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Quantico: 01x09, Guilty

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

12/01/2015 4:06 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x09, Guilty | Guilty
Media Courtesy of Credit: ABC

(Missed last week's episode? Check out the recap here.)



Before the FBI can interrogate Alex, an agent named Wells walks in with his lackeys and a direct order from the President to take control.

While Liam and the team are talking things over, Elias shows up as Alex’s legal counsel (you may remember him as Simon's stalker from Quantico). He knows that Wells taking Alex is a bad idea--those guys will apparently do anything to get a confession, even torture her. By the time they go down to the FBI vault to get her, Wells has already taken her somewhere else.

Caleb is on track to find a special agent named Goodwin; turns out she found evidence that someone else had Alex's badge the day before the bombing, but then Goodwin turned up dead. Elias, Caleb, and Shelby know this and are hoping to figure it out and prove Alex's innocence.

Wells decides not to torture Alex because he knows pain won't break her. He somehow realizes that her weakness lies in the people she cares about; he reveals Ryan tied up and unconscious, which makes Alex immediately freak out. This is NOT good.

Nimah and Raina join the plan to save Alex, and one of them raises Natalie's suspicions. She grills Shelby, who tries to get her on Alex's side. Surprisingly, she agrees, but I definitely still don't trust her.


Back at Quantico, Ryan happened to mention that Liam had been missing for a few days. Alex made an excuse that she was going to meet Shelby, but he followed her and saw her go to Liam's house. Inside, she found Liam passed out drunk and helped him get into the shower to sober up. He was revisiting his alcohol problem and it reminded her of her own father.

While all the right recruits were at a bar celebrating passing their most recent test, Alex and Ryan were spending some quality time together there--he even told her a personal story about his father. A woman called Alex from another bar; she took Liam's phone and called the number she saw a missed call from. He was drinking again and Alex decided to go get him; Ryan tried to talk her out of it, insisting that Liam was playing a game with her.


At FBI HQ, Caleb checks camera footage of the day before the bombing and sends Nimah to check a blind spot where Alex disappears for a few minutes. Nimah finds a van and reports that Alex may have been grabbed and drugged inside.

The team present their evidence to Liam. They tracked down a cab driver who remembers a man from the day before the bombing; he may have drugged Alex and then gone to a room at the Hyatt hotel, near Grand Central.


Alex went to Liam who, of course, put up a fight when she wanted to drive him home. Eventually he calmed down enough to give her some drunken advice that actually makes sense: no matter what the job did to her, he encouraged her not to end up like her father or him.


Alex, knowing Ryan is minutes away from being killed, seems prepared to confess. Liam leads a team inside to save her just before that happens, thankfully.

Back at HQ, he lets Alex know that everyone who helped her will be reinstated once the charges against her are dropped. He proposes a plan--if Alex lets herself get caught, whoever framed her will think everything is still going as it was meant to, and it may help the FBI catch him.


Alex went to visit Miranda in the hospital; in the last episode, Alex found her on the floor at her house, half-dead. Miranda told the police that her son is the one who attacked her. He went missing afterwards.

Liam was visiting Miranda at the same time; he thanked Alex for helping him.

Clayton called Caleb during training. Shelby had been sending money to the Middle East, claiming she was helping her half-sister. Clayton found evidence that the sister may not even exist.

Ryan told Alex he was leaving Quantico and going back to the FBI. Whether it was because she helped Liam or for some other reason, he didn't say. Ugh, he is so frustrating.

Simon meets with someone and it looks a lot like he's working with terrorists. The man gives him a flash drive with blueprints for every train station in NY.


Liam holds a press conference to tell the world that Alex will be tried and that she was pretending to be framed. She's taken in handcuffs to court, and the charges are read. She pleads guilty.


One more episode until the fall finale!


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