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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Randy, Red, Superfreak And Julia" Are Together Again On The Season Premier Of Scandal

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

09/26/2014 3:03 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Tumblr
The Gladiators are back, so that means that with the new season comes new scandals. Hope you had your wine ready. All summer everyone tried to guess where Olivia Pope flew off to with Jake. Producer Shonda Rhimes didn’t keep us guessing and it turns out Olivia and Jake spent the summer relaxing on the beach on the islands of Zanzibar. Their peaceful vacation gets interrupted when Olivia gets a letter revealing that Harrison’s missing body has been found dead. Olivia returns to Pope and Associates to find an empty building and passes by a table filled with magazines covered with re-elected president Fitz. Quinn surprises Olivia and tells her that she tracked shipments of Olivia’s favorite wine to get to her (or Julia Baker) and she was the one to write the letter. Huck now works at a tech shop and Abby is now working at the White House with Cyrus. Abby is not happy about seeing Olivia again and tries to blame her for Harrison’s death by saying she abandoned him. Olivia lets Abby know that yes she was in a different country, but Abby was four blocks away and did nothing. So she can’t blame her for something she herself did. Fitz has been on a rampage since his son’s death and has been firing everyone that was on his team. Mellie isn’t taking the death very well, either, and doesn’t even bother to change out of her robe. She now eats cereal out of a box and is an alcoholic. Olivia meets her father at a restaurant and asks him if he had something to do with Harrison’s murder. He lies and says he doesn’t, but confesses to the murder of her mother. Olivia doesn’t really care, calling her mother a terrorist. Cyrus is not happy that Abby knew that Olivia is back and tells Fitz. And in true Fitz “Olivia is the moon of my life” fashion is paralyzed by the news. Olivia is planning Harrison’s funeral, when she gets a knock on the door by an assistant whose boss needs her help. The problem: Senator Stephanie Vaughn has murdered Senator Sterling. Olivia gets the senator’s house where Senator Vaughn tells her that he tried to attack her and she pushed him to get him off of her. When Olivia checks his vitals she finds out that he is not really dead, but Senator Vaughn has can’t be seen at the house. Fist pumping because Olivia is solving cases again. Huck is still giving Olivia the cold shoulder when she goes to visit him at his job. She invites Huck to Harrison’s funeral and when she tries to get him to talk about his family he tells her that his name is not Huck it’s Randy because when Olivia left he was no longer Huck. Randy is a normal guy who doesn’t hope and if Olivia isn’t back for good then he doesn’t want to see her. Jake is trying to get his freak on, but doesn’t get very far because Olivia wants to talk about the case. Serious mood killer, by the way, and it leads to a discussion about the love triangle that is Fitz-Olivia-Jake and he basically says that Fitz can’t do half the things he can do. Well hot damn. At least one associate of OPA seems to back because Quinn is helping narrow down the suspects in the Senator Sterling case. Trying to find all the angles they can take with the case. Back at the Oval Office, Fitz tells Cyrus that he hasn’t told Mellie that Olivia is back because if she’s not staying it doesn’t matter. Really? Cyrus says what we’re all thinking and that’s, Olivia and Fitz are going to end up doing what they always do. Act like they are over each other and then once they are alone in a room he pours his heart out and she forgets everything she stands for and leap into his arms. Senator Vaughn is lying about the sexual assault and how does Olivia know? Because when women get sexually assaulted they don’t forget it. When Olivia calls Quinn and tells her that they need another angle Quinn realizes that women that look like her are more Senator Sterling’s type than Senator Vaughn. So that leaves the assistant who is the one that called Senator Vaughn. Abby and David are arguing outside and after he accuses her of knowing that they were going to offer him the position of Attorney General. Abby denies knowing any of this and tells him that he cares more about B613 than her and if he wants some real power than he needs to take the position. Senator Vaughn confesses that she knew what Senator Sterling had a type and hired her assistant knowing what he was going to do. That is the final straw for Olivia and she storms out and goes to Harrison's funeral. One by one the rest of the gladiators join her as Harrison is laid to rest. On the balcony of the White House, Mellie and Fitz talk about how she is handling their son's death and she mentions the night he tried to commit suicide. He tells her that Olivia is back and says that he won’t see her. Mellie, not believing him, tells him that when he does… he'll tell her. With the classic Harrison quote “Are we gladiators or bitches?”, Olivia tells Jake that she will be staying in D.C. David is nominated for the Attorney General position and Olivia begins to represent Kate Warner in the Senator Sterling case, while also winning the equal pay bill. Fitz and Olivia pass each other in the lobby, but don’t make eye contact and act as if they’re strangers. But we all know that won’t last long. The premiere included a heartbreaking moment with Mellie lying on her son’s grave and also introduced Portia de Rossi as a political powerhouse from Texas. She is not happy with Fitz not fundraising and is wondering where exactly Mellie has been hiding. Rossi will be a recurring character who by the looks of it will be a pain in Cyrus’s ass. Hopefully Olivia stays away from Fitz for awhile because the Olivia in the premiere was the Olivia that I loved in the first couple of seasons before she got wrapped up in everything that is Fitzgerald Grant.

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