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Rachel Finally Takes The Stage As Fanny For Her 'Opening Night' This Week On Glee

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/22/2014 9:30 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Rachel Finally Takes The Stage As Fanny For Her 'Opening Night' This Week On Glee
Media Courtesy of leawrence

Christa Tintelnot

Staff Writer


Gleeks! The moment that Rachel has been waiting for is here, but will she choke? Tonight's the night we will find out on Glee! As we start the scene, Rachel seems to be in some type of dream sequence where people from both her past and present are pressuring her about her upcoming audition. She transforms back into the Rachel Berry from the early days of Glee with a reindeer sweater, headband and singing the song "Lovefool" by The Cardigans. Rachel is obviously stressed about opening night of Funny Girl and Kurt is trying to help by taking her phone and saying they will fill the apartment with positive thoughts and people who love her. We then find ourselves back at...McKinley!  Sue and Will make plans to travel to New York. Mr. Shue to support Rachel, Sue to see her choke...and try to get some credibility for "Sue's Corner." Then this happens...Sue and Will are suddenly in a snow globe (yes, a snow globe) singing "NYC" from the musical, Annie. As they finish the song, they are magically in New York. At the apartment, Tina arrives and doesn't really bring a lot of support for Rachel...instead just reminds her of the comments and stories that have been posted thus far about Funny Girl. We then see Rachel hiding in her bedroom looking at the comments and vlogs about her and the show...and it's not good. Kurt brings the troops over to try to help him with Rachel to fill her with love. They all try to help, but's not good. All of a sudden, Sue walks into the apartment and of course, the crew is surprised. Sue announces that she is staying at the apartment...and Santana arrives. She asks for four minutes with Rachel and walks in. Rachel tries to start talking, but Santana shoots her down...and offers to read her reviews...except she reads Rachel reviews that were written about Barbra Streisand...and Rachel gets it. She gets out of bed. At the theater, Sue and Will are getting ready to go in. Sue wants to scalp her ticket but instead notices a handsome man who smiles at her, then walks into the theater. She follows. Rachel is then shown getting ready, and Mr. Shue comes into her dressing room. She tells him that she got Finn a ticket, even though she knows he won't be there, but she also promised him that she would get him a ticket for her first opening night on Broadway. Will's phone rings, it's Emma...her water broke, and he runs out of the room. We then see Rachel walking down to the stage with only minutes before show time.  (I am nervous for her!) The curtain starts to rise, she steps out and smiles. The next scene shows her singing "I'm the Greatest Star" from the musical. She is fantastic. Sue doesn't really agree with me, makes a few comments and walks out of the theater. Rachel notices and uses it to get even better. Sue makes her way to the lobby and the handsome guy from the sidewalk follows her out. He doesn't like the show either...and he might be Sue's perfect match. He asks her to dinner. At intermission, Mercedes and Kurt come into the dressing room to check on Rachel and tell her she did great. Sydney also comes in and agrees, but he is a bit worried about the "guy in the track suit" (Sue) who walked out at the beginning because "he" spooked the New York Times critic.  He says she just needs to impress that one critic or opening night will be closing night. When back from commercial, Sue is shown on her date with Mario. He owns a restaurant and offers to make her dinner. They talk about themselves, and again, seems like they are hitting it off. Back at the theater, Rachel is shown singing "Who Are You Now?" Sue is also singing the song in an alternate scene at her date as he said the show would have been better if it would have been her up there. We also get a touching flashback of Finn who Rachel is obviously thinking about in this song. Next scene shows the crew congratulating Rachel on her amazing performance. They still have to wait 6 hours until the review is published so Sydney is taking them all to a restaurant to celebrate. Rachel doesn't want to go though. Instead, she just wants to hang out with her friends, and they end up at a wild club in Greenwich Village. They recognize her and asks her to sing. She and the other girls sing "Pumpin' Blood" by NONONO. By the time they get home, they just have 30 minutes to spare and Rachel decides to make some coffee...Sue's date walks out of the back bedroom and says he will take his coffee black. Of course no one knows who he is or why he is there. Sue then comes out and Rachel gets her confidence back...and gives Sue what is due to her. Reviews are in and they run down to the newsstand. Rachel can't open it, she is too nervous, so Santana does it. Reviews are amazing, Funny Girl is a smash hit! At that point, her phone rings and it's Mr. Shue. He made it in time to see his baby being born. It's a boy, and they are naming him Daniel Finn Shuester. We then see Sue walking down the street hand in hand with her new man, Mario. He is trying to get her to stay, but she has to get back.  She loves Ohio and wants to go back...and she does.

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