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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Questions Are Asked And Answered In Revenge's 'Homecoming'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/05/2014 11:11 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Questions Are Asked And Answered In Revenge's 'Homecoming'

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

After its action packed (or revenge packed) midseason finale, Revengers suffered a long and painful hiatus. Now, the ABC show is back, and it’s one big crime scene. We may know who shot Emily, but the authorities don’t. As we would expect, this makes for an episode full of lies, deceit, and scheming. The episode starts off with a lot of police officers asking a lot of questions. In standard Grayson manner, all questions are answered – falsely. Due to her lack of an alibi and her abundance of public disagreements with Emily, the queen Grayson, Victoria, is a prime suspect in the shooting. Hey, well at least one part of Emily’s plan went accordingly. In fact, Emily ends up being a lot luckier than we would expect following her getting shot. Aiden eventually finds her after she was shot, but the combination of bullet wounds and freezing cold water causes Ems to go into shock. Luckily for our shooter, Daniel, following the shock, she ends up suffering some memory loss. That’s right, Emily doesn’t remember who shot her. Daniel quickly establishes in her hospital room just how much she remembers – which is nothing. Point to ponder? Does she really forget or is she faking…. Aiden assumes the later. Unfortunately, there are no emotional Nemily scenes in the hospital. Since Revenge likes to break out hearts, Victoria and Patrick make it clear to Nolan that he is not wanted and should not be at the hospital infringing on family time. Because you know, families who lie together stick together. What is the most shocking is that Patrick refuses to stick up for Nolan and convince his mother to let his boyfriend see his best friend. After all, Nolan is the only family Emily has. It is less surprising that this bad (and quite often evil) move on Patrick’s part ends up ending their relationship. Luckily, Nolan manages to stay in the loop by hacking into Emily’s medical records. We knew we could count on our favourite tech expert to keep tabs on Emily.  Margaux and Jack follow suit, trying to make sense of something amongst the chaos.  Jack and Margaux try to do some process of elimination, and realize that both Victoria and Daniel did not appear in photos taken around the time of Emily’s shooting. Thank goodness his guiltiness is not out of the question. Still, Conrad and Lydia take the cops’ advice and opt to believe Victoria was the one behind Emily’s attempted murder. That is until Daniel comes clean to his mother. We can say a lot about Victoria, but the fact remains that she always puts her kids first. This is why, in an effort to clear Daniel’s name, she convinces Conrad to help her frame Lydia. While Victoria’s scheming makes us nervous, Nolan’s always provides us with a sense of relief. When Aiden reports back that Emily did not recognize him when he paid her a visit in the hospital, it becomes obvious the amnesia is not an elaborate act. Nolan tries to convince Jack and Aiden that Emily’s condition is psychological and that someone needs to connect with her emotionally for her to regain her lost memories. While many might have predicted it would be Jack or Nolan to make that connection with Emily, it ends up being Charlotte who helps her regain some sense of herself.  Emily reveals to Charlotte that she remembers her father’s name was David Clarke, leading the younger Grayson to turn to Jack. Well this will end well… not. Anyways, Jack finds himself in the hospital and returns to Emily the amulet that Amanda had given her the previous summer. She remembers everything, especially the fact that it was Daniel who shot her. Well, Emily might not have been faking her amnesia, but she is now regaining her memory, which means she has the evidence to incriminate Daniel. The question is, will she?


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