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Quantico: 01x06, God

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

11/08/2015 11:25 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x06, God | God
Media Courtesy of Credit: ABC/Phillippe Bosse

(Missed last week's episode? Check out the recap here.)


Once again, Ryan has succeeded in frustrating me; he's still trying to help Alex but, unbeknownst to her, he's also sleeping with the enemy…namely, Natalie. She also starts to get suspicious of Ryan and his constant phone calls, although it's isn't clear whether or not she knows Alex is on the other end of the line.

Caleb is leading the investigation on Alex now; God help us all. Shelby is helping Alex now; Simon manages to get Alex remote access to Caleb’s computer, where he's looking through the Grand Central footage. However, it quickly becomes clear that he's looking for something in particular, and it's not Alex.

Shelby was having an affair, which is why Caleb was in NY around the time of the bombing. He came to find out who she was with--it was none other than his own father, Deputy Director Clayton, shown clear as day in the video. Yikes…

Shelby goes to Caleb, who tries to hide his pain over it, but doesn't succeed. She was the only person who made him feel as though he was good enough, after he'd spent his life in his father's shadow. Ouch. Never thought I'd ever feel bad for Caleb.

At Quantico, Ryan and Alex started hooking up pretty steadily and, judging from a conversation he had with Simon, he was ready to tell Alex something about his past, but was worried about her reaction to it. Could that secret be that he's a lowdown lying snake? (Sorry...couldn't help throwing that in there.) They're such a great couple, but he makes me so mad.

Miranda had the court put her son Charlie back under her care when he was released from juvenile detention. Charlie is angry and aggressive, and his mother doesn't trust him. Liam volunteers to talk to him, but Charlie clearly hates him, which is understandable, considering Miranda cheated on his father with Liam, and his father is now dead.

During a surveillance assignment at Quantico, Ryan and Alex end up partners once again, spying on Miranda's house. Through an unfortunate turn of events, Liam shows up and spots Ryan; during their conversation, Alex overheads Liam mention that he hired Ryan to surveil her. Alex speeds off in their surveillance van at the moment that Charlie climbs out of his bedroom window.

Miranda finds Charlie near the school he almost bombed. During an emotional talk, the finally start to make some headway. But she has no idea that whoever prompted him to plan the attack in the first place is still reaching out to him.

When Ryan catches up to her, he tries to convince Alex that he lost his position at the Bureau because Liam realized they were getting too close; the affair was all him, not the assignment. Predictable. Alex kicks him out, insisting she never wants to see him again.

Raina and and Simon decide to actually spend some alone time together. She asks about Elias, and Simon finally reveals that he only pretended to be gay. Kissing does eventually happen. Took them long enough, although something is weird about this union, I can't lie.

Simon walks into Nimah's room, accidentally spotting both sisters. They end up trapping him in a closet, knowing he could expose them.

Natalie, that trollop, goes to Liam to tell him that she suspects Ryan is helping Alex.

Meanwhile, Alex and Simon are still watching Caleb on his computer. He's going through footage of two days before the Grand Central bombing...and finds one of the twins walking through the train station.


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