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Quantico: 01x01, Run

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

09/29/2015 7:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x01, Run | Run
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Quantico's series premiere, "Run," begins with the female lead, Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), who's unconscious in the middle of what looks like the aftermath of a fiery disaster in an American city.

The scene switches to her leaving her mother's house and heading for the airport instead of the train station, which the older woman expects.

Alex meets Ryan, a (really hot) ex-Marine on the flight, and reveals that she's headed for a Doctors Without Borders mission.

The two of them eventually hook up in a car (?), where she schools him on why he's not her type at all, based on some scarily accurate observations she made about him, including clues that he once wore a wedding ring.

A hijab-wearing woman goes into a gas station bathroom and picks up a car key hidden inside a trash can. As she pulls out of the parking lot, another car follows her.

Six hours later, Ryan arrives late to a meeting of Quantico recruits--an FBI program to train agents. Alex is already in the audience, along with the woman from the gas station, Nimah.

Alex and Ryan run into each other in the hallway; he pretends that they're just meeting, but she is not shy about calling him out on their hookup in front of everyone (I love this girl).

The recruits are presented with files containing information gathered about each of them by the FBI. Each has to pick the folder of a fellow trainee and figure out what the missing piece of that person's story is.

There was an explosion at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, close to the Democratic National Convention, which is how Alex ended up unconscious on a city street. Months after she becomes an agent, Alex now has to investigate the original recruits--one of them is suspected of being a terrorist who infiltrated Quantico. She now has to go over the training process in her head--hence the flashbacks.

Caleb, the so-called "Golden Boy," who got into Quantico thanks to a recommendation personally signed by the  Director, is awful at every training activity. That doesn't stop him from being sickeningly arrogant, especially when he finds something during his investigation of fellow trainee Eric.

In fact, Caleb won't stop taunting him about it. Even though he tries to hide it, Eric's visibly worried and clearly annoyed whenever Caleb brings it up.

The next step of the investigation is for the trainees to interrogate one another over a polygraph test to confirm the missing piece of information from their file. The other trainees watch the process from another room.

Ryan questions Alex, revealing that Alex's father nearly killed her mother when she was just a child. Alex's mother tackled him, took the gun, and shot him in self-defense.

Caleb and Eric are up next. Eric locks them in the interrogation room and pulls a gun on Caleb, breaking down in tears and insisting that Caleb can't tell everyone his secret. Caleb pleads for his life, and eventually Eric gives up and shoots himself in the head. Whoa.

Liam, their supervisor, and the assistant director (also his ex-wife) have a blowout in her office because the FBI vetted Eric before his acceptance to Quantico and never found out his secret. During a mission to Malawi, he slept with a 14-year-old girl and got her pregnant. When he took her to get an abortion, illegal in her country, she was killed during the procedure.

Caleb is, of course, blaming himself. Shelby and Simon, two of the other recruits, sympathize and try to comfort him. It seems to work, but the next day, they wake up to find that he left the program without a word to anyone.

Eric isn't the only one who was hiding some insane secrets...

Simon goes to Nimah's room to talk to her; unbeknownst to him, she's on the other side of the door with another woman. Apparently, the two have been switching back and forth during the program pretending to be Nimah...I'm quite confused.

Back to the present: The FBI reveal to Alex that they think she committed the attack on Grand Central. They show her a live feed of a team going to search her apartment. She's in shock when they find Ryan lying unconscious on her carpet, bleeding from a gunshot wound they claim came from Alex's gun. She's in tears as they put her in handcuffs, and Liam walks in as they're leading her out. She begs him to save her, but he's turned against her.

Another flashback reveals that Alex went to Liam and told him the real story about her father--she's the one who shot him. He was a special agent, and she wanted to know more about him with Liam's help.

In addition, Ryan is undercover for Liam, charged with getting close to Alex and gaining her trust. Ryan is a little uncomfortable with it, but Liam orders him to continue his mission.

Well, Alex was right...Ryan definitely is untrustworthy.

As Alex is put into the back of a van to be taken to jail, her driver


the other agent and Alex sees that it's Miranda, someone who believes Alex is innocent. She gives Alex the key to her handcuffs and an FBI jacket and hat.

The police catch on to what's happened and chase the van, which ends up turned over with Miranda still inside, but Alex escapes.

Promising start, I think. Looking forward to a strong female lead on ABC again, similar to one of my favorites--Revenge's Emily Thorne. Time will tell.

Thoughts on the premiere episode? Let us know below.


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