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Quantico: 01x14, Answer

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

03/22/2016 10:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x14, Answer | Answer
Media Courtesy of ABC/Phillippe Bosse

Missed last week's episode? Read the recap here.

Tension is the theme of tonight's episode, “Answer.”

Alex goes missing; Miranda asks Ryan and Nimah if they know where Alex and Natalie are, since she received an email saying that Natalie needed an emergency leave of absence (I can't understand why Alex hasn't told anyone that Natalie is dead). Nimah has access to some sort of FBI tracker that she uses to check in on Raina because they don't speak anymore. It tracks Alex to Vermont, so they go to get her.

Simon has been living in the Vermont woods on his own, the guilt of everything driving him close to insanity; he tries to kill himself every day, which he admits to Alex, but hasn't had the courage to. Alex thinks she can convince him to help her fight the terrorist, but he blames her for his own guilt and refuses, instead threatening to kill her and going so far as to point a sniper rifle at her. She knows he won't do it.

Back at Quantico, Alex made a connection between the mysterious Chicago incident involving Liam and Ryan, and the shootout that killed her fellow trainee Drew's fiancee. Drew confronted Liam, prompting him to leave Quantico and alienate Alex.

Miranda also found out that Liam and Alex slept together and demanded that he resign. Awkwaaaaard. (FINALLY. I cannot stand Liam O'Connor.)

Simon douses his house in gasoline and sets it on fire, then shows up at Alex's place (after she has a calm, lovely conversation over the phone with Ryan that left me a little melted, if I'm being honest…) and tells her he's got her back.

The episode ends just as the terrorist calls once again.

Hopefully I will fully recover from all of this by next week. Until then.


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