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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Quantico: 01x03, Cover

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/15/2015 6:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x03, Cover | cover

Ms. Alex Parrish is still on the run after being framed for a terrorist attack. Part of me wonders though - if she's such a good agent, who's to say she ISN'T the terrorist? The twists and turns in this show have me constantly guessing, and I love it!

Then: The recruits are zip tied to each other back-to-back and thrown into a pool, putting their ability to work together to the test.

Now: Ryan is out of the hospital and gets the hero's welcome back to the FBI. Natalie gives O'Connor some news and he gets back on the warpath.

Then: The girl recruits are talking about Alex's new thumb scar, Shelby's 3AM phone calls and how much of a bitch Natalie is. The boys on the other hand are suspicious of Elias and his stalkerish tendencies towards Simon. O'Connor corners Alex and he's got the answers about her father as Ryan watches the exchange from the corner. In class, all the recruits are faced with who they are, and the psychology that drives them. They must learn who they are first, before learning the enemy. They have to analyze each other's strengths and weaknesses and document everything.

Now: O'Connor is being interrogated by Director Clayton, who wants to know why the hell Alex slipped away after she was his student. Just when their masculinity war reaches maximum, they see that Alex's mother is brought in for questioning... and she's on her daughter's side. Alex visits Simon, asking for help. We find out that Simon got kicked out of Quantico, and he's brilliant with bombs. Checking out the evidence Alex stole from her apartment, they see that the C4 stick is governmental.

Then: The recruits are questioning each other, watching other, and most of all... testing each other. Alex and Simon switch booklets for a moment, seeing what the other wrote about people.

Now: Natalie questions Alex's mother Sita and can't get through to her. On the other hand, O'Connor does, considering he knew her husband; they had a history. He tells her to let go of the parental instinct...

Then: Miranda Shaw is proud of the recruits, as they dug deep. The results are posted outside - but they're actually what the recruits wrote about each other, and the statements are brutal. One by one, after reading that their 'friends' thought they were drones, bi-polar and stupid, the recruits start to turn on each other. It's the ultimate psychology test; it was to expose what they think of one another and are then forced to vote 3 people out. If they don't comply, Miranda will cut 10.

Now: Simon and Alex get to work on the C4, running her fingerprints to double check the validity. They are on the C4, but the thumb print they find doesn't have her new scar; the prints were taken before the swim exercise in week 3. They've been setting Alex up since before Quantico started. Simon says the random wire Alex found is the key to everything, as it's the only real piece of evidence.

Then: The recruits are beating the hell out of each other after finding out what they all think. O'Connor doesn't like the test and Miranda basically tells him to STFU.

Now: O'Connor makes Sita look at the evidence against her daughter. She still can't believe it, but is also partially upset because Alex is so secretive. Sita knows something about what her husband and O'Connor did, which prompts him to have someone usher her away. What's that skeezeball up to?

Then: The recruits are at each other's throats with the clock ticking down on the vote. Eventually Simon and Ryan hash it out in the hall, making several very important points that he knows the campus too well, that he follows Alex. Simon is onto something and Ryan shuts him down before he can say too much. Alex breaks it up and rallies everyone: live together or die alone kind of mentality. "10 from her is better than 3 from us." Simon takes off: he's had enough, and places a vote.  He returns and admits that he voted. Alex talks the rest of them out of it while Simon urges them on - it's the only fair thing to do. Natalie rallies behind Simon and convinces more people to vote. The twins Nimah and Raina argue about how one is better than the other and it stands out, how they have a better life now than they did at home. Miranda shows up and is pissed that this is the first class to actually vote against their classmates. Simon gets a formal reprimand, and if he messes up again, he's out. You don't turn on your people, sir. Everyone takes the time to make it up to their roommates, apologizing for being blunt.

Now: Simon is still searching the government database and it's taking too long for Alex's liking. An alarm goes off and Simon apologizes for setting it off... but he did it on purpose to actually help her. He had to make it look real to help her escape. I don't know if he's lying or not. I don't know who is lying and who isn't, and that's the unfiltered beauty of this show.

Now: Miranda is at the police station and sees Sita being escorted to the bathroom. She traps them in there while an officer tries to break through... "Mrs. Parrish, we need to talk." Miranda tells Sita not to turn her back on her daughter. "If she loses you, what will she have left?"

Then: Simon sneaks Alex out of the back of the building and he tells her to make it look good for the cameras - she beats him a bit and runs.

Now: Moments after the bathroom confrontation, Sita watches the news, seeing Alex beat Simon... and it makes her spill the beans. Alex was in India for 10 years, but they only knew where she was for 9 of them. The lies  have stacked up against her, and now her own mother has turned on her.

Then: There is definitely a romantic interest rising  between Shelby and Caleb - he's so nice to her. 

Alex reads the files on her father and confesses to Ryan that he was an agent... and a good man. She breaks down because the abusive asshole that she killed was an actual hero. Alex tells him that she killed her dad, that she killed a hero. He comforts her as O'Connor watches.

Now: Miranda visits her son in prison, who is incredibly angry  because she put him there. He'll get parole... "I'll see you soon, mom."

Then: Natalie is on a Skype call with a man who is denying her rights to see her daughter. Even the toughest of people have things that can melt them into a pile of tears. 

In the dark, Shelby sits on her computer and contemplates sending a $1 million dollar money transfer. 

Raina returns to the twin's bedroom to find that her sister is gone.

Now: In a press conference, Sita unveils her daughter's red flags, exposing her to the world. She begs Alex to stop running, who is understandably in tears. Simon comes into the room and says that he threw the field agents off the trail. They start to analyze a wall of suspects together, and Simon insists on including himself, but she says that he's in the clear. His phone goes off... and it's Director Clayton. "Slow and steady on this one. I'll be in touch... maintain your cover."

Son of a bitch, I really wanted to trust Simon.


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