show. I love it.”

The pack started out pretty small, as we recall, and has since grown to include a trusted few. With Theo coming in, requesting to help the pack and eventually join in, how will that affect Scott’s relationship with Kira?

“Hopefully he doesn’t change my relationship with Kira. I love my girl. She’s my girl, so I don’t feel threatened by him. Theo is…he’s got a plan, and that’s all I’m gonna say. But he does have some moments with Arden…but no one’s breaking them [Scott and her] up.”


Teen Wolf Courtesy of Roxanne Powell/PopWrapped

Jeff Davis (Creator/Writer)

So last season we saw Derek go off on his own after the whole ordeal in Mexico. Fans everywhere agree that would have been the perfect opportunity to do a spinoff of the show following Derek’s journey. Will that ever happen, and if so, when?

“I think it’s a great idea. We’ve talked about spinoffs before, actually. The problem is they want me to write it, and I would rather have another staff writer work on it, and I like to focus all of my time on a show. There are a lot of showrunners out there who branch out into other shows, and I think they suffer from it. I have difficulty focusing on other projects. I think a spinoff would be great. I think the Hales would be great for a spinoff. We had talked about doing a Hale spinoff—I wanted Christian Taylor to run it, actually, but he went off to do Eye Candy—and it would have been about young Derek Hale. We were going to call it Beacon Hills.”

So now that we’re a couple episodes into the new season and we’ve settled into the new plot-line with its new villains, there has to be something to share with the fans. Any tidbits or spoilers, or even just a favorite scene, from any upcoming episodes? Something to do with a certain scene between Scott and Stiles?

“I’m interested to see how they like Episode 5. The story takes a big turn, and it’s a great Dylan O’Brian episode. I love the fact that this season we get to focus on specific characters; I love Shelly Hennig in Episode 3, the last episode, she really shines in that episode as a hero, and as she struggles with the moral struggle to save people or letting them die. Her trying to save Tracy was great to play. But I’m also excited for them to see the finale because it’s pretty dark. It’s sort of our Empire Strikes Back episode, and it ends very depressingly.”

Speaking of dark, does anyone else get chills from watching the Dread Doctors at work? Those guys creep me out, especially after we find out that they’ve been holding Lydia captive.

“They came out of influences of German WWII gasmasks…the whole steampunk aesthetic. I love steampunk, I love the Hellboy movies that are so beautifully designed. We pitched this as kind of our Isle of Doctor Moroe  season, so we always knew we wanted to do a science meets the supernatural season. It was our way to do science without test tubes and things like that. I never wanted to do a show with werewolves in cages, I wanted to be a bit cooler than that. A little bit more medieval.”

So we all saw how Tracy’s tail paralyzed everyone in the last episode. That’s a trait we remember from the Kanima in seasons past. Something we thought we’d never see again.

“You’ll see, because it’s not actually a Kanima. It has elements of a Kanima, but there’s a difference to it, and it all comes from the Dread Doctors.”

Teen Wolf Courtesy of Roxanne Powell/PopWrapped

Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar)

When Liam first joined Scott’s pack, he was uncertain how he fit into everything as a new wolf with a new family. But over time he came to trust his alpha’s judgement and look on him as a brother and a guiding force. But this new season sees Scott losing control, unable to fully protect his chosen family from the new threat of the Dread Doctors. Lydia herself has foreseen the death of her friends.

Liam picks up on this change in Scott, and doesn’t really know what to do with it. This strong presence in his life is suddenly questioning every step he makes as a leader.

“There’s definitely not a lot I can say, just because we’re only on the third episode and there’s a lot that’s going to happen in the next couple of episodes. But it’s just kind of about Scott losing control, and he [Liam] is not sure why and Liam can kind of see Scott is looking after his own well-being. So that makes him a little nervous, this is our leader and he doubts himself. So that makes him really nervous, especially coming from a family where the male role wasn’t very prominent. Just that whole dynamic kind of makes him nervous. Which is why in the first couple of episodes and last season towards the end he really started to love Scott as a brother and as a leader.”

This whole “inner circle” of the pack thing seems to be growing. What with Scott breaking the news to Stiles back in season one and the circle of those in the know growing slowly but steadily at this point, it was only a matter of time until Liam’s own best friend, Mason, heard (or rather saw) the news.

“I think [Mason won’t be part of the inner circle] because it’s a bunch of older kids, and it’s one of those younger kid things, because he’s being a dork in that scene. But we’re like brothers in the show, just how Scott and Stiles are. But we’re definitely that dynamic, especially them in the first season…definitely what we’re trying to play on. Like not copying, but also wanting to give that kind of tribute to the show, because their relationship is so great and we wanted to do something similar but also give it a new feeling. Which I think we’re doing, I think we’re getting it. Callen and I have been friends for a long time prior to the show and we’re having so much fun. We rehearse with each other all the time, and we really make it fun for each other.”

What about Theo? Liam’s status as the new kid in town will definitely change if Theo is allowed entry into the pack. Scott has already talked to them about giving Theo the benefit of the doubt, like they’ve done with everyone else. Will Theo affect the dynamic of the group?

“Yeah, Liam does not like Theo. Especially in that one scene in the woods where he’s giving him a death stare. That’s a big thing with Liam: he knows how hard it is to get into the pack. He knows how hard it is to be trusted like that, so that’s what he’s doing now. And Liam has trust issues, so it’s very hard for him to want to let anyone else into the group that he doesn’t know. He kind of gets the sense that this guy is a little bit weird.”


Teen Wolf Courtesy of Roxanne Powell/PopWrapped

Cody Christian (Theo Raeken)

So… Theo. The newest new kid that no one wants to give the time of day. Except Scott, so everyone kind of has to go along with his decision. He is the alpha after all. But Theo’s arrival, and his actions thus far, have been pretty suspect. Is there any chance he may be hiding a secret agenda? Will we open up his locker one day and find a little black book of secrets?

“What makes you think he has an agenda? I think the big thing that’s driving this season is going to be learning what Theo’s intentions are. Who he is as a character, his background, and why he’s in Beacon Hills. I think “Why” is the big question that is going to be revolving around his character. Why did he come back? Why is he here? Why does he have such a big interest in Scott? There are so many questions, and I can’t say for certain that as the season progresses that those questions will have answers.”

Theo hasn’t been on screen for very long, even though there are only a few episodes out so far. We’ve seen him introduce himself to the group at large and offer to fight alongside Scott and Co as a Beta and member of the pack. Were there any particular scenes that stood out above the others?

“Oh man. All the fight scenes are such a blast to film. All the stunt coordinators and our stunt doubles are so incredible to work with. Plus I love anything that’s athletic, anything where you can jump around and fall; that’s so much fun to me. So I’ve had the opportunity, I’ve had a couple fight scenes. I think the most incredible experience thus far from Teen Wolf  has had to be the season finale. It’s a big big episode, so many things in it, and I think the fans are gonna love it. I’m really for everyone to see it.”

So will we be seeing more of Theo in the next season? Will he stick around for good?

“It depends. Anything is possible in Beacon Hills, and I don’t want to say something that’s not true. I don’t want to set something up. I think it’s up to the fans, it’s up to Jeff [Davis] and it’s really up to where the story takes it. If the story sees it fit that Theo’s there then Theo will be there.”

What do you guys think? Did the team touch upon some of your burning questions? How about Dylan’s new hair? Stay tuned for more Comic Con coverage!


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