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Quantico: 01x07, Go

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

11/10/2015 12:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x07, Go | Go
Media Courtesy of Credit: ABC/Phillipe Bosse

(Missed last week's episode? Check out the recap here.)


Miranda warns Simon that he shouldn't expose the twins’ secret. In return, she'll erase his probation from his record. He has his own theories about why Miranda is training them--based on KGB history, when they used twins for secret operations during the war.

Clayton offers Caleb his trust fund if he'll purposely fail his final exam; he wants to keep his reputation and assumes that Caleb may screw up his position again.

Simon and Alex find Raina, who reveals that she hasn't seen Nimah in days and assumed she was dead. The two of them infiltrated a terrorist cell, but Nimah didn't show up for their most recent switch and Raina hasn't seen her sister since. A pair of heat goggles that Simon stole from the FBI reveals that Nimah may still be inside the cell's hideout, leading Alex to believe that the cell recruited Nimah and had her frame Alex for the bombing.

Raina infiltrates the cell again, pretending to be Nimah, of course. She goes straight into the bathroom, surprising Nimah and instructing her to follow her lead so they can both escape alive. Nimah slips out the bathroom window and Simon grabs her as soon as she appears. She explains to Simon and Alex that she managed to gain the cell leader's trust by sleeping with him; she didn't want to ask Raina to do that, but it was the only way Nimah could get closer to figuring out what American landmark the cell were going to attack. However, he disappeared right before the Grand Central bombing and hasn't been back since.

Shelby accidentally blows her cover while talking to Caleb. She goes to warn Ryan and, as they're sneaking out of the Bureau, Natalie confronts them. They convince her to give them an hour, stupidly trusting her to keep her word. In actuality, she put a tracker on Ryan's jacket. Sure enough, she shows Liam the tracker on her phone.

Ryan and Shelby show up to warn Simon and Alex about the FBI being onto them. Back inside the hideout, the leader, Hanza, returns and finds Raina, of course assuming that she's Nimah. Everyone except for Nimah wants to move in on the cell, guns blazing, but Nimah insists on being swapped back in so that they can discover the truth and her sister won't be in danger.

At Quantico, Ryan told Alex how he ended up surveilling her. After a messy operation in Chicago, Liam instructed him to carry out an assignment or else lose his job at the Bureau. After the conversation, Alex went to Liam and revealed that she had bugged his office days before; she demanded that he reinstate Ryan as a special agent or else she'd dig up the details of the Chicago operation.

I may or may not be liking Ryan more now.

Natalie leads an FBI raid to arrest Simon, Alex, Shelby, and Ryan. (I am so tired of this chick.) Ryan and Alex manage to escape through a window and start to run. They meet Raina outside the cell's hideout just as Nimah runs out. The cell members burst out of the hideout, reacting to the FBI showing up, and one shoots Ryan. Alex and Ryan take off, but he's injured pretty badly.

Natalie finds them; when Alex pleads with her to help Ryan, Natalie makes a surprising decision and lets them both go.

Judging from next week's previews...guard your emotions, guys. Episode 8 is going to be a doozy.


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