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When Boredom Strikes: Completely Random Saturday Musings

Matt Lawrence | PopWrapped Author

Matt Lawrence

08/30/2016 5:00 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
When Boredom Strikes: Completely Random Saturday Musings | Random

RandomMy beloved hometown of Cincinnati is a bastion of conservative principles. The great Mark Twain once allegedly stated that, "When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always twenty years behind the times." Twain's words ring true, the city is very conservative and has been known for its aversion to change. In fact, a study released earlier this year cited it as one of the 10 most conservative cities in the entire country.

So during my job of treating lawns with fertilizer and herbicide my dial is usually on the AM side, switching from political talk to sports talk, so I can stay up to date on all that's being talked about in the world. My talk choices are Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Willie Cunningham; giants in all things Conservative.

I balance my news intake by following various Liberal outlets on my Facebook feed, as an educated person who likes to think of themselves as a journalist you must stay informed of both sides of the argument.

This brings me to the current state of this country I hold so dear. I check the box on the 18-35 age group, veteran, father of three (one a 12-year-old girl), middle to lower class, and technically white. Although in my time on this Earth people always want to know what ethnicity I am due to my year round tan and very small percentage of Cherokee that showcases on my skin.

I've always found it odd that people wanted to know my nationality, but it has given me some insight: I have been mocked, jeered, called Sand nigger, Mexican and the list goes on, but never once have I allowed those words to hold me down or give them more power than what they are: ignorant name calling.

One thing that Limbaugh has pointed out on his show is that Donald Trump has never been called a racist in his entire life, until he ran against a Democrat. Most of the detractors to him point out that he says stupid things, reacts to twitter posts; which is all valid and true. What does irritate me is that people put more stock in Trump's words than Hillary Clinton's actions.

Her lack of security on the emails as a sitting Secretary of State, a lot of people have been put in jail for doing the same thing; she gets to stay in the running to become President. Secondly, they directly led to security threats to my fellow soldiers whom are down range, in the middle of fighting, only now in more compromising situations since vital information may have been swiped from her unprotected server. Thirdly, her Clinton foundation takes millions upon millions of dollars from countries and individuals whom we know are heinous in their treatment of women and harbor or fund terrorist organizations, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emierates.

Most Americans have no clue what true poverty looks like, nor has any idea how much better it is to live in this country. Driving on the roads of Iraq, clearing out the bases, you see tables on the side of the road with 5 gallon cans full of gas. These were their gas stations. Nary a street light, as their were maybe one or two main highways. Children running alongside massive military vehicles, attempting to jump on the moving trucks to steal whatever they could get loose so they could turn around a sell the parts to eat.

Why does everyone react to things instead of think about them or practice empathy? Take for example poor Harambe, the gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo and current meme du jour. Everyone had an opinion on whether he should have been shot or if the zoo should have waited and tried tranquilizing him instead, which is completely outrageous. Yes gorillas are endangered, but we are talking about a child's life here! At the end of the day, the zoo made the right decision, period. Instead of showing empathy and support for a tragic accident, people have decided they need someone to pay for it, and chime in without the facts or the sense their mamas gave them.

Donald Trump is an absolute moron and it irritates me that the choice for President is between him and Hillary Clinton for the reasons I wrote above. They are both woefully unqualified to hold such a lofty rank as commander and chief of the world's most powerful military force in the world, in my opinion anyway.

Safe spaces and Trigger warnings are absolute garbage. Whatever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me? It is mentally stifling to squelch free speech all because someone's feelings got hurt or difficult periods of one's life came to mind.

A radio program I was listening to was discussing Ryan Lochte, his escapades down in Rio. They mentioned that they wish there were more stories such as this so they didn't have to talk about politics. It is understandable, but complete crap. Political dialogue is crucial, but now it seems there is no listening to one side to get some perspective. Far too often it is just drawing a line in the sand then yelling your point then allowing the other to yell their point, but never making any headway. There is a crucial need to stop this. Case in point: our Congress who just bureaucratically stifle things to the point they all come across as incompetent.

Why do older people sit there and bash millienals? Partially they are correct in the fact that far too many are self absorbed, spoiled assholes who lack common respect and manners. There is the whole issue, though, of the older generation who raised these kids. Who also complained about everyone not getting a trophy or quickly jumping to court to settle things. News flash: this generation did not inflate the housing market, student loan rates, college tuition, abuse loopholes to pay less in taxes. The older generations may have the market cornered on courtesy and hard work, but they have failed the upcoming millenials in so many ways. Namely raising a bunch of fools and then complaining about their foolishness. 

There is a significant portion of welfare being given to illegal immigrants and refugees, to the point that most just argue about black people or white people abusing the system. Personally my children would not have made it had I not used WIC, so that I could afford food and basic essentials. No judgement on my part if you use government assistance, but I do have a problem that far too many people see that as a way of life. They don't want anything better for themselves, they simply want to exist. There are far too many people who lack ambition or drive to achieve something. No goals, simply settling for average as best. Which is sad more than anything.

There is far too much targeting of minorities by police. There are far too many homicides perpetrated by black on black crime. These are tumultuous times with police relations, which is understandable with high-profile events, like Samuel Dubose in Cincinnati or John Crawford in the Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart. Both were unacceptable and avoidable. Same with Tamir Rice in Cleveland. That does not justify opening fire on police officers, nor does it justify the outrageous amounts of shootings and deaths in poor urban sections of towns. Drive by shootings that take out innocent children due to stray bullets or solving arguments with weapons. I recently saw a surveillance video on Facebook of two black men getting into a shoot out with each other at a gas station. Arguments are not worth losing your life, nor putting others' lives in the line of harm from random gunfire.

None of these are solutions, but just thoughts that have been running through my mind, usually in short intervals like this. It is my desire to see this generation, millenials, roll up their sleeves and put in that hard work to get this country back on track. 

The point of this post is to inspire conversation. Real, person-on-person interaction. Civil discourse. We've forgotten how okay it is to not agree with everything a person says or believes. Open your eyes, your mind and your heart, and try spreading love through words, rather than hate.


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