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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Quantico: 01x04, Kill

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

10/20/2015 2:57 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x04, Kill | Kill
Media Courtesy of Credit: ABC

Shoutout to my fellow PopWrapper, Shannon, for covering last week's episode for me!

And now, let's begin the recap for the latest episode, “Kill”...


Alex wakes up from a nightmare about killing her father. Ryan tries to talk to her about her father's file, but she's pretending that it doesn't affect her.


Alex is looking over information about each Quantico recruit, and Simon is playing helpful minion as usual, but I'm certainly not convinced. And he takes another secret phone call that makes me trust him even less.


Liam tells Ryan that his mission is over because Alex is an unfit candidate for the FBI; now Ryan needs to get her to quit. As Ryan rightly points out, she's top of her class in everything so this makes zero sense. Liam encourages Ryan to find her weakness and exploit it.


Ryan is sending Simon updates on the investigation and he notices that Clayton is texting someone at the same time. He puts two and two together and realizes Simon is working with Clayton, so he texts Simon to let him know he found out. Alex, in the room with Simon, has no idea the FBI are outside waiting to raid. At the last minute, Simon warns Alex and they get out.

What is his angle here?!

Clayton pretends to be angry that the raid failed. Liam confronts him, demanding to know why they're trusting Simon. What?!

Simon has been undercover with the Bureau for months, apparently. Snake.


Alex is suddenly the lone wolf during a training exercise, and Shelby is surprised, considering they're usually teaming up and working together. When Shelby confronts her, Alex has an attitude; Shelby calls her out on it, assuming Alex found something in her father's file that she's now running from.

Liam expands the exercise, apparently hoping Alex will break some time soon. Shelby asks Ryan if Alex has spoken to him about her dad. Ryan accidentally reveals that Alex was the one who shot her father.


Simon takes Alex to meet an acquaintance of his who knows about bombs. Oren doesn't speak English, so Alex doesn't understand their conversation. Oren indirectly asks if Simon was involved in the Grand Central bombing, because of the conversations the two of them have had in the past. (Simon translates the conversation incorrectly to Alex, although I have a feeling she does understand.)

Oren examines the wire that Alex found in her apartment and concludes that it could have come from only one company...Shelby’s.

Like it's gonna be that easy.

Alex breaks into Shelby’s home, looking for evidence that she framed her.


Ayna is hiding, convinced she's not good enough to continue the training. She's been leaving Nimah to do it all. Miranda goes to find Ayna and give her some sort of confusing pep talk; she needs both twins involved. But why?! What is going on with these two?!

During the training exercise, Liam encourages Ryan through his earpiece to let Alex be reckless so that she can learn her lesson. Ryan actually obeys and, sure enough, Alex starts to have flashbacks to the night her father died.


Shelby returns home and finds Simon and Alex; the two women pull guns on each other. Apparently their friendship never survived after Quantico...

Shelby reveals that Simon was supposed to keep Alex at his house until the FBI got inside. Now Alex is on the defensive against both of them, but Simon swears he changed his mind and is on Alex’s side. She accuses Shelby of framing her, but Shelby denies it and insists that Alex surrender before anyone else gets hurt.


As the exercise ends, Liam rebukes Alex for being reckless, continuing his sick mind game with her.

Miranda tells Ayna the story of her son--extremists contacted him online and recruited him. He planned an attack at his high school, where the children of Congress members attended. She managed to get his sentence reduced, but he's in jail and up for parole; she admits that she doesn't want him to be free. That's why she wants Nimah and Ayna to continue working together, so extremists don't poison anyone else.

Alex breaks down in tears, convinced she's as reckless as she was accused of being. She wants to quit, but Ryan tries to talk her out of it. Pick a side, Booth. God.


Ryan walks into the house and points a gun at Shelby. The FBI are on their way and Ryan came to warn them. Alex insists that Simon and Ryan leave so they don't get caught with her. They do, reluctantly, and Alex attacks Shelby. She forces her into Shelby's car and knocks her out as the FBI approach the house so she won't scream.


Miranda calls Alex into her office; Ryan is there too. Alex confesses that she feels guilty about killing a hero, but Miranda assures her that her father was not a saint, and that she made the right choice to protect her mother. Ryan agrees (seriously, he is giving me whiplash). Liam walks by and overhears Miranda encouraging Alex to stay; he is not happy.

Shelby reveals to Alex that she has a half sister, who she's always talking to late at night and emailing early in the morning. She lied to the FBI and told them she didn't speak to her sister, so she couldn't tell anyone until now. Alex shares the secret about killing her father.

Aw, what a cute heart to heart...sarcasm intended.

Alex thanks Ryan for initiating the meeting with Miranda and stopping her from quitting. There is a whole lot of interesting tension here and I don't know how to feel about it, because the Ryan Booth “whose side is he on?” confusion is real in my head right now.

Alex calls her mother to confess that she isn't actually in grad school.

Ryan confronts Liam about his unorthodox actions, threatening to go above him if he keeps ordering him around. Liam tells him that Ryan is on probation, not undercover as he once claimed. Unknown to them, Miranda is eavesdropping.


Alex traps Shelby inside her house, demanding to know how the wire from her company ended up in Alex’s apartment.

Back at HQ, Clayton announces that agents have permission to shoot Alex to kill on sight.

Well,then. There's the episode title explained!

Thoughts, Quantico fans?


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