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Quantico: 01x15, Turn

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

04/10/2016 7:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x15, Turn | Turn
Media Courtesy of ABC/Philippe Bosse

Missed last week's episode? Read the recap here.


The terrorist tells Alex that she has to switch Senator Haas' medication with a bottle of new pills. 

Alex lures her with a text saying she knows where Caleb is; he's been missing for months. Senator Haas actually knows where her son is, so she catches the lie. She only wanted to tell Alex in person that her FBI career is over.

Hannah corners Alex again, pretending to be on her side before she confiscates the pills, Alex's badge, and her sidearm.

Alex gets a call hours later; the terrorist is going to keep her alive because she followed instructions. Confused, she answers a knock at the door. Hannah tried to get in touch with Natalie and realized that Alex was telling the truth.


A group of men kill the guards at the gate and break into the FBI compound. Raina, on her way back to Quantico with Charlie, is forced to turn back when she sees the carnage at the gates.

Caleb and another trainee sneak out during the Quantico lockdown to find Shelby, who stormed off after finding out the truth about her parents. They find her in the woods, and Shelby breaks down; Caleb knew her parents faked their deaths. He said he didn't tell her because he didn't want to destroy her.

Drew is in the woods when he sees one of the terrorists point a gun at Liam. Drew kills the terrorist; afterwards, he and Liam call a truce.

In the car, Charlie confesses to Raina that he planned his own kidnapping with terrorist cell; they attacked Miranda and promised him that she would survive. They forced him to give them information about the layout of Quantico until he started to feel guilty and escaped when they tried to kill him.

Miranda meets Raina and Charlie at her house, where one of the terrorists corners them. He insists that Charlie show his loyalty by shooting Miranda.

He shoots the terrorist instead, but the guilt overwhelms him and despite Miranda trying to talk him down, an FBI sniper kills him through the window.

Alex meets up with Ryan. Despite his protests, she breaks up with him--she insists that they cloud each other's judgement and they both need to focus on their jobs.

Hands down one of the saddest moments of this show. I love them. Sigh.

Shelby and Caleb meet her "sister." She was working with Shelby's parents, pretending to be her sibling as she siphoned money. She was poor and needed the money, eventually feeling guilty as she got to know Shelby. Shelby has no forgiveness.


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