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Quantico: 01x18, Soon

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

04/19/2016 12:30 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x18, Soon | Soon
Media Courtesy of Jan Thijs

Missed last week's episode? Read the recap here.


Present Day

Alex looks into the license plate of Shelby's SUV and discovers it was under the name Mark Raymond. When she searches the name, she discovers that it's Caleb's alias.

Nimah and Ryan are watching Alex's every move and he assumes that Alex is tracking Caleb down because she holds a grudge against his mother, Senator Haas.

Alex calls Raina and asks her to come to NY and imitate her sister to help Alex get information from Ryan. Raina is hesitant; she completely separated herself from that life. But she agrees.

Nimah and Ryan offer not to bring charges against Raina if she works with Alex and spies for them. She refuses.

Senator Haas texts Alex for a meeting. She takes Alex to her house in D.C., where she has Caleb hidden. He's a drug addict.

He reveals to Alex that his father saved him during the bombing at the FBI Command Center and then died afterwards. He's been racked by guilt and his mother doesn't want his addiction revealed to the public during her campaign for VP.

While Alex is outside the house waiting for a car back to NY, Caleb comes out. He wants to help her, even though she wants to take him to rehab. As he's grabbing the bag he dropped out a window, he makes a call out of Alex's earshot.

"She fell for it. We're on our way now. See you soon," he tells someone before rejoining Alex.



Iris is suspicious of Caleb and Will, and assumes they're both a part of Sistemics--which turns out to be a cult--when she finds a book about them in Will's room.

Iris calls Sistemics pretending to be someone within the organization and reports an FBI spy.

Miranda suspects that Liam may have been the deciding vote in removed her as Assistant Director. She takes him out for drinks, gets him drunk, and after luring him to hook up with her in a bathroom, she secretly records him admitting to sleeping with Alex. (As shady as that was, I cannot lie--I respect her for protecting herself.)

Miranda takes the recording to Haas, who claims it isn't enough evidence. She's sick of Liam always getting away with every rule he breaks; She suspects that Liam is blackmailing Haas.

Iris tells Caleb what she did; Will's life is in danger now--he's already on his way to meet the cult. Caleb goes to them. They know who he is and that he's FBI; he tells them that he's on Sistemic's side and wants to be a spy for them.

They take him to where they're holding Will and force Caleb to beat him up as proof that he doesn't know Will and they weren't working together. Shelby shows up (probably because of Iris) and runs to Will, who's unconscious, as everyone else scatters.

Drew breaks things off with Alex; he says it's clear from the way she and Ryan interact that they're still in love.

Once again, Quantico has thrown me for a total loop. Until next week...


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