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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Quantico: 01x02, America

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

10/06/2015 4:43 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x02, America | America
Media Courtesy of Credit: thetvaddict,com
"America" starts out with a flashback, to the recruits in Quantico: Ryan is trying to win Alex's trust back, which he lost after he interrogated her and she told the story about her father. The trainees are still going through their grueling routine. The FBI bring in analysts who are being trained at Quantico too. They have to pair up with the agent trainees and learn how to stop a terrorist attack before it ever happens. Weirdly enough, Caleb is one of those analysts. Present: The FBI are tracking Alex. She taps into Liam's walkie talkie, trying to convince him that they're accusing the wrong person. Her only hope is that Ryan will clear her name once he's out of surgery. However, she isn't waiting for that; she's going to look for the real perpetrator herself. Flashback: Alex asks Liam if he found anything about her father. He, quite rudely, says he hasn't. Caleb is, almost impossibly, even more of a jerk than before. And we thought he might have changed after causing someone to commit suicide... Nimah's double (twin, I guess?) is Raina. Miranda knows about their switching, which is apparently some sort of experiment. They've been messing up and raising suspicion, though, since one of them is unable to keep up the same physical strength in training as the other. Present: Miranda is under arrest now, in agreement with Alex that evidence was planted against her. Liam is on a rampage, determined that Alex is the terrorist, but Miranda calls him out--he's pissed off that he fell in love with Alex and she rejected him. Wait...what?! Nathalie Vasquez is one of the agents searching Alex’s apartment; she calls Liam and insists that Alex must have a safe house somewhere with the real plans for the explosive, because there isn’t enough equipment in the apartment to have pulled off the attack. (Nathalie is also a recruit who was constantly giving Alex a hard time during training--always trying to be better than her and giving her an attitude.) Flashback: Elias, an analyst, introduces himself to Simon. He's "honored" to meet Simon, because he's the first openly gay man in the FBI. Simon isn't impressed, and backs off. That was awkward. Present: Alex goes to a restaurant near her apartment to look at their security camera. Someone else was in her apartment when Ryan got there. An employee helps her out, but then realizes that she’s a fugitive. Alex has to lock her up so she doesn’t go to the police. The FBI have tracked Alex’s walkie talkie signal, which she planted in a delivery guy’s bag. The poor guy gets tackled by the FBI in a hallway. Liam checks the restaurant name on the delivery bag and finds out where she is, but she’s already gone. Flashback: Alex outsmarts everyone during the exercise, trusting her instincts, which she’ll use later on when she’s falsely accused. Present: With the FBI chasing her down, Alex manages to get into her apartment. She packs a bag and ends up running into Nathalie as she’s trying to leave. They get into a pretty violent fight, but Alex gets the drop on her and locks herself in the bathroom. She ends up chasing Alex onto the roof of the building, where Alex fools her by trying to get her to listen to her story; Nathalie ends up handcuffed to a pole and Alex escapes once again. Um, Alex also mentioned that Nathalie is in love with Ryan. That they both are. What?! I’ll go ahead and take a guess here--Liam fell for Alex, who chose Ryan. But who did Ryan choose? Hmm. Flashback: Shelby and Caleb made some sort of connection during the exercise. He reveals that his parents were furious when he got kicked out of Quantico; being an analyst was the only way he could get back in--he still desperately wants to be an agent. Elias is still stalking Simon..or something. Simon claims he’s just wary because he doesn’t know him. Elias grills him about his trip to Gaza, which he admitted to during the interrogation in the first episode; he wants to know how Simon got in and out of the country, which is a tricky subject considering the implications. “Nimah” interrupts, and Simon leaves with her. He leaves his glasses behind, though, which Elias checks and notices that they’re fake just before Simon returns for them. Ryan approaches Alex and makes some confessions about who he is--absentee father, a marriage that ended badly. She was right about everything she concluded during their first meeting, and he wanted to let her know. Trying to gain her trust again, sneaky devil. And she’s clearly falling for it! Present: Ryan wakes up in the hospital. He has a ton of messages from an unknown number, which turns out to be Alex. Flashback: Liam is glad Ryan got Alex's trust back. It seems he's under some sort of obligation to do this spying for Liam, and he's still not thrilled about it. Present: Alex asks what Ryan was doing in her apartment. He claims he wanted to apologize; the superintendent let him in and someone opened her door for him, but it was dark so he only saw the gun. He's willing to buy Alex some time with the FBI, but he has to make it look like she's guilty. He warns her not to trust anyone. The FBI walks into the hospital room as soon as he hangs up. He tells Liam that Alex shot him. Flashback: The only thing Liam found out about Alex's father was confirmation that he was an agent. Present: Alex is officially announced as the primary suspect on the news. What a mess.


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