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Quantico: 01x05, Found

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

10/27/2015 6:55 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x05, Found | Found
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“Found” starts with Alex having been named “Jihadi Jane.” The media is convinced she's a terrorist, and is being very racist in reference to her.


Nimah oversleeps and her sister is angry because it was Nimah’s turn to go to training. Alex’s mother is screaming at her over the phone, angry that she joined the FBI behind her back. Ryan and Alex are bonding over their urges for junk food (I still don't trust him, FYI).

Caleb is still dying to be an agent, so he sneaks into the firing range; Shelby finds out and so does a superior--Caleb assumes Shelby ratted on him, and warns her to watch her back.


Ryan warns Alex that the FBI has been instructed to shoot on sight. Alex breaks down, and Shelby doesn't help--she continues to bait her with no sympathy. Then, Alex decides she needs to get the public on her side somehow; she sends a message to a network of hackers, hoping they'll champion her cause. Shelby doesn't look thrilled that Alex is regaining control of herself.

Alex and Shelby meet with two of the hackers, who insist on her answering questions before they record her and release her story to the world. Liam and the Feds are onto her plan, and intend to track her down once the video goes live.


Miranda demands to know why Liam is after Alex; he claims Alex has information that she can use against them all. I have the distinct feeling he's a lying snake.

During a training exercise where the recruits have to go undercover as employees at a retreat, Simon’s “stalker” manages to corner the guy who Simon has been pretending is his boyfriend. His assumptions are confirmed--Simon is lying about nearly everything, including his relationship.

Shelby and Caleb get into a slightly intoxicated argument, and end up having sex in a back room. Like no one saw that coming.


The FBI trace the signal and surround the building. Interestingly enough, Simon realizes that it's Ramadan, one of the holiest holidays for Muslims. And the agents are standing right in front of a mosque, guns drawn. When news crews show up, Liam has to force his agents to stand down. Women in hijabs emerge from the mosque and, of course, Alex could easily be hidden among them.


Simon's stalker confronts him, insisting that he's bothered by Simon going to such lengths to hide whatever he's hiding. He threatens that he's going to end Simon's career at Quantico.

Ryan and Alex end up in the typical, alcohol-infused “Let's confess our secrets and take our clothes off” situation. Again...didn't we all see this coming?! (I ship it.)


The hackers help Alex escape; they offer to do it again if she ever needs them.


Caleb let Shelby oversleep and she missed the bus from the retreat back to Quantico. She's angry, but when she corners him, I'm not entirely sure they're not gonna end up in bed together again? Oy.

Simon goes to his stalker and begs him to listen; he confesses he was in the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza, and he did some things he regrets deeply. Being undercover is the only way he can deal with his torment. He breaks down in tears. (Is it bad that I don't entirely believe him…?) The stalker is convinced, and apparently won't be outing Simon and getting him kicked out.


Alex’s video is all over the news. Her plan may just be working.

Shelby is interrogated by Liam; oddly enough, she's not revealing anything. Maybe she isn't so bad after all. Ryan and Simon were sure she'd tell Liam they're working with Alex. She admits to them that she thinks Alex is innocent.

The newspaper headlines are now speculating that Alex was actually framed. Well done, girl.


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