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You Need This List: The 23 Girls Aloud Singles From Worst To Best

Ellie McCullough | PopWrapped Author

Ellie McCullough

12/30/2016 9:59 pm
PopWrapped | Music
You Need This List: The 23 Girls Aloud Singles From Worst To Best | Girls Aloud
Media Courtesy of santabanta

As pop sensation Girls Aloud celebrate their 13th anniversary this month, we have compiled a countdown of their worst to best singles:

23) "See The Day" (Released 2005, UK Chart peak: 9)

Okay... "See The Day" isn't terrible, it's just one of the girls' more curious song choices. The band's second attempt at the coveted Christmas Number One spot was a cover of an 1985 single, and was their lowest charting single to date, failing to set the fans, or charts, alight.

22) "I Think We're Alone Now" (Released 2006, UK Chart Peak: 4)

Another cover version! Although the video for this single was good, it was too similar to the original and just seemed completely unnecessarily.

21) "Walk This Way" (Released 2007, UK Chart Peak 1)

Yet another cover! Girls Aloud's duet with the Sugababes for the charity Red Nose Day signaled the girls' 3rd Number One single. However, the video was pretty terrible.

20) "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me" (Released 2012, did not chart)

As an album filler, this track is just fine, but after the ten year anniversary tour, this single was released when "On The Metro" was also a potential single. How this one slipped through is another question.

19) "Can't Speak French" (Released 2008, UK Chart Peak 9)

This is another single where the video way out-weighs the song. I mean, who doesn't like the band in costume?

18) "Whole Lotta History" (Released 2006, UK Chart peak 6)

Girls Aloud's emotional ballad missed the mark with the general public, but the song always proved a hit when the girls performed it live.

17) "Long Hot Summer" (Released 2005, UK Chart Peak 7)

Not a bad song, but the problem was this was released towards the end of a very cold and very rainy British summer.

16) "Something New" (Released 2012, UK Chart Peak 2)

This was the first single released after their three year hiatus. It was a catchy dance number, but what was with the out-dated electronic voices?

15) "I'll Stand By You" (Released 2004, UK Chart Peak 1)

Another low-ranking ballad, and another cover. The only reason this was rated high was because of how emotional this song made us when performed live... come back Girls!

14) "Untouchable" (Released 2009, UK Chart Peak 11)

This was the last song released before the hiatus, and was the first Girls Aloud single to miss the Top 10. A particularly great line from this epic track: "Just beautiful robots dancing alone".

13) "Wake Me Up" (Released 2005, UK Chart Peak 4)

Motorbikes! Hair flips! References to partying! Everything you need for a Girls Aloud banger.

12) "No Good Advice" (Released 2003, UK Chart Peak 2)

The girls' second single contained speaking parts and tin-foil outfits, proving the feisty fivesome were no one-hit-wonder.

11) "Jump" (Released 2003, UK Chart Peak 2)

This track is the last of the cover versions, and the best. To this day, we still don't know why this version wasn't used in the final cut of Love, Actually.

10) "Something Kinda Ooooh" (Released 2006, UK Chart Peak 3)

Kicking off our Top 10 if only for the lyrics "Jumping on my tutu" (Yeah,  we have no idea either).

9) "Life Got Cold" (Released 2003, UK Chart Peak 3)

We love this emotional almost-ballad, and it's a shame the group never ventured into this style more than they did.

8) "Call The Shots" (Released 2007, UK Chart Peak 3)

This single was an unbelievably perfect sing-along-at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind of jam. It's definitely earned a place in the Top 10.

7) "The Loving Kind" (Released 2009, UK Chart Peak 10)

It's pretty simple for this one: it's cool, grown-up and slick.

6) "Love Machine" (Released 2004, UK Chart Peak 2)

That intro could get anyone to the dance floor, and who doesn't love that dance routine?

5) "Sexy! No, No, No..." (Released 2007, UK Chart Peak 5)

It's a party anthem with leather in the video; this single took the girls into serious pop princess territory.

 4) "The Promise" (Released 2008, UK Chart Peak 1)

Nobody was expecting much with the 19th single, but then the girls appeared in an inspired video with great choreography, and since then, the song has remained timeless.

3) "The Show" (Released 2004, UK Chart Peak 2)

The scary second album era started with this banger. Nobody (not even the fans) were expecting much and then... a beauty salon themed video and catchy lyrics hit us upside the head. That alone absolutely cements "The Show" safely in the Top 3.

2) "Biology" (Released 2005, UK Chart Peak 4)

Originally written as three separate songs, this is simply the perfect pop song, summing up all that is great about Girls Aloud.

1) "Sound Of The Underground" (Released 2002, UK Chart Peak 1)

When the group won Popstars: The Rivals, and the public was first introduced to the girls' "sound",  it was something completely different. Pop music did not normally sound like this back in 2002! The single remained at Number One for a month.... the legendary Girls Aloud were here.

Did you agree with our countdown? Let us know below!


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