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Quantico: 01x16, Clue

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

04/10/2016 7:42 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x16, Clue | Clue
Media Courtesy of ABC/Philippe Bosse

Missed last week's episode? Read the recap here.



Shelby buries everything, seeking solace in constantly having sex

with Caleb. To his credit, he tries to get her to talk, but he only has so much self control.

Professional Responsibility launches an investigation into the Amins because they had direct contact with the terrorist cell. Raina is torn; if she tells them that Miranda had her go undercover, Miranda's career will be in jeopardy. Nimah thinks her sister should just tell the truth

Alex can't understand Drew's nonchalance over killing someone. They get into an argument. Eventually, she apologizes and they repair their friendship--although I'm sure we all see that these two are bound to end up together at some point. (But...Ryan...)

Raina and Nimah start to repair their relationship, too. Nimah hates that her sister has begun to lie. Raina admits that she's been visiting Simon on her holiday breaks.

Miranda tells OPR that she sent Raina undercover, so Raina doesn't have to lie. Later on, she breaks it off with Simon.

Miranda announces that she's leaving Quantico, at least temporarily.

Liam meets with Ryan and tells him to come back.


Present Day

Hannah wants to go to the Director about the terrorist--she gives Alex 24 hours before she does it.

Hannah finds out that the Senator is taking a last minute trip to Ohio because of a schedule change. She and Alex conclude that something will go down during the trip.

Nothing happens at the event, but Hannah decides to pick up the phone when the terrorist calls. The terrorist makes it clear that he can see everything happening, even within HQ. They're instructed to hide an envelope under a seat at the Senator's next event, a town hall meeting. There, Hannah apologizes to Alex. (Didn't see that coming, honestly.) Ryan corners Alex, wanting to know what she put under the seat. Hannah distracts him and sends him away.

Simon finds out that the envelope has a component chip inside, which can knock out the power nearby. Alex and Hannah see that the envelope is gone just before the lights go out.

Hannah fires her gun into the air and Secret Service detain her. She's taken off of active duty. Alex wants to take the blame for her, but Hannah encourages her to keep going and find the terrorist.

Ryan confronts Alex again, thinking she set up Hannah because she was close to finding out whatever Alex is up to. He warns her that he's coming after her. (REALLY?!)

The terrorist tells Alex that she's done well and it's time for her final mission. Alex is confused, thinking that the town hall mission failed. But then Simon shows her that someone broke into Columbia's labs underneath the meeting during the blackout. Her missions have been smokescreens to hide a real objective.

I, for one, am NOT ready for next week's episode. Put on your seatbelts, kids...


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